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  1. It took me 20 years to get them to test for celiac...so, I get that one! I used to have major issues with headaches as well, and they have gone away 100%. The D though...that's the battle! I love yogurt and cheese...could totally live on that!!!
  2. I haven't been tested for allergies, it was something the naturopath and I discussed. I too am young, athletic, healthy, and have these 10 lbs that will not go away...so, I guess I better get tested for more foods than just the gluten! This is so helpful, I've often wondered if one of the "healthy" foods I'm eating might be what the real issue is. What does your daughter eat for protein now? I'm not a big pork fan, so I'd be stuck with just turkey I suppose! I hope you get some answers with her, it sure has been a frustrating journey for me getting diagnosed.
  3. He told me to only be on the inflammx for a month...not sure why?? I haven't tried ginger, but know all about how it can help. I wasn't ever sure how to include it into my day, so thank you SO much for the suggestion! I will start on that right away.
  4. When it comes to food...I've tried it all. Doesn't seem to matter what I do or don't eat, I have constant D - the colitis is out of control. All my veggies are either steamed or roasted, keeping them soft. My meals consist of a shake/smoothie in the morning with fruit and some coconut or almond milk, lunch is turkey or chicken with veggies and maybe some sweet potato and a few almonds for crunch factor, and dinner is a salad with turkey or chicken and more veggies. It can't get any cleaner. Obviously none of what the naturopath gave me is working...even though they all state they are gluten-free products. I've tried the acidophulis and got no results, maybe I'll try the kyoduophulis instead. I was hoping to find a natural way to calm down the inflammation internally...
  5. I am frustrated, and need to vent. Let's start with that! Here's why...in a short version - colitis is still giving me fits, so my gastro told me I'll be on pills for life. This is unacceptable to me. SO...I sought out a naturopath doctor, who put me on all kinds of new things...Metagenics UltraInfam shake stuff, a Theramedix digestive enzyme, and something else that I left at home dealing with Omega's. Anyway, I've been on them all for almost a month now, and things have gotten worse with my constant D. I'm not digesting anything. To top it all off, I've gained some weight this year due to all the crap pills my gastro doctor had me on...and after a month of hard-core working out, my pants are STILL all too tight. Anyone have any good advice for me? I feel like I'm getting nowhere with all of this...why does it have to be so hard? Ok, done feeling sorry for myself
  6. 2 years, but everything still runs through me like water, my symptoms have actually gotten worse. So yes...good news, but still no relief!
  7. I had an endo/colonoscopy last week too - my doctor made the mistake of telling me that what he saw on the endo didn't look good at all, that being gluten-free hasn't helped whatsoever. Biopsies came back and everything (except for my colitis) checked out okay. I was somewhat confused by all of this, but I guess it's good news!
  8. Looks like it's just the colitis giving me hell...non-stop - and no matter what I eat it makes me sick. They want me on steroids again, and I said no - didn't work the first time, and that was an awful experience. So then they suggested Uceris, which I just got done with 60 days of...it helped some when I was on it, but the day I stopped everything fell apart again. This has to be the most frustrating thing ever! Sorry, needed to vent...
  9. Going to the store today with a list of foods that are FODMAP safe - minor changes (have to swap some fruits and veggies) since I am paleo anyway - but it's worth a shot. I'm beyond anxious to get my biopsies back, simply because I don't like what I read about the damage that is still happening inside. It's flat out scary! I'm pretty sure I'll end up back on steroids and immunosuppressants, that's always fun!
  10. Blood tests came back showing that I do, in fact, adhere to a very strict gluten-free diet (which I knew)...doctor did some biopsies from the endo/colonoscopy, but said it's obvious that being gluten-free is not healing anything internally. In response to some of the above posts, I have tried Align, but got no relief :/ I've definitely considered going to a naturopathic doctor, and depending on what my biopsies show, that might be the route I take. All my vitamin levels have always come back ok, which surprises me considering food literally goes through me like water. Definitely not lactose intolerant, gave that up for 6 months and slowly reintroduced with no reaction. Could it be a fructan issue? Maybe. Before being diagnosed with celiac I had looked heavily into the FODMAP diet, might be something I go back to. Hopefully I'll have more results in a few days, and can start to move forward!
  11. Though I am not happy to see this - I am happy to see this! I saw someone new at my doctors office today, and he was very aggressive which was nice. He said I have 3 options for what the problem could (possibly) be: 1) some celiacs just don't heal by eating gluten-free, ever; 2) the colitis is just giving me fits; and 3) I have Crohns. I explained to him that my issues have actually gotten worse (the chronic D) since going gluten-free, and that I am concerned with the long term effects of this?? Anyway, he seemed genually worried, and I'm hoping for more answers. It is very frustrating, I feel like we've all been through enough already with having to give up gluten, and to not get better is defeating. Keep me posted, my "procedure" is on Tuesday, and I'll do the same! I'm glad I'm not TOTALLY alone here!
  12. What a bummer for you! It's been almost 2 years for me, and the convenience factor is probably what I miss most. I also have dreams of eating things I shouldn't have...a normal sandwich, a slice of pizza, pretzels - I wake up mortified, because every time I take a bite of whatever it is that has gluten, I start spitting it out and losing it because I know what it does to me. It's funny how food can take over the way it does! I went to strick paleo trying to control my gut issues that still exist, and I've found a lot of good ways to not feel so deprived It does get easier! Best of luck to you and your family...we all feel for you!
  13. Makes for interesting reading! I went a saw a new doctor today, and as a result am having a colonoscopy and endoscopy next week to try and figure out what might be still giving me such issues. Hoping for anwers!
  14. Living on a paleo diet, high fat and protein are the bulk of my diet! I'll look into this - very interesting for sure. I hadn't heard of pancreatic insuffiency before!
  15. I'll give align a second shot - and go from there. As for the meds...I've been off them for a good 2 months, could something still be lingering in my system? The problems I have now, I had before they tried this latest drug...so there's no telling. Thank you for the great suggestion!
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