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About Me

Troubleshooting life in a gluten filled world to help my gluten sensitive family!

Home testing of our foods in the USA helped us get better. 

Missing the accommodations so easily achieved in Australia!

Glad to see "Certified Gluten Free" progress in the USA. 

Troubleshooting issues again at USA schools now, and it is exhausting.  Australia's approach to these issues is so starkly different and much more supportive of genuine healthcare.

Interests include the asthma, allergy and eczema/dermatitis issues that can be related to wheat/gluten exposure in some.

  1. I don't recall play-doh getting mention in this discussion. Is standard play-doh being used at daycare? If so, are there processes in place to reduce the chance of your child's exposure? You may also want to scan through the kids section of the forum and search for daycare discussions. Play-doh...
  2. Hi Amalthea, I just wanted to share that I understand where you are coming from in your posts. I also have wheat allergy and celiac issues, so I understand how difficult it can be for more standard, typical celiacs to relate to the more complicated challenges with a compounding immunological response...
  3. I have wheat allergy in addition to celiac. This past weekend I was talking to a gentleman selling wheat grass who kindly explained to me that "There is no wheat in wheat grass." I thought you all might see the humor in that. This thread made me laugh reliving that moment. I stay far...
  4. I recently moved to Australia and lost my dried bean sources that I had been using safely in the States (not a single brand, but the beans were bulk sourced through our local health food store and home tested for gluten, then washed). Anyway, here in Australia, I am being told that they don't grow...
  5. Hi! I've seen some of your posts and I was just wondering what your children's wheat allergy symptoms are? My daughter's are both gluten intolerant (no official celiac diagnosis though) and I've definitely wondered if our youngest might have a wheat allergy as well. Thanks!

  6. I am curious how Purkinje cells develop and grow in children - any idea? Thanks for the info!
  7. oops - I had no idea that that lab company was banned . . . hopefully you have enough info there to figure it out or you can email me from my profile page, I guess. I don't think I have PM privileges. We did not consult directly with that lab, as we went through healthcare providers that use...
  8. The (Company Name Removed - They Spammed This Forum and are Banned) 0091 Organix Comprehensive Profile was used to identify some of her issues (like the B12 dumping, as I understand it), and the (Company Name Removed - They Spammed This Forum and are Banned) 2100 Gastrointestinal Function Profile...
  9. My DD at 6 yo was having severe ataxia symptoms with gluten exposure - falling for "no reason", speech problems - both stuttering, forgetting words, losing track of what she was saying. After a severe episode that progressed in horrible ways last year, we tried to do more investigation with some...
  10. Hi, Asharia! Welcome to the board. I see that you are trying to figure out your elevated antibody issues that have resurfaced and that you are seeking input from those that consider themselves super sensitive. With my disclaimer that our family is super sensitive, we have found that we...
  11. I was asymptomatic when I went gluten free, as was my oldest child. We went gluten free for my second child, and we now have significant and serious symptoms with gluten exposure. Hindsight gives it a slightly different perspective, as I had spent my whole life "normalizing" my symptoms . . . I...
  12. One of my children has the really, really bad breath following gluten exposure. It is one of the ways that I monitor how we are doing with our diet. It is a distinct odor, for sure, and I would love to better understand exactly what that odor is. In the meantime, when I smell that dank breath...
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    1. catsmeow


      Hi friended you because I have a severe wheat allergy and respond violently to airborne wheat exposure. I could have written some of your posts. In the past few weeks I was diagnosed with Celiac as well, by my doctor. We will be doing a genetic test soon to confirm it. (((((hugs)))) Airborne wheat is making my life so difficult. I cannot imagine being a kid and dealing with it.

    2. catsmeow


      I have found a solution to my airborne allergies. It's Zantac. Weird huh? The doc said it is a histamine 2 blocker, histamine 2 is made in the stomach acid. Apparently, there is a link between food allergies, asthma, and stomach acid. Anyway, I wrote a long post about it if your interested. It's titled "wheat allergy" and it is posted in the coping section. Maybe Zantac will help your child. I have not had an airborne reaction since the doc put me on it last week. It...

  14. Our super, super silly DD seemed to start reacting to "oranges" out of the blue when we went really gluten free initially for her. If we are very selective about which orange juice and oranges that we make available to her now, she seems to do well with them. I am not convinced that her issue was...