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  1. not to worry then, that was a little high for a fasting, since it was a random, less concerning
  2. but the gene test is NOT going to r/o celiac!
  3. fasting blood sugar is not the gold standard. a glucose tolerance test is required. that said, has he had fasting blood sugars done in the past, and if so, how do they compare?
  4. The ANA is not negative. if you look closely at the top of the lab report, i suspect you will see headings such as "normal" and "result". negative being normal, and your daughter's number under results. if you can, scan it in and bring...
  5. the IgA, prob would the the one you would want. talk to the doc about the rest. there is probably other req. sheets for more specialized uses.
  6. if you had improvement with the diet, you may well be a celiac. drop the dairy, retry the wheat etc, and get tested. BUT be prepared that reintroducing gluten (wheat) may produce unwanted effects.
  7. you can use epsom salts in soaks/bath. also, lotion/oil.
  8. if it is a small amount, and bright red, probably from being constipated. however, you are not "too" young to have things checked out. get the full celiac panel done, you may have to pay out of pocket, include allergy to wheat, just to...
  9. try to turn it around. you have been given a gift of fairly early dx. you kids have the chance to grow to normal size and function, and avoid some of the more common behavioural issues.
  10. the nutritionist is wrong, gluten free labeling means under 20 parts per mil. you will not know if she is super sensitive till she has been absolutely gluten free for a long while. no gluten free goodies either. you all need to be tested...
  11. dad needs to step up his parenting game for at least the next 6 months. some extended family help would not hurt. second the 504 plan. you are sending lunches with, yes? she can not eat anything provided in the school without you checking...
  12. have you tried mag delay/mag 64? i can not take mag ox, or mag citrate. but i do tolerate mag 64
  13. look at it from the public's side, do we want a fuzzy headed cop?