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  1. dilettantesteph

    Yes, I Do Let Celiac Stop Me! You Too?

    You have an extra challenge with the kids. It will get easier over time. I didn't do much initially but these days I go on trips even out of the country and attend social functions involving food. You just need to figure out ways to make...
  2. I was also tempted by my old favorites initially. After awhile that food lost it's appeal. You get new favoritie things to eat. Things get better.
  3. dilettantesteph

    Could Your Retainer Be Preventing Healing? Yes.

    I am sorry that you had this problem. I hope that your daughter is feeling better. Can you please answer a question for me? Was it a colored plastic? My endodontist recently told me that it was colored materials that were most likely...
  4. This is what webMD says: http://www.webmd.com/digestive-disorders/blood-in-stool "It is important to have a doctor evaluate any bleeding in the stool." Try not to worry as you wait for your appointment. It is likely nothing serious...
  5. I'm sorry you got sick. It is really hard to tell what is causing a reaction, especially at first. Personally, I like removing as many possibilities as I can so that I can more easily know what the problem is. One thing that you could...
  6. I should have put this in my first post, but my mind wasn't working very well then. My experience with supplements was that my health improved significantly when I cut them all out. I was taking quite a few and likely, in my opinion, something...
  7. dilettantesteph

    Tea Recommendations

    If you like green tea, but not too bitter, you may like green tea with chamomile. The Twinnings brand used to be my favorite.
  8. I'm not sure about in Australia, but here in the U.S. you can often get journal articles from your local library. You need to special order them but they get you copies in a few days. You can also go to the local university library and...
  9. I am sorry that you are feeling sick again. It is tough when it seems like the only way to find out if something will make you sick is to have it make you sick. I hope that you recover quickly. I also hope that you make good progress...
  10. Oh, good. Sorry I didn't notice. In case anyone is interested, there are eggs available from soy free chickens. Just soy free eggs online. I have no idea if it is really an issue.
  11. Thank you for posting this. I like it that he recommends reading published reports.
  12. The OP has a soy reaction. I think that's why he posted in the "Other Food Intolerances" section.
  13. dilettantesteph

    Eye Problems?

    I got diagnosed with Sjogren's syndrome recently. The reason I went to the eye doctor was that I had blurred vision and I was afraid that I was losing my eyesight. She said that we tear up more with dry eyes and that was what caused the...
  14. I didn't edit that out to try to hide something. I edited it out to try to make my meaning more clear. Please don't make accusations.
  15. The comments from Irishheart make realize that I need to work harder to be more clear. I gave the references to those studies because I thought the OP might want to read them because they are relevant to her question to me asking if I cut...