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  1. Just got back from the store and bought a bunch of different gluten free flours! I plan to do some experimenting this week and I'm excited to get started! My dad found out from my grandma that my great grandpa had issues with wheat. He never could eat it, his whole life. So I am wondering if he didn...
  2. Just stocked up on gluten free flours. Hoping to do some experimenting this week! :P

  3. Same here! Two weeks and its gone, I'm amazed at how quickly this diet seems to be working for me
  4. I thought it would be good to explain my story to figuring out why my body was attacking me. It was started when I was young(apparently. Neither me or my family noticed anything strange until I hit 8th grade. Though recently figured out that all of my favorite foods from when I was younger were gluten...
  5. I have had panic attacks since high school. Whether or not they are related to celiac I am not sure. I have only been gluten free for a week and a half so I guess I will figure that one out eventually. Almost everytime I have a panic attack though, it is over nothing. I bawl my eyes out and can't...