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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Me too I have NEVER missed not one day my period, and immediately after going gluten free I started having the most irregular ones. Sometimes it would be 2 weeks earlier, other times 5 days later etc etc. I don't know why... Meline
  3. yep, friends. it's cool =)

  4. Nausea is a classic symptom of detoxing. I never had nausea in my life, and as soon as I went gluten free, actually 3 weeks later, terrible nausea started after almost every meal. But if you drink chamomile right when you start feeling nausea, it will go away. Now after 1 1/2 year of gluten...
  5. Ok this could be celiac, this could be candida overgrowth, this could be many things. A gluten free diet is more than safe and it is sure that even if you are not celiac, it won' t hurt you. But it is a diet with many restrictions. I suggest you run some blood tests for celiac. If you go gluten...
  6. I've been gluten free for 8 months. When I get glutened I have the worse nausea. I don't throw up, but I wish I would. Nausea and vomiting are very often when glutened but I dont' know about constipation.
  7. it's called panic attack and it is a symptom of celiac.
  8. definately happens to me ONLY when I get glutened. And it is that kind of deams, with evil things in my house and dead people looking at me.
  9. same thing for me too, with eggs but only the inside. You know...the yellow stuff (I don't know the english word for that). Have you tried excluding that? because it is the most common thing to cause trouble. The white part of the egg seems to be more innocent.
  10. that was kinda morbid haha um...

  11. When I die, I want to go peacefully like my Grandfather did, in his sleep -- not screaming, like the passengers in his car.

  12. i'm a dork and need to come up with something witty for your comment box. let me think on this haha

  13. no comments...well...i'll be the first! ;D

  14. Well... For the last 2 years (that is when my gluten problems bacame more severe) I kept having HUGE trouble with nightmares. I mean huge......I could not sleep, kept having dreams with dead people and my x boyfriend would send me sleep in my house cause I would usually wake up 4-5 times/ night...