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  1. thanks for posting this one, Have to get there this year or next on a project and was wondering.
  2. kenlove

    vomiting ALL foods with celiac??

    has to make sure she is really 100% gluten free and NO CHEATING. I threw up every day for 6 months until they figured out it was celiac. Three days after that I was ok again.
  3. 90% of hte time for us in Hawaii its antique yeast -- which doesnt last long here anyway but finding it fresh is a must. We are doing 30 loaves a week for the farmers market so it has to work
  4. kenlove

    Visiting 3 countries in one week

    Never had a problem in Spain or Italy. Dont get to france too often. Finding a good tapas place in Spain should mke it easy to find a dozen different small plate dishes to enjoy. In Italy should be able to find a list online from the Italian Celiaco organization Good luck
  5. kenlove

    Traveling to Mexico and LA

    in LA check out Sage which I think is on 7000 sunset Blvd. Great place mostly vegan and gluten free. Been a long time since I was in mexico but black bean dishes and fish should be ok. Just have to amke sure the tacos, tortilas and chips are 100% corn. Out in the neighborhoods there are a lot of dishes with beans and rice with or without meat -- what they are wrapped with is sometimes questionable but most foods are based on corn. Good luck
  6. kenlove

    Japan -- Tokyo and Kyoto

    There are a number of places but hard ot find and they dont speak any english at least in Tokyo. Bring your own soy sauce or braggs aminos. You can find gluten free soy sauce in Japan but there are no english labels. You can eat yakitori but have to explain to them only shio -- salt ko-mugi alerge (wheat allergy) and some will understand. For veggies I would go to Uohayaku in jimbocho -- I wrote this and really liek the place. was there 4 times last month. The owner is Mr nakatani and if you can explain to him you have onaji byoki ken in hawaii he should get it. means you have the same sickness as I do ( celiac) there are also restaurant cards you can down load someplace in japanese that you can print and carry with you. many indian restaurants all over the place too. steamed veggies are rare but sometimes you can get them in chinese places or the hotel. salad with no sauce is doable in many places but the salads are different and often better with daiko radish and gobo. no shoyu or shoyu allergy is what you'll have to explain. Usually in Iakaya type restaurants there are many small dishes but uohyaku has fresh cucumbers, tomatos and eggplants. Youhave to be careful of rice balls, onigiri in family mart and 7-11 places as they often contain wheat. no fish cake or kameboko too. many know the word gluten and allergy -- but pronounciation is different gruten or ko-mugi allerge might get many to understand. if you've never been there is an amazing place. Ive been going back and forth for 35 years and still love it. sorry i wont be there till november to help. depending on the hotel and area your in i might be able to tell you about some other places good luck
  7. Try to order from Indian Sweets and Spices in the Silver Lake Area of Los Angles. Also many stores in Chicago that have millet and amaranth. I make Ragi roti but buy the ragi in LA good luck
  8. the green juice fast helped a lot but in some cases i still get a rash too. Im not sure how much is age related though
  9. the doc was right -- in some cases no types of vitamins in my system and nutrient uptake was compromised from the celiac. Basically I went on a green juice fast at this clinic, True North, to get my system back in shape. I had some problems with animal proteins and junk in the stomach and intestine that evidently blocked the nutrients. Dont remember much from that time in 2011 but I sure felt a lot better after the green juice fast which was just celery and apple juice mix.
  10. this from the USDA recall notice service. Anyone can subscribe through their service. Having trouble viewing this email? View it as a Web page. You are subscribed to FSIS Recall Cases: Retail Lists for the USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service. Updated information is now available. A list of retail consignees has been posted for recall 034-2017, Mibo Fresh Food Recalls Turkey Salad Products Due to Misbranding and Undeclared Allergens (April 8, 2017).
  11. now thats deal for there. My wife just bought the big two jar set yesterday forgetting they we bought one set together last week. Going to be having a lot of them over the next few months!
  12. Been enjoing them for years both cooked in gluten-free pasta and raw in salads. Never a problem with them.
  13. kenlove

    L & L Hawaiian Bbq

    I Live been 2 of them in kona and wouldnt step into either one. Damn near everything as shoyu and what doesnt doesnt have taste. I Know its cheap but guess I never liked them when i coud eat anything
  14. kenlove

    read more content

    Working now Scott -- thanks