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  1. my husband goes back and forth as well without issue, I just assumed he was weird =)
  2. I asked my mom this same thing and she said it was normal to have problems when reintroducing gluten. Basically everyone I asked said it was normal. However those same people have really limited or no knowledge about gluten intolerance. My mom went gluten free a few years ago to see if her bowel...
  3. So for someone who is NOT celiac is it 'normal' and common for someone who has been gluten free for a few months to have problems eating it? I have been wondering about myself. I have been gluten free for at least 3 months because I nurse my daughter who is gluten intolerant. I ate mcdonalds last...
  4. can anyone help me out by listing the spices you have found to be gluten free and which are not? Some of my spices I have verified like my mrs. dash. But others I am not sure about.