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Self diagnosed gluten sensitive, confirmed through multiple thyroid, liver and blood markers. Have been in food since I could first get a job and have now been forced to change my whole view of food thanks to recognizing this problem. Am currently getting set up to move out to the NW and start my personal chef business.

  1. Sounds like you're getting into a dangerously cyclical situation with your blood sugar levels. Milk in general has higher carb levels than most cheese. Hard cheeses for instance can have almost no carbs in them at all, just glorious fat and protein! SGWhiskers's advice is very good.
  2. In the beginning of the diet it's almost impossible to tell what is making you sick as your body can just periodically throw you a curve ball while it's adjusting.
  3. 4 months gluten-free and healthier than ever!

  4. If you want your teeth to be strong and free of cavities, brush your teeth. There's nothing special about fluoride that makes it necessary to ingest the stuff. The favorable chemical reaction occurs locally meaning that even with fluoridated water the only time it's benefiting your teeth is while...
  5. There is a very strong link between gluten and at the very least anxiety and depression (would have to ask someone else about the OCD). For me my chronic anxiety went away quite quickly after going gluten free.