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After "fighting" it for years, am gradually "accepting" (begrudgingly!) that a Gluten-Free diet is essential for improved health and functioning. Am currently working on a Gluten-Free recipe collection and other Gluten-Free aids for self and others. smile.gif

  1. Hello folks, Would like to hear some details from those of you who have experienced a "glutened" after-effect, such as: *How soon after you ingest gluten do you begin to feel "glutened"? *What after-effects or reactions do you experience? *How long do/es the "glutened" effect(s) or reaction...
  2. Thanks to Sarah at personalizedcause.com for allowing me to adapt their beautiful green Celiac Awareness ribbon as my "avatar" graphic.

  3. Hello and good wishes to all the brave folks out there who are struggling with Celiac and gluten intolerance.