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  1. I know normal bacon has no gluten,but for those avoiding MSG I keep reading its in bacon(under what name) ???
  2. Thank you for the response ,I think I'm gonna really amp up my probiotics (gipro) and enzymes for digestion.
  3. If I were in your shoes I'd do the following: get tested for celiac or go gluten free for 6 months plus (make sure it's 100% gluten free no cheating), I'd also get candida blood test and frankly go off carbs,all sugars,starches, yeast ..and if you crave sugar etc then that's a good sign its candida.Also you will feel ten times worse because your herxing (candida die off) which over loads your body with toxins.Long story short go caveman diet,take probiotics and digestive enzymes and Keep at it hardcore NO CHEATING or frankly don't bother .In final have you vitamin/minerals checked for deficiency .
  4. Does soy contain solanine? They same toxin as nightshades? And do individuals like us who have damaged intestines from gluten, ever heal so these items go away? Except for obviously the gluten part
  5. Just wondering if anybody here has had adverse reaction to ground beef?? I had some Sunday and couldn't go to work Monday I had such bad leg pains.Monday it got better and today at lunch I ate left overs Sunday and bam it's back?? What the?? It had onions and mushrooms and vegan margarine to cook the ground beef? I know gluten sets me off and nightshades but as far as I know none of that was in the ground beef?? Is my stomach that destroyed it can't hack ground beef??
  6. It has been 90 days and I heavily supplement.Im starting to think I have fibro ,even though I'm male and that's rare.My muscles get achy sometimes itchy, the only symptom that I have that doesn't fit fibro is an itchy butt (I'm sure you know what I mean) no need to go further.
  7. Has anyone here quit gluten but the developed new problens? My tmj/post nasal drip and sinus problems are gone since I quit gluten.My new problem is muscle aches and muscle tension,buttocks,thighs , biceps,calf ??? Can I have another intolerence I didn't know about? Does this happen to anyone ? Or has candida or something taken over since cutting gluten??
  8. Tiredsean

    Fibro & Celiac

    I'm not officially fibro yet ,my doc isn't convinced yet.At 37 male and fit prior to my injury he isn't leaning towards fibro just yet.Given my symptoms are some tender points the main problem is muscle rigid ness for example when I flex and let go my muscles are like molasses going back to their original position.No real pain unless I over do it .Plus I have a constant post nasal drip and swollen sinuses.When I get a system wide flare my sinuses hurt the most,I get really itchy ears,pain in muscles and anxious .Not really fatigued or anything ,and all my symptons take days to get over.I equated this to everytime I get glutened by accident or my own stupidity.While I'm off gluten I still get aches and pains so my doctor is testing me Thursday for Lyme disease,systemic candida ,histamine intolerence and I'm gonna ask for adrenal saliva test depending on $$$ .I believe that my problem is in my gut and gluten had a lot to do with it.I took gluten out and I don't need tums or Zantac anymore ,now I need to know what else is causing my sinus/muscle issues.
  9. Tiredsean

    Fibro & Celiac

    Mmmmmm very interesting,your post has made me very happy indeed thank you so much!! Question if I may ask, what's that other item you suffer from?
  10. Had anyone on this site have both fibro & celiac and once going gluten free got rid of their fibro???
  11. It can be related to celiac or other food intolerences.I myself am fighting to discover why I have muscle aches and pains neck included.Neck pain can definately be a symptom of celiac or other intolerences as well.When your stomach is at its worse is your neck worse at the sametime?
  12. May I ask Robb how long you've been struggling? Are you male/female and age? AI,s can vary from types that affect certain gender and age.Please feel free to keep posting but also please don't jump to conclusions.I know it's tuff with today's medical system to get help and rapid help, but don't do anything drastic .Lots of AI,s have treatements,remission and depending on the cause sometimes a cure
  13. I was meaning to ask everyone questions on their reaction when they get accidentally glutened? My questions are 1: do you react twice as much as before if not more? Than when you were on gluten? 2: everything you eat until the intestine heals triggers symptons or causes problens except water. 3: is it normal that gluten or for that matter any food intolerence/allergy csn cause days of symptoms that come and go until its out of the system.?
  14. After attempting endlessly to find out if this product is gluten free I still can't find anything? Anyone know,?
  15. Curious how we have a similar story minus the positive celiac diagnosis.Im 37 and for the past 17 years I had major heartburn and heart palpatations as well as odd flare ups of fatgue etc.I have also spent odd times where I'd go a week or two in an anxious mode then a week or two angry ,then a week or two depressed.All for no good reason,I have a stable life for the most part.Only this year can I honestly say has been pure hell.It all started as chest tightness and back pain and has now flourished into body wide pain that cones and goes (not fibro tender points) more like muscle knots that come and go.Pain in face and jaw,sinuses, major sinus items like post nasal drip,photophobia etc.Since I've taken probiotics I don't get heartburn as much but loose stools etc and gas.After tons of tests,endoscopy,echo scans of abdomin,kidneys,mris of spine,neck etc and sooooo many blood tests including diabeties thyroid,hepatitis ,red/white cells and god knows what else,nothing came back negative.Ive been off gluten since January (not sure if st hubert restaurant BBQ sauce is gluten free), off soy , most sugars etc .still feel the same.So I sympathize with you and am interested in your development if you get better.In your case because you tested positive I'd suspect your problem is still celiac and always has been.Your certainly on the right site for information lots of good ppl here