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  1. and you need to be eating gluten to get the scope
  2. oh,oh, and oh! if the nausea is worse WITH MOVEMENT, it may not be GI at all! get thee to an ENT, and if that does...
  3. does she want to potential impair her body for the rest of her life? does she want to potentially impair her fertility...
  4. celiac can be related to recurrent miscarriage.
  5. no snacks, no nothing into GI tract that is not gluten free. meds, supplements, shampoo that gets in your eyes >nose...
  6. CL, you know what is comming.....sounds like a money grab from current docs. i would look for other medical providers...
  7. since celiac is genetic, your children should be tested, ASAP
  8. frieze

    Anxiety and depression

    this is why a COMPLETE physical, BEFORE beginning any psych med, is necessary. read up on Dr Abram Hoffer.
  9. it may work, since it is parents requesting. kid could not do on his own.
  10. frieze

    Getting a DX

    now it is in your court, push for the rest, or try the diet, very strictly for several months.
  11. off topic, but, a researcher at Mass General, commonly known in these heah parts as "the general", feels that Alzheimer...
  12. hopefully we will hear from OP soon. OP, please check your pillow and mattress for latex content. also, no kiwi fruit...
  13. I can not help myself....diary???? and yes, taking the D daily is a better plan, and do not bother with the little green...
  14. i think that was a reference to the increased cholesterol?