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  1. mamaw

    veteran's day

    Just wanted to shout out a big THANKS to all veteran's today & everyday for serving.. Thanks for keeping...
  2. mamaw

    Just Diagnosed

    Hello & Welcome..... I a little confused as you said" I did eat something with flour" so does this mean you...
  3. I just got a post stating honey nut & cheerios original gluten-free are being recalled from a plant in...
  4. Is there a reason you can not get tested for celiac first?It is always best to be tested when possible....Why...
  5. mamaw

    What's wrong with me?):

    You are still in the infant stage of healing celiac. some people have found they are sensitive to many other...
  6. mamaw


    bartfull....... it is so great to hear your news & wonderful that you are having a well deserved respite...
  7. mamaw

    Severe Chronic Constipation

    Mineral oil 3 tbsp. daily or at night before bedtime.... They really don't use this method anymore but...
  8. mamaw

    Our Eloise In Uk For Organ Transplant This Pm

    powerful message.
  9. mamaw

    Our Eloise In Uk For Organ Transplant This Pm

    one great deed deserves another.... when Eloise older sister was killed in an auto accident her parents donated...
  10. The outside should read gluten-free .. I would call or write the company with the sku number on the pkg.....
  11. again you need to be tested again after the gluten trial.....
  12. I suggest you make a new apt for a doctor eat gluten for several months & be properly tested...
  13. It worked for us.....we use organic raisins....good luck
  14. wow I really must live in the woods--- I never ever seen Breyer's blast! sounds yummy....