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  1. Puppies lick everything. Their fur, toys, furniture, your hands and there is also the accidental lick on the lips when...
  2. dani nero

    First Post

    Your dog looks like a sweet fella.  Did you start taking the probiotics yet?
  3. Yeah, what is hard for us is people's inability to think before they talk
  4. dani nero

    First Post

    I would have thought that you were already on probiotics :-O If you're not, then I really strongly think that taking...
  5. dani nero

    First Post

    Yeah, why not :-) Sailing looks like a peaceful fun thing to me too, although people say that it's not for everyone....
  6. dani nero


    Oh congratulations :-) I'm happy to hear that it wasn't as bad as you thought it might have been. I think that you did...
  7. dani nero

    More About Dreams

    I have nightmares about accidentally eating glutinous things, then freaking out about it. I wake up feeling so relieved...
  8. dani nero

    First Post

    Aww, thanks so much for the kind words Nate! 90% of my drawings / paintings are digital :-)    I agree with...
  9. Going gluten free might have adjusted your hormone levels. For me, I never got a period naturally until I went gluten...
  10. dani nero

    Gluten Withdrawal: How Do You Function?

    Probiotics, vitamins, plenty of water, and stick to foods made from scratch which include healthy fats. Let others...
  11. Don't take it heart, and think of it as an experience which will only benefit you the future.
  12. dani nero

    First Post

    Starting a blog on this website seemed like a pretty good idea moments ago, but now that I'm posting my first entry,...
  13. dani nero

    On The Right Track!

    Myfitnesspal counts very few nutrients and isn't enough for an overall picture. There is another one called My Diet,...
  14. dani nero


    Hang in there Nate and don't listen to those internet demons. They just want to make you worry and feel miserable. Just...
  15. I'm not saying that you HAVE to get diagnosed, but that you should think about it and consider it NOW before you go gluten...