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  1. my advice is: you have a dq2 & a dq8, you have SO MANY of the Gluten intolerant & Celiac symptoms, you've been on 2months now of heavy gluten eating.... ! Get a full Celiac panel NOW, and then GO OFF Gluten forever.. having 2 Celiac...
  2. what are u eating? is there a type of diet you're trying?? do u have any thyroid issues?? i have been on every diet in the world, and ive been dancing & dieting my whole life, even had a bout with anorexia.. i can say with all my...
  3. YES- i ALSO recommend SILVER.. i totally forgot i put it on my rash too... calmed it down a little bit while i healed and detoxified of gluten
  4. hey that's so interesting that your doc was concerned about Parathyroid with low D, ihad never heard of that before. what about a full thyroid check up? have u had that??? so many of us have both Celiac & thyroid disease, and many that...
  5. sorry, i hate to give bad info... it was only what i had read before while researching :/ but in original posters post of what doc wrote- the EMA DOES reach up to 100%, more than the others if im not mistaken
  6. i did genetic testing thru enterolab .. it was about 150$ im happy i spent the money!
  7. i never had the endoscopy- and wouldnt know how to read it- BUT maybe others on here could for you most doctors and medical journals in the US are just behind on this disease- they think it's only from DQ2 and DQ8-> but overseas they...
  8. the Endomysial antibodies were not tested on you. it's 100% specific to Celiac. im also curious which vitamin levels were tested on you and what was low! there are certain ones and more that are so common in those with Celiac, Gluten...
  9. did u have ALL the antibodies tested???? this is such a hard disease to diagnose- you really need ALL antibodies tested- not just the ttg for example. PLUS if you are LOW in IGA serum, then your iga antibodies will be innacurately low. please...
  10. found this on a google search... gotta go to bed.. anyone still there??? ive been having a lot of bladder issues past year since my last UTI... off and on feeling like i have another UTI and often it happens after i eat yogurt or bananas...
  11. it's a very basic start to looking at your health- but with the celiac portion being only the TTG, and the thyroid portion only being the TSH... you're very likely to be UNdiagnosed when there could actually be something to diagnose... my...
  12. mine took 4 months of being gluten free to disappear.. but i also only had a small patch on my stomach and random bumps on my forearms
  13. cassP

    Old Hag Syndrome / Sleep Paralysis

    i searched and found this thread- because i had this paralysis THIS MORNING!!!!! i believe it could be gluten related-> as SOME Celiacs get Narcolepsy & Apnea-> so i ASSUME that Sleep Paralysis and other sleep disorders could be...
  14. cassP

    Restaurants In Cape Cod, Ma?

    oh i am SO SO SO happy i found this thread!!! im going to Cape Cod in August for the first time ever, and i really need to know my gluten free options!!! especially since most of our eating will be out :/ we're staying at my bf's grandmothers...
  15. cassP

    Airport Security And Supplements?

    not a silly question.. i was wondering the same thing.. i havent flown in almost 2 years.. and im going to be flying in August... now that ive been dx w/thyroid crap- and i now have my Armour & Cytomel ... im starting to think i need...