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  1. WheatChef

    Acid Reflux

    Acid reflux is most often times an issue of too little stomach acid. Excessive carbohydrate consumption inhibits the...
  2. Many mineral and vitamin pills are semi-worthless. What type of diet do you eat?
  3. Oh hey look, they're still using the TTG test as the main one... I remember a time when I used to think the Mayo Clinic...
  4. WheatChef

    Systemic Yeast (Candida) With Celiac?

    Going full ketogenic diet does wonders for keeping candida at bay. When you're dealing with something that requires glucose...
  5. Sweet potatoes are technically only about 15% fructose, sucrose is half fructose but most of the sugar in it is starch...
  6. No, the regrowth of the villi will not cause pain. Since you are experiencing pain 4 months into the diet that means...
  7. WheatChef

    Anyone Have This Problem?

    It certainly does sound like your allergist could be right in assuming that it's a bacterial or yeast infection. Yeast...
  8. Decent probiotics do a good job of actually decreasing the permeability of your intestinal lining. This is why probiotics...
  9. The location of these patches could have some effect on exactly what it may be a clue of. It's late though and not coming...
  10. WheatChef


    It's pretty tough to tell in the beginning, because you're going through a period of getting your diet in check it would...
  11. WheatChef

    Stomach Burn And Glutened

    Carbohydrates do quite a few bad things to your digestion including screwing with your stomach acid production which...
  12. WheatChef

    How Are The Grain-Free Folks Doing?

    Lets see on hand I normally have (and use): -Lard (pork) -Tallow (beef) -Duck Fat -Regular Coconut Oil -Virgin Coconut...
  13. WheatChef

    Gluten Free And Working In A Bakery

    For most people all that's required to have a reaction is for enough of gluten to touch your mucus membranes. These membranes...
  14. WheatChef

    How Are The Grain-Free Folks Doing?

    I'm still doing the ketogenic paleo diet of no grains/legumes and almost no fruits/nuts (and heavy amounts of yummy saturated...
  15. WheatChef

    Stomach Burn And Glutened

    Excessive carbohydrate consumption can also easily cause heartburn, no gluten required.