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  1. I've actually been on and off of gluten for about three years. Way before the idea of celiacs came into mind. The only reason why I didn't start eating gluten was because my appointment was 4 days out. I thought that that wouldn't be enough time to consume enough gluten to get an accurate result...
  2. Bleh. And the stress continues. I eat a lot of dried seawood and it doesn't seem as though its getting worse or better. I am attaching the two biopsy results I received. The culture was negative, as I mentioned, but the test for bullous, or auto immune ( i forgot which) also came back as negative...
  3. Yep, I googled it yesterday as soon as you mentioned it. Honestly doesn't look like it. I've been holding out hope that this isn't DH and that its just bug bites because from the photos I see of DH, this doesn't look like it either. But then I realized that if it shows up on one side, it...
  4. I did and they thought it was from bug bites/skin infection. So far I taken two antibiotics and they both did not work. Augmentin, the one I last took, actually cause muscle pain. Had to go off of the meds three days into treatment.
  5. So updates. I have an appointment at Johns Hopkins, which is one of the top hospitals in the country. I mention that because even though I say its really good at dx'ing, Im a bit afraid that they won't be able to figure out whats wrong with me. With everybody saying tests can come back negative...
  6. Hello, Thank you for taking the time out to write those responses. I'll probably slow get on it. Don't want to seem difficult, just not in the right state of mind at the moment. Don't want to come to grips on whats actually happening.
  7. Forgot to mention that on a itchyness scale of 10. My itches are about 3 or 4.
  8. Hello. I got diagnosed by an rheumatologist. Had blood work done, came back positive for HLA-B27. This was after getting an MRI done. Had a slight fusing somewhere in my spine. I went to the rheumatologist because I experienced these pain in my buttocks region. I thought it was from overdoing it...
  9. In a pretty depressed state at the moment. Not sure if this will help (venting) but what the hey. So I was diagnosed with AS when I was 19. Luckily it hasn't crippled me or anything. I have occasionally pain in my buttocks and sometimes have trouble sleeping from back pain but overall, it could...