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  1. Thanks for answers ill agree its tuff and my hats off to everyone who has and is struggling with celiac,food intolerences.Ive kept up me supplements ,and will continue my food testing journal.Im trying to get an appointment for lyme testing but in quebec that's gonna be a challenge! I've also taken...
  2. Range 179-660 I was at 874 .I didn't stop dosing before the test though.However if let's just say my B12 would have been low without dosing I'd understand feeling like crap.But since they were so high and I still felt like crap I guess it isn't b12.What annoys me the most about whats going on is...
  3. Yes iron,b12,calcium,magnesium,folate acid etc s slew of others all well within normal snd b12 off the charts because I supplenented which I stopped,d 3 as well high
  4. Yeah I'm gonna call my doc and get tested for lyme.Then ill back off caffeine and nightshades and still maintain my gluten free diet.I won't cut eggs yet simply because I actually need to eat.I checked fibro but where I hurt doesn't reflect fibro points.I do get real muscle knots in my upper back...
  5. Yes I had tsh free t3 and t4 checked all well within normal.I thought the same thing.Most of my symptoms follow hypothyroid except weight loss which is mainly my massive diet change going gluten free/dairy free/ junk food free.The next item after that flows with all my symptoms is a food sensativity...
  6. It's been 1 1/2 months of me going gluten free trying to find the reason why my muscles are in pain and tense.Also other symptoms like cold hand and feet,light sensativity sometimes,Dizzyness etc.All symptoms are still present which leads me to believe they aren't gluten related or dairy since I...