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  1. So I’ve had chronic pain in my feet for 5 years, and a dietician recommended I try a gluten free diet, which seen improvements in my feet, first time in years, and I was ecstatic with it, but with the relief of pain in my feet, I had all t...
  2. Hello I’m just curious if anyone else had lightheadedness/dizziness when they quit gluten. This is my 4th week now and I still have these short instances where my head will be a bit dizzy, or just a bit slow when I move; it’s like it’s i...
  3. I’ve had several blood tests with my GP and neurologist and neither of them mentioned anything about celiac or gluten intolerance, though I’m not sure they tested for it. This is my only option that makes the pain ease, so I’m going to pu...
  4. Hello I’m new here, I’ve had chronic foot pain for 5 years, with no improvement no matter what was done or prescribed to me, after some heavy google work, I read that it was possible to get neuropathy, nerve pain in feet if gluten intolerant. I ...