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  1. Dr. Should be reported to the appropriate board in your state. AFTER, you have new doc in place.
  2. not nearly enough of supplement, check out the vitamin D counsel... ~1000 units per day per 10 units you want to raise the level, check that out and confirm.
  3. https://www.verywellmind.com/gluten-and-bipolar-disorder-is-there-a-connection-562958 this one is not perfect, but a jumping off place. for others, go to pubmed
  4. i wonder if there is something involving celiac on a molecular level, that is allowing the body to store iron now, that you could not before? organic bovine liver, once or twice a month may help... and the tincture of time.
  5. YES, on the potential for that gene mutation. get checked. https://www.easy-immune-health.com/vitamin-b6-toxicity.html
  6. oh,oh, and oh! if the nausea is worse WITH MOVEMENT, it may not be GI at all! get thee to an ENT, and if that does not help, a neurologist. this does NOT rule out gluten as a causative agent.