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About Me

Troubleshooting life in a gluten filled world to help my gluten sensitive family!

Home testing of our foods in the USA helped us get better. 

Missing the accommodations so easily achieved in Australia!

Glad to see "Certified Gluten Free" progress in the USA. 

Troubleshooting issues again at USA schools now, and it is exhausting.  Australia's approach to these issues is so starkly different and much more supportive of genuine healthcare.

Interests include the asthma, allergy and eczema/dermatitis issues that can be related to wheat/gluten exposure in some.

  1. Please consider getting yourself tested before going gluten free or gluten free light for your nursing baby. I went gluten free for my nursing baby for similar reasons as others listed above - chiefly my sanity for caring for such a sick, fussy, miserable baby when exposed to gluten! I NEVER suspected...
  2. I found a Twizzler sub - CLIF Kid Organic Fruit Rope. It is labelled "Gluten Free".
  3. This is a "free-range" eating school district. Best we can tell, common practice in schools throughout this district is one where kids can eat anything, anywhere, anytime. Exceptions to this standard practice are few and far between (only know of one current exception, and the school has pushed...
  4. And the history of the graham cracker, according to wiki, is intriguing! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Graham_cracker
  5. And this is a great math story! So 15 boxes / class are needed, and there are four classes. I searched online to find that 20 graham crackers per box might be right . . . not like I have or will get a box to find out. Anyway, the math goes: 15 x 4 x 20 = 1,200 graham crackers. Right?
  6. You are not alone! Gluten intolerance and celiac disease can affect us each in different ways, but there are many similarities amongst groups of us - maybe genetic similarities? The fact that it is known to attack organs, and many have been implicated in different people, is just astounding to...
  7. King Soopers / aka Kroger was able to be an easy stop to knock out gluten free icing (not certified gluten-free - boo!) and candies (not certified, but varying degrees of gluten free certainty). The candy canes we found are from a dedicated facility free of several allergens. They are manufactured...
  8. Please find gluten free graham crackers that are the same size and shape that are needed because this is an actual math activity that deals with surface area, volume, perimeter, fractions (graham crackers can be divided into fourths). After looking at graham cracker options (Kinnikinnik and...
  9. Thank you! All of the information has been so helpful for both myself and my daughter. There is a nut allergy in the class, so that will now shape how we move forward. We have no idea what other allergies are managed in the classroom, as they have not discussed or disclosed that information...
  10. Assume there are no other allergy or medical issues to accommodate. Last I checked we were only aware of another gluten free child in her class. I have confirmation that bartfull is correct in that wafer cookie interpretation. Saw Kinnikinnik has those - any opinions or other options? Thank...
  11. I would appreciate help identifying appropriate gluten free ingredients for the following gingerbread house school project items. In particular, I need a great gluten free graham cracker that everyone will not complain about . . . lack of stability/rigidity is my assumption of a suspected difference...
  12. In Australia Schar has a "Salti" cracker that reminded me of what I remember about Ritz crackers. I don't understand why this cracker is not sold in USA. Please let me know if anyone can find a source in USA. Packaging looks updated from when we were last in Australia, but I assume this is...
  13. We find a cutting board important too. We also travel with a small kid type plate (non-breakable) for each of us and find a fork for each of us is helpful. We travelled a lot this summer and really missed having non-disposable forks! I also travel with cleaning stuff, including a couple of dish...
  14. Yes, the CDC guidelines specify their exclusion of celiac disease. But should immediately life threatening medical conditions be treated substantially different from chronically life threatening ones?
  15. I just wanted to say that I appreciate your posts and sharing your experiences. Thank you! We have found rheumatology to be one of the more helpful disciplines when sorting through some of our more complex issues. And the rheumatologists for us were not all bad news, but they have seemed better...