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  1. Has anyone been skiing in Borovets Bulgaria and had any experience with gluten free dining there? I am Bestman for a bachelor party/stag do (I am englishman living in NYC ) that is going there in 2 weeks. I actually picked the destination 7 months ago 2 months before i found out i have...
  2. Thanks for the feed back..... One more question for those whose Neuropathy has cleared up... When getting better did it disappear suddenly or gradually and did you get more strange aches and pains as you healed? Sorry for all the questions just seems like i am on my own a bit my neurologist...
  3. Thanks for the feed back it’s good to hear other people going through the same things. Will also order some of the b complex mentioned above. Jmg how long did it take for your neuropathy take to clear up?
  4. I will try the grain free for a couple of weeks definitely can’t hurt will just pretend it’s part of a ‘dry jan’... cyclinglady very jealous of your beach visit it’s -15 here right now!
  5. I am a first time poster....I am feeling very frustrated, I am 4 month gluten free post diagnosis via blood test and biopsy. Most of my digestive problems bloating, heartburn and occasional ‘C’ have completely resolved. However I am still having problems with tingling/numbness/pain in legs and fee...