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Gluten free for almost a week and feeling great. pain in joints almost gone, ringing in ears almost gone, stomach not as "grumbly", more energy and eating more.

  1. Thank you for describing it, words just wouldn't come to me. Having a bad time with it right now, not sure what to do or what to use. Doctor doesn't know anything about gluten/wheat allergies so I don't get any support. He thinks that since I stopped eating gluten in Jan that I should be fine a...
  2. Hi - thank you so much for your advice! I am definitely going to contact the caterers when the time comes and make my health a #1 priority!

  3. you could be lactose intolerant too. gluten-free diet isn't that bad, just check the labels and cook fresh. lots of pre packaged and canned have wheat in it. from experience if you make gravy use just a little of the rice flour, works great. I too had a false/neg result from blood test but don...
  4. IBS diagnosed for over 10 yrs. Now thinking could be gluten senstive. Trying to go gluten free see if that helps.