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  1. I actually read about this 3 years ago in the book "The Gluten Free Bible" and remembered it. I dug the book out today and reread it. It's chapter 13 "Sex and the Celiac". It's a story about a man who gets sick from his non celiac wheat eating girlfriend. However, the book spells it out all romantic like. Here's the last paragraph of the story: "Does Theresa floss and brush her teeth" Byrons mother asked her embarrassed son. "Ma!" "Well, does she? "What about her beauty products. they could be making you sick" Byron was emabarrassed, but promised his mother he would talk to his girlfriend. Byron explained to Theresa that he was getting sick everytime they got together. Out went her old cosmetics. In came new gluten free hypo-allergenic lotions, creams,make-up, and pretty new lipsticks that did not change Byron's desire to kiss her. With a lifetime supply of dental floss, and his and hers electric toothbrushes, the young couple found an unlikely and surprising sexy source of togetherness. Teresa washes washes carefully after touching unsafe foods and they have been known to shower together to avoid wasting water and time. As far as I know, there were no more gluteny incidents and in the spring, Byron proposed, presenting Teresa with a modest diamond solitair she wears with pride. As soon as they finish their degrees, they will have a big fat gluten free wedding and honeymoon in Tesesa's Italian ancestrial village where much brushing, flossing and kissing will go on. The moral is this: not everything you put in your mouth is food. When you are a celiac, the concept of being lovesick takes on a whole new meaning. "Not that there is anything wrong with that" as Jerry Seinfeldt is so fond of saying. As long as you play it safe, thee is no reason you can't play" The chapter goes on and on with specifics on cosmetics and hygene before intimacy. It's a pretty long chapter. The story in the beginning about Teresa and Byron kind of sound like a romance novel.....HAHAHA. but then it gets down to the business of making sure you don't get sick and how to achieve that. I think it's time to read this book again, I was skimming through it and I think I can learn from it even now, after 3 years..
  2. Does she floss her teeth as well as brush them? Could bits of gluten be stuck in her teeth?
  3. I am reading this and enjoying a Red Bridge, you made me want a beer!!! I was visiting a doc friend of mine who happens to also be gluten intolerant, and she had a beer that was dark and stout that said "gluten free" on the label, but was made with barley. The label explained that the gluten was processed out or something like that, rendering it gluten-free. I'm not a risk taker, but trusted my friend, who drinks this beer regularly, and is a doctor, so I drank one, and no, I did not get sick, and yes, it was good. I also drank it on another evening, and did not get sick. I will have to call her and ask the name of of it and get back to you guys. Have you heard of this? By the way, I love your easy chair kitty avatar!!!!
  4. Krispy Kreme donuts, especially the cream filled bismarcks, deep dish pizza, Mcdonalds cheeseburgers on the fly, artisan breads with butter, biscotti ordered with my coffee, breadsticks from Olive Garden, white wedding cake, Entemens cream cheese coffee cake, Fancy chocolates from chocolate speciality stores, going to fancy bakeries and eating my body weight in scrumptious baked goodies. Oh must I go on....... I'm not quite 3 years out, so I am still fairly new and fairly whiney.. ...and just when I finally settled into being gluten free and fairly OK with it, I had to give up dairy and am lost again.....It's been 2 months and I am still adjusting...and starving a lot.
  5. I'm not making anything except another apple/huckleberry crisp. The one I made last night is already gone. My kids fought over it like wild animals....LOL Last night I made sweet and sour pork with rice for dinner. My husband came home and said he didn't feel well and wanted comfort food. He wanted my fried chicken strips (dubbed crack chicken by everyone I know because it's so addictive and good), mashed potatoes, mixed veggies, and apple/huckleberry crisp. So, I made 2 meals last night and the family can eat leftovers!! I did make a second crisp though, it's in the oven.......
  6. Crockpot sweet and sour pork, with steamed white rice.
  7. Thank you for all the great responses. I sure learned a lot, and feel very fortunate to be gluten free in this day and age and thank those who came before me and paved the way.
  8. I made the Rag-out.....OMGEEEEEEEE, it was to die for!!! I ate so much I had to take a nap. When I got up, my curly tail followed my belly, which was leading the way into the kitchen to get some more. It's a keeper recipe. I added smoked polish style sausage made locally, both gluten and dairy free. Best sausage I've EVER eaten and was amazing in the rag-out recipe. Thanks For dessert, I had a cup of fresh ground organic local coffee with Mounds almond joy coffee creamer: Mounds almond Joy coffee creamer; Thai original coconut milk Ghirardelli unsweetened cocoa powder almond extract vanilla stevia Store it in a glass jar with a lid and enjoy it for days and days with your coffeee.
  9. I CAN SO see you dancing an Irish jig with me...heheheh......(As my daughter just Irish jigged across the living room for me) BAHAHAHAHAH
  10. Thank you!!! I'm going to make it today, and add sausage to it,and omit the cheese. I actually have ALL the ingredients.....happy dance!!!
  11. What is portabella ragout???? I don't know what it is, but I want it!!! LOL
  12. Sounds good, what did you use for salad dressing? I haven't been Dairy Free very long and was a huge fan of homemade buttermilk ranch dressing. I haven't had a salad since sadly having to give-up dairy.
  13. Defending My Choices

    BAHAHAHAHAHA...best answer!!!!!! Keeping it light, yet putting her friend in her place.
  14. Crunchy oat chicken (oats, tapioca flour, corn meal, garlic, brown sugar, curry, ginger, sea salt and pepper) Roasted carrots (olive oil, sea salt, pepper) Roasted red potatoes )olive oil, sea salt, pepper) I have a yeast infection. How do you get a yeasty beast while on VSL #3, 250 billion live culture probiotics??? I was so shocked, that I went to the doctor today and had it cultured to make darn sure it really was yeast, and it is....GGGGRRRRR...I hate yeast, I've been plagued with it since age 14! I was put on my best buddy, Diflucin once again.