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  1. my advice is: you have a dq2 & a dq8, you have SO MANY of the Gluten intolerant & Celiac symptoms, you've been...
  2. what are u eating? is there a type of diet you're trying?? do u have any thyroid issues?? i have been on every diet...
  3. YES- i ALSO recommend SILVER.. i totally forgot i put it on my rash too... calmed it down a little bit while i healed...
  4. hey that's so interesting that your doc was concerned about Parathyroid with low D, ihad never heard of that before....
  5. sorry, i hate to give bad info... it was only what i had read before while researching :/ but in original posters post...
  6. cassP

    Genetic Testing

    i did genetic testing thru enterolab .. it was about 150$ im happy i spent the money!
  7. i never had the endoscopy- and wouldnt know how to read it- BUT maybe others on here could for you most doctors and...
  8. the Endomysial antibodies were not tested on you. it's 100% specific to Celiac. im also curious which vitamin levels...
  9. did u have ALL the antibodies tested???? this is such a hard disease to diagnose- you really need ALL antibodies tested...
  10. cassP

    Advice Needed For Almost 5 Year Old

    found this on a google search... gotta go to bed.. anyone still there??? ive been having a lot of bladder issues past...
  11. it's a very basic start to looking at your health- but with the celiac portion being only the TTG, and the thyroid portion...
  12. mine took 4 months of being gluten free to disappear.. but i also only had a small patch on my stomach and random bumps...
  13. cassP

    Old Hag Syndrome / Sleep Paralysis

    i searched and found this thread- because i had this paralysis THIS MORNING!!!!! i believe it could be gluten related...
  14. cassP

    Restaurants In Cape Cod, Ma?

    oh i am SO SO SO happy i found this thread!!! im going to Cape Cod in August for the first time ever, and i really need...
  15. not a silly question.. i was wondering the same thing.. i havent flown in almost 2 years.. and im going to be flying...