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  1. eatmeat4good

    Does This Look Like Dh To You?

    You are absolutely right it will help someone else. There were many times I sat there in the dermatologists office crying...
  2. eatmeat4good

    Preventing Glutened

    Enzymes, Probiotics, and Vitamins can all be found over the counter. No prescription needed. Make sure they are gluten...
  3. eatmeat4good

    Daughter In Crisis

    Mention Celiac testing to whatever Dr. you are following up with. Any of them can order the blood testing which is a...
  4. Probably CC from every surface. Benches, chairs, tables. And flour in the air too. I once had a meeting at Panera Bread...
  5. eatmeat4good

    Time To Get Real

    It took me a year and a half to heal my DH. Any cross contamination would cause the lesions to weep and peel and sting...
  6. eatmeat4good

    New Here And Need Some Help

    Are you sure it's yeast infection spots that you have? Have you read about Celiac DH? Dermatitis Herpetiformis is the...
  7. eatmeat4good

    Does This Look Like Dh To You?

    I hope the Dapsone works for you. Are they going to do blood tests in 2 weeks? You should be monitored by blood tests...
  8. eatmeat4good

    Entertaining With Gluten

    Before I went gluten free, I was invited to dinner by regular eating folks. They served chicken breast, green beans,...
  9. eatmeat4good

    Just Want To Feel Better

    Yeah learning about cross-contamination is a hard lesson. I tested french fries, then kissing a gluten eater, then products...
  10. eatmeat4good

    Dr Says Not Celiac, I'm Not Sure

    Good for you mom! He needs you in his corner with all that is going against him physically. So glad you trusted your...
  11. eatmeat4good

    Pediatrician Won't Test For Celiac

    I agree with telling your gastro that the ped won't test. Then ask for a referral to a ped that will. Let your ped know...
  12. eatmeat4good

    Going The Primal Route....

    Yes! Butter your steak too! haha! The only thing I don't put butter on is bacon. Bacon needs no help.
  13. I had to go Paleo to get relief, so maybe the article is right and I was reacting to other foods, particularly the grains...
  14. You are very astute. I admire your observations of her reactions. Keep reading. Are YOU getting tested? Are you gluten...
  15. Hey Dave! I hate avocado's too! But I make myself eat one every day because they are so darn good for you. the trick...