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  1. katinagj

    Charting-Changes After Going Gluten Free Possible?

    I think going gluten free really did change my temps. Very odd. But every month my temps have been higher, even hitting...
  2. katinagj

    San Diego

    They also have a Disneyland list of gluten free foods that you can find at Disneyland and where you can find them. Even...
  3. katinagj

    San Diego

    I guess I don't need to worry about San Diego anymore! I just ran into this website! http://www.glutenfreeinsd.com...
  4. katinagj

    San Diego

    Thank you SO much for the recommendation! I am glad to at least have one place in mind that I can go and eat while we...
  5. katinagj

    San Diego

    I am going on a road trip with some friends in a couple of weeks. We are going first going to be camping in Sun City...
  6. Me and my husband started trying to conceive February of 09. I had two miscarriage one in September and one in October...
  7. Just got back from the store and bought a bunch of different gluten free flours! I plan to do some experimenting this...
  8. Just stocked up on gluten free flours. Hoping to do some experimenting this week! :P

  9. Same here! Two weeks and its gone, I'm amazed at how quickly this diet seems to be working for me
  10. katinagj

    Deep Sleep Since Going Gluten Free

    Thanks for the reply! How long did it take before your sleeping pattern became more normal?
  11. I was just curious if anyone had trouble eating breakfast before they went gluten free. I never considered this to be...
  12. katinagj

    Godfather's Pizza

    Our Godfathers Pizza doesn't have the gluten free either. But a friend just told me about Garlic Jims and I checked there...
  13. I honestly wish I had seen this a year ago. I've been suffering from terrible hip and lower back pain for years. I am...
  14. I have only been gluten free for two weeks, but have seen great improvements already in my symptoms. But now it seems...
  15. I just this weekend tried the brownie mix and they taste like the real thing! Very excited that I will still have this...