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  1. I had lettuce wraps. One with salmon salad and one with egg salad. It was a nice change.
  2. I was sick of you know what, had it for lunch with the homemade cranberry sauce I made and forgot to serve yesterday. We had breakfast for dinner. Fried taters, eggs and venison chili.
  3. Had a need for Junk Food. Prepared Cincinnati Style frozen ( S K Y L I N E) chili from Publix over corn pasta with an obscene amount of chopped onions and melted cheese. Just what the junk food dr. ordered.
  4. I made Thai Chicken soup today, very spicy. It was total yum.. Snuck in a lot of veggies that the Irish sidekick wouldn't normally eat, like bok choy and peppers, peas besides the normal veggies. Had it with Wally World rice.
  5. A very picky co-worker (and good cook) told me the ready made gluten-free pie crusts at Whole Foods are really good. I don't know the brand, but she told me about them several times. That would be my recipe, I fail at baking gluten-free too!!! Pretty much gave up on it.
  6. We had chicken wraps with avocado, ranch dressing, romaine, water cress, onion and cheese with sides of potatoes roasted in rendered duck fat and steamed sugar snap peas. Never got around to dessert . Beloved dumb dog that is faster than a speeding bullet ran away. (She's back.) Lucky me.
  7. I'd go for the biggest bag of rice you can afford, some celery, onion and dried beans and/or peas, big bag of carrots. Curry powder if you don't already have it. I don't know if carrots are cheap here, but they are the best buy around here. Good luck!
  8. Indoor (George F) grilled veggies:, tater, cauliflower, carrot, zucchini, onion and pea pods with lemon juice and sweet curry powder. I had a piece of bacon in there, but my part time dog managed to snag that from me. He looks like a baby seal when he pins his ears back and asks me if he can please...
  9. We had venison Ropa Vieja over brown rice with zucchini pancakes (put some jalapeno peppers in there to make them interesting), homemade applesauce and a Romaine salad with balsamic vinaigrette. Miniature Snickers Bar for desert. I was bootscootin' happy to find out I do not have diabetes!...
  10. Thanks Karen & Notme, I got a good laugh today when I called my 87 year old aunt to wish her a happy Labor Day. She was getting ready to mow her 3/4 acre lawn by the way. When I mentioned I might have diabetes, she said "Oh No! That's a pia, you'll have to watch what you eat!" ...
  11. Well, I modified it. I nuked the sweet tater for 2 minutes. I'm not sure which is worse, hard chopping or hot fingers, lol. I find out Tuesday or Wed if I have diabetes on top of gluten intolerance and Lupus, so I had to have my taters tonight. I think I probably have it, bubbles in my...
  12. Tonight was a really good salad, sliced smoked chicken, and home made oven fried FF and sweet potato fries. Thanks to Karen G, I didn't struggle slicing the sweet potato this time. Thanks, K.G.
  13. Deconstructed cabbage rolls with half of the 22 meatballs and sauce I made yesterday. Go me!
  14. I e-mailed my family too. Gave them the statistics of having 2 first degree relatives with celiac disease, etc. My brother is soooooo symptomatic. He's one of the smartest people I know, but he's in complete denial. I've mentioned it a twice when face to face, but I won't bring it up again...
  15. I guess I have brain fog too, since my original msg. said colostomy prep vs. colonoscopy prep. I just edited it.