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  1. I can no longer email messages to myself. Personally I don't like the new layout as much as the one I saw a few months...
  2. Pure Bred is really good, I much prefer it over Country Life. Nicer packaging and less nasty ingredients.
  3. icm

    Why I Still Eat Bread...

    This is where I would recommend a test from Cyrex Labs and Enterolab. I believe that the gluten sensitivity should...
  4. Have you asked for the FULL and complete celiac panel? When I say FULL I mean this: AGA (anti-gliadin antibodies)...
  5. icm

    Outgrowing Celiac

    There are at least three (3) factors required for celiac disease to be present. Presence of genes Presence of decreased...
  6. icm

    Ready To Scream...

    Have you assessed your intestinal permeability by doing a "leaky gut" test? Sounds like leaky gut syndrome is most...
  7. The new country life bakery loaves are great. 'Tis a shame they had to add soy and maize as it seems lots of people do...
  8. Anything above 10 milligrams (mg) of gluten (per day) is unsafe. Cheating once a month with a piece of cake is far...
  9. icm

    Lutein Intolerance?

    Good question. I've heard that it's helpful with children w/ASD but not sure what would happen in your case. Any other...
  10. I've heard that many children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder have IBS. I've noticed that over the years, I've always...
  11. icm

    Auto-Immune Disease:

    Have you tried avoiding A1 milk? From what I've read and seen around the place it appears that the BCM7 protein fragment...
  12. icm

    Do You Get A Flu Shot?

    Here's an interesting video that talks about the benefits of 5000IU of vitamin d3 a day. I'm doing the protocol and never...
  13. icm

    Failed University

    I still feel like complaining and publicising what happened. Where do you think I should start. I want to let go of it...
  14. icm

    Dairy Advice

    Have you considered casein intolerance? I started an interesting thread here: A lot of people who thought they were...
  15. I looked at the information provided in the second link, Skylark. It appears as though (at least according to Keith Woodford...