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  1. Chex makes great gluten free oatmeal that I love more than regular oatmeal - have a couple different flavors. I'd suggest giving it a try!
  2. Dani! This is exactly how my fingers looked!!! I dont get it anywhere else on my body but I do get eczema on the back of my neck (who knows, it could be DH), but I get those itchy, red bumps on my fingers, but they dont really look like they are filled with anything. They're definitely raised, but...
  3. My period symptoms got much worse after going gluten free...I ended up calling my doctor because it was getting to be too painful. She switched my birth control medication and hopes that will help. I never had really bad PMS symptoms but the bloating and cramps got really bad after going gluten...
  4. I also have Celiac but I'm a mental health therapist for adolescents in a psychiatric hospital. Please know that anti-depressants take AT LEAST 3 to 4 weeks to start having an effect because it needs to build up a therapeutic level in your system. There are side effects that your doctor should...
  5. I'm pretty sure that I was glutened Friday night after my fiance and I went on a "date" to a supposedly gluten free Asian restaurant. The next day I had horrible cramping, gas, and eventually D for the next two days. After the second day I got the extreme fatigue and have sadly fallen asleep at...