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  1. Ooops, obviously I meant "bought". Haha, promise I haven't started drinking it yet.
  2. I just bottle a bottle of Olde Savannah Sweet Tea wine. It is a grape wine with citrus spirits and "natural flavors". That made me a little nervous. Has anyone ever had this wine? If so, is it safe for me to drink? Nothing would hit the spot better than some sweet tea wine on our first warm evening in Ohio! Thanks for your help
  3. GFLindsey

    New Pittsburgh Member

    Yes - and it is FANTASTIC. My boyfriend works in Oakland and stops by to pick up bread for me when I run out (I recommend the flax seed loaf). Also, I have had their white sandwich bread, whoopie pie, cupcakes, brownies, and pumpkin tarts. All of them are delicious, but the whoopie pie and pumpkin tart are my favorites! I can't wait to actually stop in myself but I haven't made it there yet.
  4. Recently, I have seen a ton of gluten-free products popping up on Aldi shelf. First, Gorilla Munch and Panda Puffs have been sold at the two local Aldi locations for $2.79 a box! I was so happy when I saw them on shelves. I believe they will only be available a limited time but it is still exciting. Second, I started noticing that Aldi started labeling some of there own products as gluten free recently. For instance, I have been buying hummus there for years - even pre-Celiac! Yesterday, the Grandessa roasted red pepper hummus had "Gluten Free" added to the label. Delicious! Also, the Baker's Corner marshmallows and the Lunchmate and Fit & Active deli meats are all labeled gluten free if they do not have gluten ingredients. The LunchMate mesquite turkey is fantastic -- and a little over $2.00 per package. Also, I contacted a rep who confirmed with me that the Fit & Active Light Poppy Seed salad dressing and Fit & Active Honey Mustard salad dressing are gluten free as well. (They are not labeled gluten-free at this time). Happy shopping!
  5. GFLindsey

    Big Time Glutening & No Reaction!

    TH - Very interesting information! I will search that topic and see what I find. I also was diagnosed as a Stage 1 Celiac, so minimal to no damage had been done to my small intestine. I wondered how that would factor into my recovery time and my reaction to glutenings. Thanks for the info! SG - Thanks for sharing your experiences. I truly would love for my reactions to decrease somewhat.. I have been miserable these past few months. Can't put anything into my mouth without feeling awful. However, there is a scary side to not having strong reactions. Thank you both!
  6. GFLindsey

    Big Time Glutening & No Reaction!

    I guess I shouldn't have said "No Reaction" in the title, because I did have some issues. However, nothing too extreme and actually quite ordinary for how I have been feeling these last 3 months.
  7. On Saturday afternoon I accidentally ate 3 wheat flour cookies (See my post "I wish it was an Oreo"). I literally had a panic attack when I realized my mistake and prepared for the worst reaction since going gluten-free. I have yet to directly ingest gluten since starting the diet in early Feb. However, I have had reactions many times after eating things from what I assumed the be cc events - mostly bloating and nausea. Sometimes diarrhea. It has been over three days. My reaction was not that extreme. I had abdominal pain and cramping. I was exhausted. I also have 4 ulcers in my mouth within 12 hours of eating the cookies (I haven't had a single ulcer since going gluten-free, and I normally would have 3-6 at any given time). I took it easy and barely ate anythin until yesterday at dinner. I am back to eating pretty normally. So is this normal? I have had stronger reactions with more discomfort in the past 3 months from what I was assuming was CC. Now I am confused! Also, can I assume I am in the clear from this situation? After 72 hrs, would a big reaction hit me this late? I don't know what to think. I have been doubting my Celiac diagnosis, but it was given now by 2 GI docs. I am not in denial, I will be following a gluten-free diet for life regardless because I am at a very high risk. However, I just don't want to be overlooking another issue if something else could be coming into play. Your thoughts?
  8. GFLindsey

    Desperate, Anxious Please Help

    You seem to be "overthinking". Naturally gluten free foods (beans, nuts, meat) are not going to have a gluten-free label because it is just not needed. When these things are processed (canned beans in chili sauce, honey-roasted nutes, deli meats) then you need to check. Start by creating a list of your go-to grocery items. If this includes any processed items, visit company websites to find out what is safe. If you cannot figure it out, give them a call. Once you find a company that makes safe, gluten-free (fill-in-the-blank), that is your go-to item at the grocery store. You can do it! It will get easier! You are doing a great job so far in ensuring your health.
  9. Wow - sounds like you attend the college I work at.. small, private school which requires students to purchase a meal plan. I am an admissions counselor and worked with a Celiac student last year (before I was even diagnosed - it was the first I had heard of the disease actually!). First - be very, very direct. Jeopardizing your health is NOT acceptable. If they cannot accomodate your needs they should let you off the meal plan. Even if they attempt to provide options but you still feel apprehensive you should be let off the meal plan. Do not settle. I promise you they do not want to lose a student over the cost of a meal plan. Write a letter to your the school's president. Go to his or her office. Do what you can to get their attention. I promise you that if a president gets involved --things will change! Talk to other students. You reference that others with allergies have had similar problems. Form a task force or coalition with those students. Create a petition. Do what you have to do to show that the school may seriously suffer if they do not make changes to meet the needs of their students. Gather any support from faculty and staff on campus. Let people know what is happening. Small schools like to squash issues before too many people get involved. In the meantime, help your dining services director/VP of Student Life with ideas on how to create a gluten-free dining plan. For instance, maybe they can keep a variety of frozen gluten free meals on hand for you. They all can keep a loaf of gluten-free bread and cereal on hand for you and other gluten-free students. These changes are relatively simple and can make a big difference if you are forced to stay on the meal plan. I am going to send you a message with my e-mail address. Feel free to contact me if you need any help whatsoever. Good luck! I hope everything works out. Fight for your right to be provided a healthy environment
  10. GFLindsey

    Wish It Was An Oreo...

    Thank you all. I can't even explain how comforting it is to have people who understand! So this is weird. It's been over 3 hours and NOTHING. My stomach hurt a little and I saw nauseated, but not more than normal. I am always this way after I eat. In the past, if I get cc'ed I normally get diarrhea right away and feel like death is upon me. Obviously I am not in the clear yet, but I am shocked by my lack of reaction so far. By the way, wild plans have been cancelled. Haha. Going to spend the night cheering on the Penguins from my couch with my heating pad. Just hoping I can make it to see Mom tomorrow.
  11. GFLindsey

    Wish It Was An Oreo...

    Thank you. So far so good.
  12. About 20 minutes ago, I ate 3 Mi-Del Ginger Snaps and then looked at that bag and realized that they were NOT the gluten-free kind. (I KNOW!! READ EVERY LABEL - I AM SO MAD AT MYSELF!) I immediately panicked and started crying. I am almost shaking I am so scared of whats to come. All I can say is that if I was going to eat straight up wheat cookies.. I wish it was an Oreo! I'm nervous. Haven't been directly glutened since starting the diet. I guess I will get to see the severity of my reaction. Eeek.
  13. I am just past the three month mark and I still feel pretty awful. It can be really disheartening at times, but it is helpful to hear that everyone has had their challenges. I am similar to others, because I have had some symptoms completely disappear (ulcers, diarrhea, ringing in my ears) but some have gotten worse or appeared out of nowhere (severe bloating, nausea, hair loss). I am hoping to find the right balance soon! I should probably cut out soy and dairy for awhile and see how that goes.
  14. Please answer the poll question and share your personal recovery experience!
  15. GFLindsey

    How To Handle Office Parties/get Togethers

    I want to start by saying that I work in an office with very supportive and thoughtful co-workers. I also want to say that it simply somtimes does not make a difference. I still feel left out and frustrated at times too. I work in an office where we have food-related events and celebrations several times a week at minimum (birthday parties, anniversaries, luncheons, awards ceremonies, conferences, business lunches, baby showers, retirement parties...I could really keep going). I have been gluten-free for 3+ months and my boss still pops in my office and says, "Go grab a doughnut!" I always think to myself, "How can he forget!??! I have missed weeks of work because of this illness and NEVER eat along with them. Are you freaking kidding me?!?" Then one day I realized that I am doing a great job just grinning and bearing it if they can forget. Maybe I don't stand out as much as I feel that I do - and that can be a great thing! Here are my tips: 1. I never eat out at restaraunts or at any event held in our cafeteria (I work at a college). I simply refuse to sacrifice my health. This is simply not up for debate. (I realize everyone does not need to be this extreme, but for me it is necessary.) I do not feel bad turning down lunch invitations or going along and just ordering a cup of tea. 2. For some events, I will bake gluten-free cookies or cupcakes and bring them along. People love trying out my "special" food. This does get expensive though so I don't do it all the time. 3. I keep chocolate chip cookies in our freezer for the times when I don't specifically cook a gluten-free dish. I will pull them out when everyone is eating birthday cake so I don't feel so left out. Dealing with the social situations gets much easier as I continue to make strides toward accepting my new lifestyle. Our strict dietary restrictions will NEVER change, so you must focus on changing the only thing you can control: your attitude and outlook. I try to remember this when I feel frustrated. Good luck to you! I will be thinking of you while I eat my bunless Oscar Meyer 100% beef hot dog at our cook-out this afternoon