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  1. aeraen

    When You Don't Get Glutened

    I travel frequently, and must admit the only time I've had no issues is when I brought and ate my own food. However...
  2. aeraen

    Celiac Vaccine? Not For Me

    It seems that pumping ourselves full of drugs to allow us to tolerate gluten is a bit like injecting everyone with a...
  3. aeraen

    Special Meals On Planes?

    Few domestic airlines even offer actual meals anymore, and those that do usually offer a limited selection, and no longer...
  4. aeraen

    Freaked Out

    I'm glad you followed up w/ an explanation, Karen. You had me scared for a moment.
  5. aeraen


    First of all, let me congratulate you for your achievement. Remember, you did it for you, not your parents, so enjoy...
  6. Consider yourself lucky that you have friends that ask YOU, rather than talk about it among themselves. They are giving...
  7. aeraen

    Celiac In The Real World

    Believe me, it gets better and easier once you've gotten used to it. There are pages and pages in these forums of inexpensive...
  8. aeraen

    Food For Flight/airports?

    While you can not count on every agent being so accommodating, I have found that I was allowed to bring my hummus or...
  9. I liked your post about sneaking in root vegetables. Made me LOL.

  10. aeraen

    Glutened At My Own Birthday Party

    I'm sorry your birthday was a flop, but I'm glad that you took it as a lesson, and turned the lemons into lemon cake...
  11. aeraen


    There are lots of ways you can substitute potatoes in your everyday meals. I slip cubed turnips in soups and stews...
  12. aeraen

    What's For Breakfast Today?

    I had my usual Cinnabun on a Spoon, made with my brown rice cereal. I eat this 5 out of 7 mornings a week, and never...
  13. aeraen

    Make Your Own!

    Home made Hot Brown Rice Cereal and Cinnabun on a Spoon I hope its ok to post my "make it yourself" recipe here, since...
  14. I'm very, very lucky, and don't have to. Not only do I have a huge grocery store within walking distance of my house...
  15. aeraen

    Yeah, But Yours Wasn't Real

    When I read the thread title, I immediately thought that they were referring to your celiac as not being real. THAT...