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Hi. I've been lurking for awhile & finally decided to join. Looking back, I've had all kinds of symptoms as early as age 8. I started getting tested for Lupus at age 14- because of the classic "butterfly" rash on my face (which actually disappeared at age 27 when I went wheat free & gluten lite on the Bloodtype Diet for Type O).

Anyways, after 2 years of blood tests- a Lupus Diagnosis could not be made- and a Sjorgens test was negative. I never even made a connection till this year- that my elevated speckled ANA could be related to Celiac.

So, as I mentioned above- I found Dr. D'Adamo's Bloodtype Diet in 1999. I was truly, predominantly, wanting a diet to lose weight. I had no idea- that eating mostly meat & veggies, and removing wheat from my diet- would not only slim me down, but progressively cure every annoying physical ailment i had.

I only thought to ask my doc for a Celiac panel after my best friend mentioned it- after being Gluten Lite for almost a decade (with month long binges here and there)- it's no surprise I had 2 inconclusive blood tests... (TTG weak positive, Antigliadin IGA & IGG negative, Endomysial Antibody Positive, IGa serum LOW). I never had the small intestine biopsy because my Health Insurance denied me.

That was 2 years ago, and I just couldn't shake the non-diagnosis... as I looked in the mirror and realized the little holes in my teeth are possibly ANOTHER classic symptom- I decided to order the Gene test through Enterolab. I was expecting to only get one gluten sensitive gene & still be guessing- but I got 2 DQ8s.

Well, that was more than enough motivation to adhere 100%. After YEARS of GI pain combined with my own research, blood & gene tests- I suspect I am a Celiac with some Fructose Malabsorption. Now, I just want my G.I. to formally diagnose me- so that my parents and siblings will get properly checked.

Sorry so long- it's nice to be here- and I'm looking forward to sharing information and support with everyone :)

  1. i searched and found this thread- because i had this paralysis THIS MORNING!!!!! i believe it could be gluten related-> as SOME Celiacs get Narcolepsy & Apnea-> so i ASSUME that Sleep Paralysis and other sleep disorders could be caused by gluten. im a little nervous tho- because i only...
  2. hi there- i am so new to the IC... dont even know if i have it- but highly suspect it... i too have Celiac and Thyroid disease- and IC seems to be common or related.. ive suspected IC before or a very very sensitive tiny bladder... but last fall i had my most recent UTI.. was pretty bad.. the Cipro...
  3. i have "gluten light" symptoms from many of those gluten free breads... dont know if it's potato starch, tapioca starch, or all of the other substitutes in there- i also have gluten symptoms from corn. i really have to keep my grains/starches to a MINIMUM... rice & quinoa dont seem to bother...
  4. ya, what everybody else said i got the same answer when i called Advil to clarify what the starch was- "corn gluten". it's not the same as gliadin. unless you have a sensitivity/intolerance to corn products- you should be fine.
  5. they even make u sick with the peanut butter???? cause if i eat some almond butter with mine or toast or whatever, im usually fine... it's if it's by itself am in trouble
  6. omg YES bananas are gluten free!!!!! and i totally relate- bananas in baked goods dont make me sick at all!!! most of the times-as long as i eat the banana WITH SOMETHING... yogurt, almond butter, toast, im fine- but by itself- i could be throwing up
  7. ya, like 5 years ago i had a strange pain in my left foot.. well it wasnt strange- i assumed it was from standing too long or not wearing good enough shoes- but it felt like i had a ton of "stone bruises" on the bottom of my foot- like the bones were not padded. this was the same time where i was...
  8. yes- i do- and im not so sure it has to do with the fructose malabsorption thing. just my own theory really. if i eat a banana BY ITSELF- i will get hot & nauseous- and reflux- and almost IMMEDIATE "RUN TO THE BATHROOM" and vomit feeling- it is awful- i discovered this in my early 20s- way before...
  9. ya, i suffer from this- it's a REAL PAIN IN THE A... exactly! shouldn't gluten be enough :/ what's tricky with this is that it's kind of trial and error with each food item- and like mack the knife said- with quantity as well. also- if you research online- you're gonna see a different list of...
  10. really really tired of additional food intolerances :(

    1. burdee


      Hi Cass: See http://www.lowdosenaltrexone.org/ for information about LDN, what it helps and precautions for using it while taking thyroid supplements.

  11. omg, how old is your son??? im so sorry he has to suffer from this already- hopefully your doc can help and hopefully your son's will just shrink like most people's hems do. mine unfortunately are relentless... and have caused me a great deal of pain. im going to paste some links here- i use...
  12. could be the corn... which gives me problems... i hope there's no cc issue- as i just bought some to keep around in case i ever get another stomach bug... they seem like the closest gluten-free thing to saltines
  13. totally wondering if the whole foods lady put WheatGrass in my drink instead of Spirulina?? been nauseaus, & a new patch of DH :/ ????

  14. really? it's made from barley- and it's "gluten free"?? that would make me so nervous... ive never tried it. i did try my first gluten free beer the other night: Redbridge gluten-free beer (made with sorghum).. it was AWFUL just AWFUL... i couldnt finish it.. so i just went with Woodchuck Cider...
  15. id love to find out exactly what this pain is too!! but i really think mine is muscular-i get it on the right side too... i am constantly bent over with bad posture at my crappy job (im an LMT)- and my iliopsoas muscles go in to spasms alot- and my diaphraghm and abs will spasm too. but on...