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  1. Yes, go gluten free! I had such a huge range of symptoms, and I'm only gluten intolerant . OCD, anxiety, rls, depression, brain fog, exhausted, couldn't concentrate, depersonalization, aches, other food intolerances . The list goes on and on, gluten is horrible if your body doesn't want it. I started feeling better weeks after going off of gluten. The first few days I felt really sick, and dizzy, but it went away after a few days. Good luck to you, you'll see how much it was worth doing
  2. I have leaky gut, and when I take acidophilus pearls, I get dizzy, anxiety, an sick feeling. Why is this I don't have candida or anything, just leaky gut from gluten btw
  3. Ok so I asked, and my Ige was no number, but my Igg had a number -.- is that even a celiac test, I thought Iga was celiac test? Man im so bummmed, my allergist is NO help !!! someone help:(
  4. Thank you so much, thats what I thought the answer to 6 years of problems I think has been discovered, YAY:D I've been dealing with so many problems for so long, and not knowing the answer to what was causing all of it. I think I do now
  5. I just got my blood test back from the allergist, and he said my body is making antibodies against gluten. The thing is, I just wanted to confirm through him, what I already knew ( I knew before the appointment that I was gluten intolerant from my own elimation diet ) Anyway, heres my question. I haven't eaten ANY gluten in over 2 months, but it's still showing up on the blood test. Does this mean I'm possibly celiac or highly intolerant? For ex. if i was eating gluten everyday for six weeks before the test, would the antibody number be extremely high? thank you!
  6. I just ate sunflower seeds, and feel sick again. They are roasted sunflower seeds, with no salt. I have read of cross contamination from wheat, is this true? I felt fine before I ate them:(
  7. I Have an question, that hopefully someone knows that answer to. If your stomach is inflamed from chronic gastritis, and being that stomach inflammation causes enzymes, mucus, and acid restriction etc What the poorly digested foods cause or mimic temporary food intolerance's? I just found out I have gastritis, and it was before I had food intolerance. Now all of the sudden, chicken gives me anxiety, oils, fatty foods, gluten, corn, dairy, you name it? Whats your opinion guys?
  8. sorry for the late reply mam, i wasnt trying to be rude:p no more pumpkin seeds for me:( <3 btw, the package said handled in a facility that handles wheat:(<3
  9. thank you so much eatmeat4good i appreciate your help SO MUCH FRIEND<3:)
  10. my food allergist said you cant test for sensitivities or intolerances. the only was is yourself, by eliminating if for a certain time, and re eating it to see how you feel, aka elimination diet. they cant however test if your allergic by poking your skin. im having this done in two weeks. good luck
  11. ive cut out gluten for awhile, and yesterday I used shampoo body wash and conditioner that contained it. right after i showered i felt sick the whole day. later in the day when i was laying bed, i realized my right side of my tongue was swollen, and when i swallowed it was difficult. today my neck is sore, my throat is scratchy, and still a little hard to swallow. anyway, could i have accidentally ingested a small amount from the products? would it cause the same reaction even if it was just a little bit. im new to this please help me :[
  12. I've been avoiding gluten, corn, sulfates, and soy im my diet, and topicals. Well today, I used pantene or some weird brand, and a icky body wash from the 99 cent store, and right after i showered with it. i felt anxious again, upset stomach, and just feelin not like myself again. so wtf is up? im intolerant to these things, not allergic, so why would a topical effect me like that? does it absorb into your blood? help:(
  13. Thank you , you are so nice for helping me ! =) YES! They are the shelled, roasted, sea salty ones ! I ate the shell and all AND, also I've been gluten free for about a month Whats your opinion? thanks a whole lot, i reallllllyyyyyy reallyy appreciate your help:(<3
  14. I cant have gluten, dairy, corn or soy. im only 20, and its really frustrating. well anyway, the other day i ate like a handful of pumpkin seeds, and immedietly got an upset stomach, had to go to the bathroom, started yawing like a freakazoid every 3 seconds haha an this is the second day after an i feel like i was hit by a bus -.- am i intolerant or allergic?
  15. I am corn intolerant, and I notice when I use toothpaste containing corn, all my symptoms come back ( anxiety, ocd ) Does anyone else experience this with your specific allergen? Also, < I stopped using the toothpaste and am wondering how long it will take to feel back to normal