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  1. While you are supplementing vitamins and getting tested for Celiac, do some reading about Nightshades. Many people with joint pain and arthritis symptoms find that the symptoms disappear when they eliminate nightshades. I had severe joint pain and the cracking and popping joints since childhood....
  2. What about increasing healthy fats like olive oil, flax oil and avocado? I did some checking on causes of constipation in vegetarians (from your list I assume you are) and it appears to be a fairly common problem if you don't consume enough of the good fats along with your high fiber diet. It would...
  3. Yeah, I get sick after kissing my man after he eats gluten and even after he brushes.... so I said, "Hey man, did you know that we Celiacs have to replace pots and pans that cannot be cleaned sufficiently enough of gluten in order to keep us safe?" ...after giving this some thought.... He...
  4. I'm thinking soy....like GFinDC said. I had the same issue. Couldn't believe it was soy too. Hard to figure that out. I use Earth Balance mayo. They make one with soy too now, but the original version is soy free. It's pretty good too.
  5. Hi y'all! Talkin' bout me? Yeah, I love chicken livers! I can't wait to fry them with cornstarch like I heard about in another thread! Crispier I hear! I love beef liver too! Hmmm that pate' and fois gras thing is a bit over my head... but I bet I'd like em if they got liver in em! ...
  6. I had the livedo reticularis all over my whole body too. Ravenwood helped me when I first came here so I would know that it "could" be caused by gluten. Of course there are other causes too. I was very concerned about this symptom. It took several months to go away, but it DID completely go away...
  7. Walgreens Pain Relieving Ointment works too. It is 20% Benzocaine. Saved my life many a night. Good luck.
  8. Do you take any medications on a regular basis? Many medications can cause photosensitivity. Salicylates caused me to have severe photosensitivity complete with rashes. I took Ibuprofen all the time for "Fibromyalgia" and migraine headaches. I constantly had fatigue and flu-like symptoms. Repeatedly...
  9. Here we are--another Birthday and look how far you've come! HAPPY DAY, kiddo and celebrate wonderful YOU!! I do! xxoo IH

  10. Lot of soap and water and rinsing and treating your counters and drawers like they have had radioactive waste in them. Incidentally just so you know, hand sanitizers do nothing to get rid of gluten. I made the mistake of using hand sanitizer after handing out cookies to kids at church...then...
  11. Well, it's not top of the line, but I ate Palmer's chocolate covered peanuts and it said may contain traces of peanut or treenut. No mention of wheat. I ate them. I figured they would have a statement if it could contain traces of wheat. But no. Nothing. I got soooo sick. After I came out of hell...
  12. Thanks for posting back. I have been wondering about you sitting there with that box of chocolates. If they didn't make you sick I might have tried them. Darn. But we are probably better off anyway. Lucky people at the office.
  13. I had this since childhood and I'm 48. Interstitial cystitis is what they called it. They kept me on anti-biotics for bladder infections even though there was no bacteria in the urine specimens. I guess they didn't know what else to do for me. It was so painful that the description of shards...
  14. I don't buy them...I used to love them but the risk seems too great for me. I had too many years sick. I happily eat Dove Chocolate. I hope you post how you do with it.