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  1. She first thought they were mosquito bites, then hives from stress due to caring for her mom after she had a stroke. She's been slathering her rash with hydracortisone cream 3 times a day and refuses to talk to her doc about it. I brought up dh and celiacs and at first she was in utter denial but then told me she wen gluten free and the rash didn't itch quite so much after a few days. However she went to mcdonalds and got a birder and fries and took the bread off the burger so it was 'safe'. She's itching like mad again.
  2. So our dermatologist appointment isn't until December . Her rash is in full swing again. It was looking pretty tame for a couple of weeks. The have been eating my moms cooking a lot and she uses gluten everything. She even throws it in where it isn't necessary at all. She's been under a lot of stress lately and has been complaining of a rash that just won't go away. She said ' it itches like mad all the time' She has fluid filled blistery bumps that then pop and leave this slightly pitted red sores that are very very itchy. It's all around her ankles and she has it on both forearms. Id bet my last dollar that she has dh. So now we know my dd's rash is likely that as well and I guess at least she and my mom have celiacs.
  3. Thanks so much. I just have this feeling that something isn't right. I am not one to take my kids to the doc for any little thing. They go for well visits and and if there is something I can't fix they go in. Out of 5 kids we've had maybe 4 sick visits all together so far ( plus all the visits for one broken arm). I sometimes feel like a crazy person but sometimes feel tha I'm on the right track. Like today. My husband works for a university and they have a group there that makes artisan bread and sells it. They gave him all the bread they were going to throw out. It was perfect good, just 2 days old. My kids are that bread with breakfast lunch and dinner and 3 out of 5 felt ill after eating it. It wasn't spoiled or even stale. It was just bread. They don't usually eat that much bread because they don't like it. This was very tasty and they gobbled it up. 2 of my kids had Diareah and they went to bed early. I just don't think that is normal.
  4. I haven't had a single attack in 8 months by avoiding gluten. I was having constant attacks while following the gallbladder diet. I would think that if I truly had a ba gallbladder that I would be having a lot of attacks still? I eat very high fat now because in addition to being gluten free I also eat primal.( since about 6 months ago) So no processed foods, legumes, artificial sweeteners, colors, no sugar, etc. I do still eat some corn and rice but it's very rare. I have slipped up and eaten gluten by mistake and I might have an attack later that day or it might take a day or two to get me, but it always does. It's been a long time since my last slip. The attacks are so painful, I'm literally rocking on the floor in pain. I vomit, and practically beg for it to end. So I'm not terribly excited about a gluten challenge. I've got my past food journals and I documented how I was feeling in them too. So if I ever get brave enough to discuss my health issues with a doc, I will bring them. I tend to not talk to my doc very much. I always say I'm fine at physicals. I'm not very good in social situations. As far as I was concerned it's not an issue because I seem to have fixed it. Talking to my kids docs about there issues is really hard but I do it for them. I feel if I bring myself into it I will get labeled as 'crazy mom'. My 10 year olds doc is very concerned about her sudden fall off her curve. He's told me to feed her lots and lots of fats, to keep high fat foods out all the time for her to eat ( nuts, cheese, avaxado, etc) and encourage larger portions. He wants her to gain at least 2 lbs in the next 2-4 months and if she hasn't to bring her back. I really doubt she will gain that. It takes her a very long time to gain. So at her next appointment I will ask him to do a celiac panel.
  5. No one has been diagnosed. I suspect my dad has it. He's always had intestinal issues. He can't poop but every 3 days or so and that is while taking 8 tablespoons of Metamucil in water a day. Before that he only went every 7-10 days. He's always had a large bloated stomach, and always had constant gas. He also has very painful 'gallbladder' attacks randomly despite the very strict low fat, whole grain diet he keeps. His doc can't find a thing wrong with his gallbladder. His doc days he has IBS. I also started having a lot of extremely painful attacks that feel like every description of a gallbladder attack I've ever read. They also match my dad's symptoms. I would get bad horrible smelling loose stool and then constipation with mucous on stool then an attack. Then my belly would be very swollen for days and I'd be vomiting off and on with smelly somewhat loose stool with mucous. I had 11 of those attacks during the month that I ate strict gallbladder diet. So I eliminated things I felt made it worse. I eliminated all grains. I felt so much better after a while! I did reintroduce rice and corn after a while. I've found I can't eat too much corn without tummy issues but I can eat rice just fine. I only have attacks when I eat gluten items. I'm the biggest bread/ gluten lover you will find and sometimes I cheat and it doesn't seem to affect me, so I cheat more and WHAM! I've experienced enough pain now that I have lost my interest in most foods I used to think I couldn't live without. So perhaps our issues are not really gallbladder?
  6. My 4 year old daughter is getting the testing for the rash. Unfortunately the appointment isnt until December 3rd. Apparently the dermatologist is very good/popular so the wait is long. I'm trying to document ever stage with pictures and a food journal. She has had the rash most of her life and as a baby was gluten free ( no rash) because of severe tummy issues. The tummy issues seemed to go away at bout 2 when we tried her on gluten again. Lately though( the last6 months or so) she's been alternating between very loose stool and fairly back constipation. Her stool has mucous on it frequently. This is a pic of my 2 year old son. He is starting to fall off his weight and height curve. He usual has a very taught and bloated looking belly even though he is pretty thin. His legs are actually fairly thin. He has a big 'thigh gap' and no typical fat creases I see on other kids his age. His arms do have some fat though, so that's good. He's always complaining about his tummy hurting and I can't find anything wrong like a bump or bruise. He has Diareah frequently. Our 10 year old dd has fallen from the 25th percentile in weight to the 4th and from the 18th in height to the 8th in the last 2 years and randomly throws up a few times a month. She also alternates between very loose and hard stools and has told me her stool has blood on it sometimes. I have another daughter that is 6 but she seems normal and healthy. I'm just getting concerned about my kids. I'm trying to figure out what's going on.
  7. I found some up close pics of when the rash was starting to go from barely there to worse. It's the only time I've gotten pics of fluid in the bumps. http://i1283.photobucket.com/albums/a554/brightersideoflife1/Mobile%20Uploads/image_zps77e5a16e.jpg
  8. I'm just tying to see if it's normal toddler belly or not. I may just be paranoid
  9. What did it look like? My 2.5 year old has a big belly but you can see his ribs. He's small for his age too. He frequently points to his tummy and says 'hurts', but I can't find anything wrong. http://i1283.photobucket.com/albums/a554/brightersideoflife1/Mobile%20Uploads/image_zpscc1ef96f.jpg Does this look like a normal toddler belly to you? He is 24 lbs.
  10. I was looking at pics online and the red Shiny crease under her arm could be inverse psoriasis. But all the red dots that are raised don't look right for that skin condition. Maybe it's 2 different things going on? It's not under her other arm either and dh is supposed to affect both sides usually? Psoriasis needs a biopsy to diagnose too doesn't it? So she should get one if it could be either of those things.
  11. Good to know about the steroids. We occasionally use hydracortisone cream on our daughter. I haven't for about 3 weeks because I was actually hoping her rash would be really bad ( horrible I know) when she went to the doc so they would take me seriously.
  12. Thank you! I think I already read most of this stuff. I want to be well versed in this skin issue. I just can imagine what else it could be. It has been there under her arm and down her side for years! It's not just her I'm worried about. We have 5 kids and my oldest fell off her weight and height curve completely. She went from the 25th percentile in weight to the 4th in 2 years. She went from the 18th percentile in height to the 8th. That's not normal. My 2 year old constantly says his tummy hurts and he has a pot belly but you can see his ribs. He's tiny for his age too. So I'm kind of thinking we have a problem. I really think we just have a family full of celiacs.
  13. Does it have to be a biopsy or can it be a skin scraping? How do I convince the derm to do a biopsy? I'm sure they will just want to do a scraping.
  14. Thanks for the Reply. Does it look like dh? I think this is what it is and the nurse practitioner we saw today that gave us the referral to the derm thought that's wha it looks like too. I felt practically giddy that someone listened. The np said the dermatologist would do a skin scraping, is that the same as a biopsy? I always thought a biopsy was a small section of several layers of skin. I want this all done right so we know exactly what this rash is. I feel I may not get another doc to listen to me for a long time if we mess this chance up. It would make so much sense if it was dh. When we first introduced gluten foods ( biter biscuits, cereal, baby food with barley flakes). She got so constipated she'd scream in agony. Her belly got huge and puffy and 2 cap fulls of mirilax plus 2 daily doses of prescription laxative wouldn't make her go ( at 8 months old). When she finally would go, it was so big part of her colon would come out. It was horrific. I did elimination diets to figure it out and it came down to wheat and barley. We took her off any gluten and after a while she got better. She would be in pain with a distended belly and painful poop if we messed up. We kept her gluten free until age 2 when her doc convinced us to get her tested for celiac. We started feeding it to her again but she didn't seem to have an issue with it. That doc left the practice and the new doc saw no reason to test her. About that time the rash appeared and we've been dealing with it ever since.
  15. <iframe width="480" height="360" src="http://s1283.photobucket.com/user/brightersideoflife1/embed/slideshow/"></iframe> I think I figured this out. These are pics of my daughters rash. If you click the link nothing seems to come up but if you click the view albums button in the upper right corner you can see the pics.
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