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  1. I'm just puzzled with something. Before I went on gluten free and casein free diet, I was able to eat anything. I had allergy to nuts, honey and kiwi, but everything was ok. I had some mild bloating, but never to the point of crying in bed for 2-3 hours like on gluten-free and CF diet. Fresh salad...
  2. If you go to a GI doctor and ask him to test you for SIBO, tell him to check for methane too. My doctor did and to her surprise I was negative on hydrogen, but very high positive on methane. If my doctor wouldn't check methane, I wouldn't be even treated for SIBO. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hydrogen...
  3. Check this: https://www.celiac.com/gluten-free/topic/99115-can-food-intolerances-be-just-bacteria-overgrowth-in-the-small-intestines/ Maybe it will help you in some way.
  4. I would like to share something interesting that happened to me. Maybe this story would help somebody that can’t eat food because everything is making you sick. I’m 2,5 years gluten free and little less casein free. I’m eating always home, cooking my own meals and eating 95% whole food diet. I ha...
  5. I just called them. The person didn't even knew what I'm talking about, so I told them I have allergy to wheat. She didn't knew, so she asked her manager. After wail she gave me the answer that it is gluten free. So I think, it is safe.
  6. Does anybody know, if strawberries from this company are gluten free? http://www.berries.c...&NETWORK=google I just receive a box of them. I can't have them because I have allergy to milk, but my husband can eat them, if they are safe ....
  7. I'm making pizza tonight: one is regular(with gluten) and vegetarian with corn, black olives, mushrooms, roasted red onion and green bell pepper, cheese and eggs. -another gluten free with cheese, corn, imported ham, and eggs and -one (for me) gluten free with roasted green pepper and red onion...
  8. I'm cooking a cabbage soup with Hungarian dry sausage and tomato sauce and with that we will have garlic knots rolls. I made them from my Challah recipe. Yummy!!
  9. I'm making the stuffed egplant again with ragu and plain white rice and a vegetarian risotto with onion, carrot, peas and corn for my son.
  10. We have leftovers in my house too. I roasted 2 scallions and 3 chopped mushrooms in olive oil. I cooked NOTTA pasta- rice linguine. 3 minutes before the pasta was done I added 1 cup broccoli, 1 cup spinach and 1/2 cup frozen peas. I took everything out and mixed up with scallions and mushrooms. I...
  11. I made stuffed eggplant with beef mixture on top of ragu sauce made from Italian pepper, onion and tomatoes. Baked potatoes- sliced, sprinkled with spices and olive oil; salad made from Italian pepper, leek, scallions, carrot, cucumber, olive oil and salt. I also made grilled chicken breast marinated...
  12. If I want to eat them for dinner, then I will make mashed potatoes and on side one of my homemade pickled salads (cabbage mixes), or pickles. I will bake them in oven, or in a frying pan. If I want to eat them for lunch, then I will have them just with bread and again with pickles, or something...
  13. I made this today. It's the Liverwurst. Another thing to add to our club.
  14. Wednesday we had hamburgers with guacamole and ice cream before dinner and after. :rolleyes: Thursday it was reversed Sheppard's pie with homemade pickles. Friday I made "asia" : sauteed chicken breast, rice mixed with little be of baked beans and chopped scallions, French fries and fresh...
  15. Another person to join your CLLC. I like it too. I