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Just added a gluten-free section to my web site:


It shows a variety of products I found while in Japan as well as papers on gluten-free for Hawaii restaurants and chefs.

diagnosed Aug. 06 after 6 months (of doctors scratching their collective heads)and 3 hospital stays. I research tropical fruit and sustainable agricultural systems for the University of Hawaii after 30 years as a photojournalist. I also lecture at the University's culinary school in West Hawaii on tropical fruit and now -- food allergies. Originally from Chicago but have had offices in Tokyo and the Big Island for 30 years. Trained as a chef in Japan and am on the board of the American Culinary Federation chapter in Hawaii. President of Hawaii Tropical Fruit Growers- West Hawaii and Treasurer of Hawaii Agritourism Association.

  1. true of all pre packaged curries in japan. S&B, House, Vermont brands have high amounts of wheat. So do rice balls, (onigiri) at 7-`11 and family mart with few exceptions
  2. great list in kanji that Kane posted below, again alot is built on the relationships. There are many Indian restaurants in Tokyo and 90% are fine if you know the food and what to order. A lot is built on the relationships you make in Japan. Where will you be? I might know someone...
  3. learn the kanji for ko mugi -- wheat Omugi barley find your own soy sauce -- they have a really good sorghum shoyu at some markets like LIFE -- What schoo and where will you be in TOkyo. Might be able to tell you some spots close by depends if your drinking or not. Many...
  4. Next year will be my 40th year of working & lecturing in Japan. 20 of those with celiac. I also went to culinary school in Tokyo so I know a little about how chefs there thinkl Many dont realize shoyu is wheat, they assume its soy beans. Dependsiong on where you go to eat, carry bottle...
  5. Annatto is from achiote tree (Bixa orellana), Its simply the ground seed of this tropicak tree and not at all dangerous to celiacs
  6. I do all the time but then I'm in Kona. Until we can get some of the flour to the mainland we are at a standstill. The ULU coop here just does frozen pieces as well as making chocolate mousse and an amazing hummus. mu wife is making some xmas cookies using it. At the breadfruit institue...
  7. I'm pretty sensitive and never had a problem with Tanqueray. The Tanqueray rangpur is especially good!
  8. There is no one answer -- everyone is different. If i ate your burger I wuld leave a trail from both ends trying to get out of the place or to the washroom -- whatever is closer. There are a lot of alternatives to that type of plum sauce with the obvious being make your own. Dry spices...
  9. Your lucky, been gluten-free for more than 15 years and never had plantar fasciitis until 5 years ago. If there is a connection i sure wish it worked for me
  10. thanks for posting this one, Have to get there this year or next on a project and was wondering.
  11. has to make sure she is really 100% gluten free and NO CHEATING. I threw up every day for 6 months until they figured out it was celiac. Three days after that I was ok again.
  12. 90% of hte time for us in Hawaii its antique yeast -- which doesnt last long here anyway but finding it fresh is a must. We are doing 30 loaves a week for the farmers market so it has to work
  13. Never had a problem in Spain or Italy. Dont get to france too often. Finding a good tapas place in Spain should mke it easy to find a dozen different small plate dishes to enjoy. In Italy should be able to find a list online from the Italian Celiaco organization Good luck
  14. in LA check out Sage which I think is on 7000 sunset Blvd. Great place mostly vegan and gluten free. Been a long time since I was in mexico but black bean dishes and fish should be ok. Just have to amke sure the tacos, tortilas and chips are 100% corn. Out in the neighborhoods there are a...
  15. There are a number of places but hard ot find and they dont speak any english at least in Tokyo. Bring your own soy sauce or braggs aminos. You can find gluten free soy sauce in Japan but there are no english labels. You can eat yakitori but have to explain to them only shio -- salt ko...