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  1. gluten-free Bisquick

    OK, back with a brief report on our experiences with BC choc-chip cookie mix... It was rather weird and a little difficult to mix up the dough. When they said "dough will be crumbly," they were not kidding. Maybe if they upped the amount of butter or added a little oil or more egg, the dough would stick together better? Had to roll dough in hands (like fish bait! LOL) to get it to even remotely stick together. It did manage to hold together, for the most part, during baking--although many cookies broke up when removing from baking sheet. The cookies themselves were rather DRY and not chewy (more like sandy); and there were too many choc-chips for our taste (especially for me, since chocolate can tend to cause insomnia or a-fib in me). Was so distracted by the dry, crumbly dough, I forgot to add walnuts, which would have made them better. Overall, household voted them "Not bad, but they need walnuts and fewer chocolate chips..." --Probably won't bother with this B.C. mix again... but it satisfied craving for choc-chip cookies for at least a year or so!
  2. That description is absolutely PRICELESS--and so true for so many of us!
  3. This stuff about sulphites is very interesting. Had not really considered sulphites as a problem, but when I look at the list on the following link, I do see several foods/substances that are known to provoke a reaction in my system: http://www.hc-sc.gc.ca/fn-an/securit/allerg/fa-aa/allergen_sulphites-sulfites-eng.php Substances like gelatin, pectin, chocolate (sometimes)... Not sure if it's the sulphites themselves that cause me problems or something else. What's interesting is that for several months earlier this year, I was taking a couple eyedrops for glaucoma that contained sulphites... I had a LOT of systemic problems during those months... Maybe a connection... http://www.naturalhealthtechniques.com/diet_nutrition/sulfites.htm It is also interesting that adrenaline/epinephrine (which causes heart palpitations and irregular heartbeat when I have it) is one of the things used to counteract a severe sulfite reaction! (Maybe the old "hair of the dog" remedy at play?)
  4. EXACTLY!!! LOL! By the way, when they say vegetarian cellulose, you don't suppose there's a chance they could be talking about a gluten-containing grain (is grain a vegetable?), do you? Have noticed a lot of products specify plant cellulose, but not sure what exactly their source is. ??
  5. "Frankinstein food" is a good way to describe some of this stuff! Recall in the old monster movies there often was a creature/being/monster that took the form of a GELATINOUS SUBSTANCE! UGHHHH. !
  6. Hi Kathy, Some sites online claim that there can be MSG in some gelatins (processed kind), which might explain some folks' reaction to the gelatin in foods they consume. What I find odd (intriguing) is that so many of the foods/substances that cause a reaction in me are the "GLUEY" kind that are used to hold foodstuffs together or provide smooth consistency, like GELATIN, WHEY, CARRAGEENAN, PECTIN. I wish I had studied chemistry or molecular biology or something that would assist me in comprehending WHY these substances cause similar "poisoned" effects in me! Remember, too, that GLUTEN contains a "gluey" substance. Maybe the operative word in all these problems foodstuffs is GLUE!! I remember as a kid using WHITE FLOUR as a PASTE SUBSTITUTE for little-kid-art-projects. I figure the "GLUE" in the gluten is "shellacking" our guts and making them nonfunctional. But do the other STICKY, GLUEY substances like WHEY, CARRAGEENAN, PECTIN, GELATIN, etc. do a similar thing to our insides? It would sure be nice if somebody would research it and let us know! :-D
  7. Hi cassP, I think it was the gelatin, because I recognized the "gelatin hangover" from many, many prior episodes, which is why I called and asked Chef if there had been any gelatin in the meal, which it turned out there was. (Interesting that your potato starch was "gelatinous"! LOL)
  8. Well, to each his or her own, but you'll never find me willingly eating CHICKEN FEET! LOL! By the way, there are a lot of articles online about allergy or hypersensitivity to gelatin, such as: http://www.ehow.com/facts_5077263_symptoms-gelatin-allergies.html http://www.medpagetoday.com/MeetingCoverage/ACAAI/16872 http://www.ehow.co.uk/about_6549275_treatments-gelatin-allergy_.html and so on... And here's a few gross shots of chicken feet: http://kellythekitchenkop.com/2010/07/chicken-feet-in-my-soup-sick.html
  9. gluten-free Bisquick

    Sorry to hear this! Bought some of this cookie mix last week and have not yet had the energy to bake them! Been waiting for heat wave to let up before lighting the oven. (Hopefully, they are better than NO cookies at all!) PS Wonder what was so "aweful" about the BC c/chip cookies? Did they not hold together well? Were they too bland, blah, no texture, too sweet? Guess I'll bake these soon and find out!
  10. Gelatin seems to be another substance that causes all kinds of side-effects and problems for me. Wondering if anybody else with gluten intolerance/celiac has problems with gelatin? (Wonder, too, why so many vitamins & supplements have to use gelatin when it causes problems for many people? Guess it is a cheap binder...) One evening we ate out at an expensive restaurant and the next morning I woke with the usual headache, swollen face/eyes, rapid heartbeat, vision problems, "poisoned" feeling and I KNEW I had been toxified with gelatin. I called and asked the Chef if anything in the dinner I ate the night before had GELATIN in it, and he said "ABSOLUTELY NOT!" I pushed further and said "ARE YOU SURE? Because I'm deathly allergic [a little melodrama never hurts] to gelatin and I'm feeling very poisoned today?"; and he finally admitted, "Well, I did use CHICKEN FEET in the reduction sauce!" UGH!!! I didn't know which was more sickening--consuming gelatin or the idea of eating CHICKEN FEET!??? Blecchhhh! At any rate, that little encounter made me doubly-confident that I can TRUST my intuition and body reactions; our bodies KNOW when we've been unintentionally "poisoned" with one of our allergen-substances. (P.S. Have not gone back to that particular restaurant since!)
  11. Hi again Roda, I wrote "Is there a particular type of Vit. D that is easier to assimilate than this one here (Calcium Citrate+D as cholcaliferol)?" and then today I realized I had grabbed the wrong White bottle with Vitamin D written on label! The one I was taking was Vit. D3 2000 IU, and sometimes I broke them in half because they're hard to swallow and I was already getting 1000 IU in my daily vitamin. So I was supplementing between 2-3,000/day. Will resume and see if anything improves. Thanks. PS Wow, that does sound like a low Ferritin! What do you do to bring it up?
  12. Will Kelp Help?

    Hi cassP, Will try the kelp on a VERY small dosage (like one-quarter to start with!) and see if anything happens. (Probably the only thing that will happen is face will break out, which has happened in the past on iodine...) Thanks for the info on the green veggies--we eat quite a bit of br. sprouts & broccoli, mainly because they're supposed to be anti-carcinogens... But if they are contributing to thyroid issues, will cut back on them.
  13. Will Kelp Help?

    Have LOST HOPE on current/recent two doctors and LOSING MED COVERAGE on Thursday, so further testing's probably not going to happen in the foreseeable future. Am resorting to acupuncture for time being, and whatever supplements seem helpful. --Although I have been taking vitamins and various supplements for YEARS and don't see a lot of benefit; I wonder if the damaged intestines could be preventing absorption of oral vitamins & supplements?
  14. Will KELP help? (Not meaning to be a poet, there, by the way!) ;P Am tempted to start taking a low dose of "Icelandic Kelp" to see if that would help my overall health, assuming I have a sluggish thyroid (which it is beginning to look like is the case). But I've read some articles online (see links below) as well as some posts in this forum that suggest that the iodine-rich kelp could cause problems, like aggravating D.H. or, worse, might cause ARSENIC-poisoning (YIKES!) (see links)!?? Has anybody here experienced "toxicity" or other troublesome reactions from taking Kelp? Was thinking of taking only one-half the recommended dose (since I tend to be hypersensitive to everything) and see what happens...?? However, I do NOT want to aggravate a chronic scalp itch or cause itchy flareups elsewhere!? And definitely don't want to "enjoy" arsenic poisoning! Is kelp likely to cause these or other problems, especially in a super-sensitive system? http://ehp.niehs.nih.gov/realfiles/docs/2007/10393/letter.html http://ehp03.niehs.nih.gov/article/fetchArticle.action?articleURI=info:doi/10.1289/ehp.9495
  15. Hi Roda, Wow, that sounds like a lot of Vitamin D. How low was your D-level? The doctor wanted me to take 1,000 units a day (which I was already getting in my multivitamin; I added between 500-1000 additional IU per day); but that was during "darker" months when we weren't outside much. (What's weird is how quickly my level fell back down as soon as I stopped taking the supplement.) Is there a particular type of Vit. D that is easier to assimilate than this one here (Calcium Citrate+D as cholcaliferol)? Yes, I had the Ferritin checked earlier this month (I tend to check-mark additional boxes on Lab Slips myself, after I leave doc's office, if I think there are more tests that might clarify things!!). The Ferritin came in at 85, with range of 13-150. Will try to dig up some of my older lab test results from years when I was feeling better (can barely remember that far back!), and compare those results with those of the past couple of years of ramshackle-health, and see if anything jumps out. Have more or less GIVEN UP on these latest doctors and will flounder around on my own and visit my new acupuncturist for a while to see if that helps... (She is also going to work up some Chinese herbal supplements for me, but needs to verify that they are gluten-free first...)