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  1. Lynayah

    Hiatal Hernia

    I have a Hiatal Hernia, and I used to get pain in the back shoulder area. I have no idea if there's a connection between...
  2. When the doctor suggests that you walk around carrying a sign that says "Will work for Pampers." Seriously though...
  3. Lynayah

    Well I Finally Did It

    You are an inspiration to us all!
  4. If you suffer from arthritis yet want to knit, I found an interesting video on youtube.com today. Search under
  5. Lynayah

    Well I Finally Did It

  6. I've been getting brave and knitting at casual parties -- the ones where there's tons of food everywhere, all glutened...
  7. From what I was told, Starbucks soy milk is not gluten-free. If memory serves, I called the company, although that was...
  8. Crying, anxiety: I can so relate! My husband says he can tell if I've been glutened almost immediately afterwards. ...
  9. Knitting will help you, I promise, promise, promise! There are also some outstanding DVDs out there about how to...
  10. You rock! I hope you'll post here how the group goes. Please let me know. I have a great interest in those wonderful...
  11. Lynayah

    Corn ....?

    I do best if I eat organic corn only, and in moderation.
  12. For me, within 15-20 minutes. BAM! There is no doubt I'm having a reaction. Big D. If I'm lucky, I catch it before...
  13. "Next time I have a colonoscopy I'll just have a crouton instead of laxative" -- lauging so hard here I can hardly stand...
  14. Thank you for your post. I definitely want to learn someday. I love your reference to Ghandhi. Thank you -- your reference...
  15. Lynayah

    Brain Fog

    Scuzy, PS: I do not have celiac. I am HIGHLY gluten intolerant -- I am told I am more sensitive to gluten than...