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  1. Ooops, obviously I meant "bought". Haha, promise I haven't started drinking it yet.
  2. I just bottle a bottle of Olde Savannah Sweet Tea wine. It is a grape wine with citrus spirits and "natural flavors". That made me a little nervous. Has anyone ever had this wine? If so, is it safe for me to drink? Nothing would hit the...
  3. GFLindsey

    New Pittsburgh Member

    Yes - and it is FANTASTIC. My boyfriend works in Oakland and stops by to pick up bread for me when I run out (I recommend the flax seed loaf). Also, I have had their white sandwich bread, whoopie pie, cupcakes, brownies, and pumpkin tarts...
  4. Recently, I have seen a ton of gluten-free products popping up on Aldi shelf. First, Gorilla Munch and Panda Puffs have been sold at the two local Aldi locations for $2.79 a box! I was so happy when I saw them on shelves. I believe they...
  5. GFLindsey

    Big Time Glutening & No Reaction!

    TH - Very interesting information! I will search that topic and see what I find. I also was diagnosed as a Stage 1 Celiac, so minimal to no damage had been done to my small intestine. I wondered how that would factor into my recovery time...
  6. GFLindsey

    Big Time Glutening & No Reaction!

    I guess I shouldn't have said "No Reaction" in the title, because I did have some issues. However, nothing too extreme and actually quite ordinary for how I have been feeling these last 3 months.
  7. On Saturday afternoon I accidentally ate 3 wheat flour cookies (See my post "I wish it was an Oreo"). I literally had a panic attack when I realized my mistake and prepared for the worst reaction since going gluten-free. I have yet to directly...
  8. GFLindsey

    Desperate, Anxious Please Help

    You seem to be "overthinking". Naturally gluten free foods (beans, nuts, meat) are not going to have a gluten-free label because it is just not needed. When these things are processed (canned beans in chili sauce, honey-roasted nutes, deli...
  9. Wow - sounds like you attend the college I work at.. small, private school which requires students to purchase a meal plan. I am an admissions counselor and worked with a Celiac student last year (before I was even diagnosed - it was the...
  10. GFLindsey

    Wish It Was An Oreo...

    Thank you all. I can't even explain how comforting it is to have people who understand! So this is weird. It's been over 3 hours and NOTHING. My stomach hurt a little and I saw nauseated, but not more than normal. I am always this way...
  11. GFLindsey

    Wish It Was An Oreo...

    Thank you. So far so good.
  12. About 20 minutes ago, I ate 3 Mi-Del Ginger Snaps and then looked at that bag and realized that they were NOT the gluten-free kind. (I KNOW!! READ EVERY LABEL - I AM SO MAD AT MYSELF!) I immediately panicked and started crying. I am almost...
  13. I am just past the three month mark and I still feel pretty awful. It can be really disheartening at times, but it is helpful to hear that everyone has had their challenges. I am similar to others, because I have had some symptoms completely...
  14. Please answer the poll question and share your personal recovery experience!
  15. GFLindsey

    How To Handle Office Parties/get Togethers

    I want to start by saying that I work in an office with very supportive and thoughtful co-workers. I also want to say that it simply somtimes does not make a difference. I still feel left out and frustrated at times too. I work in an...