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  1. I am also one of the super sensitive ones. I am grain free, refined sugar free, starch free, and just started eating...
  2. I would recomend either doing the GAPS diet or paleo autoimmune protocol for gut healing.
  3. salexander421

    4 Year Old Bloating

    Could also be yeast overgrowth.
  4. salexander421

    4 Year Old Bloating

    Yes, if they've already tested for celiac then I would definitely do a gluten free trial. If after a couple weeks you...
  5. salexander421

    Gluten & Allergen Free Kids Shampoo

    We just started using one of Chagrin Valley's shampoo bars and really like it! We're using the olive and babassu one...
  6. We recently started reacting to pacific brand, haven't tried the imagine brand. We now make our own too and it is so...
  7. salexander421

    Scd Birthday Cake

    Specific carbohydrate diet, works on healing the gut. Check out Breaking the Vicious Cycle. GAPS (Gut and Psychology...
  8. salexander421

    Scd Birthday Cake

    Yes, paleo is very similar to SCD and possibly even more restricted because of the exclusion of legumes as well. I'm...
  9. salexander421

    Scd Birthday Cake

    We did great on it! I did it along with my two daughters. We probably only did it for about 6 months or so but our symptoms...
  10. salexander421

    Scd Birthday Cake

    We usually do cupcakes instead. If your daughter can do coconut flour these are pretty good http://comfybelly.com/20...
  11. I know they are both autoimmune disorders so I know someone can obviously have both. I'm wondering if there is any literature...
  12. salexander421

    Already Seeing Improvements

    So glad to hear everything is going well with your son!
  13. salexander421

    What Could It Be?

    Living with a gluten eater is a nightmare for the super sensitive! In our house the only one who is not gluten free is...
  14. salexander421

    Muti Vitamins

    Check out www.supernutritionusa.com and see if theirs would work for you. I took their Simply One Prenatal and didn't...
  15. salexander421

    3.5 Yr Old Daughter May Have Celiac?

    My daughter had this same problem, she would wake up crying and screaming. I would try to calm her down and she would...