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  1. LauraB0927

    Do You Eat gluten-free Oatmeal?

    Chex makes great gluten free oatmeal that I love more than regular oatmeal - have a couple different flavors. I'd suggest...
  2. I'm glad that someone brought this up because I sometimes get these "heart attack" symptoms too - I just turned 30 so...
  3. LauraB0927

    Microwave Popcorn - Yea Or Nay?

    Popcorn Indiana is fantastic and I've also really begun to like the Skinny Pop (in the bag) - all natural with a bit...
  4. LauraB0927

    How To Decline Food?

    I dunno, maybe I'm weird or something, but I don't hesitate to tell anyone why I can't eat their food. I'll say, "No...
  5. LauraB0927

    Nightmares - Glutened In My Dreams!

    Oh I've had those dreams....I had a terrible nightmare where I picked up a big slice of pizza and shoved it in my mouth...
  6. Welcome to the forum! You will get a ton of great advice on here - so many people are willing to help and share their...
  7. Arlene is right, this is most definitely a grieving process because not only are we giving up the food we love, but also...
  8. So sorry that you've gone through this much! It definitely sounds like you've been through a lot and so many people...
  9. LauraB0927

    Depression And Celiac

    From my understanding, gluten can also be related to depression due to nutritional deficiencies. If we are Celiac or...
  10. I LOVE my GI doctor - he's in Berkeley Heights, New Jersey. Not too far of a drive from NYC, maybe like 20-30 mins away...
  11. LauraB0927

    Belly Bloating After Glutening

    I definitely bloat quite a bit when I get glutened - my family also says that I look pregnant... After this happens...
  12. LauraB0927


    Tami, I have the EXACT same problem as you - I have always hated veggies (I blame my mom for not making me try different...
  13. LauraB0927

    How To Tell If It's A Glutening?

    I actually am leaning the other direction and think it may be something else - you said that you had a low grade fever...
  14. LauraB0927

    New 2 Gluten-Free

    Welcome to the forum!!! I have been gluten free for about a year and three months now after my diagnosis and it is a...