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  1. Karen, I do have labs. They even came from certified mainstream labs. I have a few witchy labs, too.... They're cross...
  2. pricklypear1971

    Fibromyalgia Anyone?

    Thal can go the other way. You can have high rbc, low almost everything else and good or high iron. If a doc runs a ...
  3. I don't care what it's called. You can call it When Pigs Fly Up Your Butt. Whatever. I worry about cause and effect for...
  4. pricklypear1971

    Test Results.....worrying?

    Did they test thyroglobulin or TPOAb? Thyroglobulin is not used to dx Hashis.... http://labtestsonline.org/understanding...
  5. MD's don't say 'adrenal fatigue', they say something like 'temporary overstimulation' or 'not functioning as well as...
  6. Karen, I assure you that many of us, especially with thyroid conditions, have overtaxed adrenals. I didn't believe...
  7. pricklypear1971

    Dermititis Herpaformis

    If you are diagnosed with dh, you have been diagnosed with celiac disease. If your stomach gets upset from eating spicy...
  8. I take oral dhea - a very low dose. Much lower than most supplament strengths you see at health found stores. I use...
  9. pricklypear1971

    Test Results.....worrying?

    You can take liquid d3, which may be more easily absorbed if you have low stomach acid or celiac.
  10. pricklypear1971

    Test Results.....worrying?

    You can order tests online (they send you the order, you go to lab for draw)...same labs doctors use. You pay cash but...
  11. pricklypear1971

    Test Results.....worrying?

    TSH is useless for thyroid diagnosis and treatment , apparently, in your case. You need free t3, free t4, reverse t3...
  12. pricklypear1971

    Dietician Was No Help! Need A Meal Plan

    Avocados: guacamole, etc. Bake with nut flours and coconut.
  13. Try the Van's cheese cracker. Look like Cheezits-taste like goldfish.
  14. pricklypear1971

    Fibromyalgia Anyone?

    Cytomel is synthetic t3, Levothyroxine is synthetic t4. And yes, some people need quite a bit if t3 if they don't convert...
  15. I have issues raising my iron, also. I didn't know this, but tea and coffee (without milk) can interfere with iron...