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  1. So I’ve been gluten free for 18 months now, and am still having some trouble with some nerve pain. On this journey since I realised that gluten was causing me chronic pain, I have discovered that dairy does as well, rice seems to be an issue as well as bananas. Now I’ve been off those foods and had a bad day yesterday as well as today. My diet is clean as possible. My question is, what other possibilities could it be? Bananas tend to make my feet hurt and make my legs really tight. If bananas do that, what else could cause similar problems? Could it be the fructose? Anyone else have these prob
  2. Thanks again for the reply, the fructose/fodmap line of thinking is where I’m at as well I think, I’m heading to my dietician tomorrow night, I’ll mention it to her. It’s disheartening but at the same time I feel like I’m getting closer to the answer. And then hopefully things can start to heal. Hopefully in the future I can reintroduce things I’ve taken out of my diet.
  3. Hey thanks for the reply. Actually ten years ago I had an episode I guess you can call it, where I had some sweets and an energy drink, felt really unwell, tired and uncontrollable thirst for a few weeks that went away, and the doctor told me I had pre-diabetes. Now since then, I’ve had countless blood tests. Especially since the chronic pain in my feet come on, I have probably had 4-5 blood tests on diabetes and celiac, pre diabetes and had glucose diabetes test. All of them negative. Every time. I just steer clear of sugars now. Now as soon as I have anything sweet, it goes to my head. I’m d
  4. Yeh that’s what I think I have. Peripheral neuropathy. So at night my feet can get really hot or really cold. And weight bearing pain is really brutal. There’s obviously a lot more to it but that’s the base of it. I had dizzy spells when taking out the gluten due to withdrawal symptoms, but now when I do get glutened I get minor dizziness, which makes me think I might have ataxia. It’s really hard as my symptoms aren’t normal. Nothing is straight forward with me. 😡
  5. Good luck with the probiotic! I just started a week ago taking them as well. I’ve been drinking kombucha when I can as well, though not too much as it’s a bit sweet and I don’t want to aggravate my nerve pain with the sugars. I hope the probiotic helps
  6. Yeh All ive wanted for 6 years now was a doctor to just tell me what the problem is, and how I go about fixing it. I’ve had so many blood tests, all came back negative to celiac when I was eating gluten. But then I took gluten out when my nerve pain was at its worst and the pain relief was huge. That says a lot. But I’d LOVE a diagnosis. Just don’t know where to go next, my GP is stumped, neurologist told me he doesn’t know what it is. Nah I haven’t been checked for an ulcer, but I’m having no pain in my stomach
  7. I’ve been really strict with the gluten, I feel like I have anyway. I hardly ever eat out, and cook most of my meals. The GI sounds like a good idea, I’ve been looking into it. Thanks for your message, I really appreciate it, I’ve read a lot of your posts on other forums, you really know your stuff. It’s really comforting to read, thank you
  8. Thanks so much for your message back, I’ve been googling GI’s all day. Hopefully one knows something about nerve pain caused by gluten. Thanks for the tips on the other stuff as well, I’ve made a point to sip my water the last few days instead of gulping it. I’ve put a lot of things in place to try and take the pressure off my gut. It’s so frustrating at times.
  9. No I haven’t, but I have no pain in my stomach. Which makes my condition really hard to pinpoint, I have no actual stomach pain or discomfort, but I feel it in my feet and body, sometimes straight away, sometimes hours later. I also haven’t had a solid bowel movement in a very long time.
  10. Hello I’m just posting on here to get some advice on my diet. I suffer from nerve pain that comes from my stomach, I haven’t been diagnosed but that’s what is happening, I took gluten out, had pain relief, then it came back, took out dairy and same thing, became sensitive to something else. I’ve been strict gluten free for nearly a year now, and now dairy free. My diet consists of veggies, eggs, fruit, meat, nuts and seeds mostly. After reading a lot of posts on here, I’m beginning to think I have a leaky gut that is causing me the nerve pain, as my gut is so sensitive. I drank orange juice a
  11. Hello Erica, my name is chris and I’m from Australia. I have nervous system issues as well, mild balance problems, chronic nerve pain in my feet, fatigue. I went gluten free as a desperate attempt to try and help the pain in my feet as I had become addicted to painkillers and struggled through every day at work. Since going gluten free my pain has gone from a 9/10 while standing to a 5/10. It’s been a rocky road though, as I went gluten free over a year ago, and had really awful withdrawals, dizzy, fatigue, sore/weak neck, nauseous, headache, which lasted about 2-3 months. I’m now past the wor
  12. Sadly my nerve pain has gone back to where it was 9 months ago. With really slight numbness in my left toe. Since quitting gluten I haven’t felt the numbing of my toe. I’m getting a food intolerance test next Thursday. My diet is so strict I don’t know where I’m going wrong. But something is definitely affecting my nerves, not as bad as gluten does but it definitely affects them. I’m hoping it’s just a setback. Feel like I’m so close but so far away.
  13. I’ve had exhaustive tests for both PF and diabetes, as that’s what the doctors thought it was. I’ve spent about $30,000 on trying to get a diagnosis on my feet, and I finally landed on gluten ataxia. When I took gluten out of my diet, for the first time in years I actually had pain relief. I also had all these very hardcore withdrawal symptoms, dizziness, fatigue, weak neck, lump in throat, balance problems. All neurological, they finally subsided and the pain in the feet was still better, but I’ve been a bit up and down since. I’ve become a lot more sensitive to certain foods now, I’m gluten
  14. So does that mean quinoa as well? I work in construction, 10 hours a day, which is obviously very uncomfortable with my sore feet, but it also means I need to have carbs to get through a day, as my work is very labour intensive. I’ve decided to cut out rice for a week and see if there is any improvement. Thanks for your help, any more advice is appreciated.
  15. Hello I’m just messaging to see how your neuropathy is going? Have you had gradual improvements as the years gone on? Reading your post, you are having really similar symptoms to me. I’ve been 9 months gluten free now, but have had a lot of slip ups. Big improvement at the start, then has been a roller coaster since. Dairy fires my nerves up, so does corn, and obviously gluten, sugar. Now I’m thinking rice might fire up my nerves. Not leaving me a lot of food to eat
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