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  1. 1desperateladysaved

    Undigested foods?

    Hopefully, your whole body will work on healing. My nutritionist has shared with me that yellow stool has to do with the body not breaking down fat well. One can give their body a break by eating wild. See Teri Cochrane (nutritionist) book "The Wildetarian Diet". Yet, As others have said though, with more healing time, perhaps this will improve on its own. There are also supplements that help break down fat such as digestive enzymes, choline and inositol, and phosphatidylserine which someone might like to try IF they have a longterm problem with this. I have been in previous discussions on undigested food and supplements and have had it solved by now.
  2. 1desperateladysaved

    Angry, Frustrated, And Depressed About My Food Allergies

    Accidentally, pulled up this hotbutton topic, so I wanted to tell what has helped me. The book "The Wildetarian Diet" by Teri Cochrane (nutritionist) has put some food on my table that nourishes and satisfies. Also, I lose my edema while on it. I discovered I have problems with sulfur, protein, my own hormones, and fats. I am therefore on the most stringent diet Teri recommends. I would encourage people not to quit eating more and more foods, but find foods that nourish you. She has a quiz online to help you discover the diet right for you. I get the social part is difficult. Sometimes for me, I am just grateful that I feel better. Sometimes I am devastated because eating together is such a social event. Sometimes I bring my own and other times I stay away. One has to keep working in order to try to keep them and their friends happy. Is there any updates on this?
  3. Flattened villi is Celiac, IS IT NOT?
  4. I have gone through allergy trouble. I went through 30+ years of foggy fatigue which began after a bout of mono when I was 19. I know that an alternative provider would be likely to tell you that you have leaky gut and that means foods get out of where they should be and the body learns to deal with them as they would an invader. In past years, I did an IgG allergy test and avoided all of the foods that I had antibodies to. For me, that meant finding all new foods to eat. I found different meats, veggies, fruits than I had been eating and my fog cleared. IT was really worth it for me. When I tried adding the foods back in it really didn't work, so I found that my diet no longer includes the usual American stuff. I really do not care as long as I feel as good as I do. There is no need to focus on a few foods, but find some that you haven't eaten. This is what worked for me. I wish all the same to you, Dee
  5. I took a very long time one of the reasons is that my body has trouble detoxing. (MTHFR gene). Going gluten free did help. I can't say how long because I had so many things going besides celiac.
  6. 1desperateladysaved

    Flushed Face, Too?

    I get the red face flushing with allergies. Also, I found out recently that I can't break down sulfur well. My kids use to notice the face flushing before I did. It use to be all mysterious, but now it so rarely happens that I notice it better. I agree that you would want to look for what bothers you.
  7. I took a very long time one of the reasons is that my body has trouble detoxing. (MTHFR gene). Going gluten free did help.
  8. 1desperateladysaved

    Daughter type l diabetes at 19 years

    No, She was a late teen and ate out frequently or all of the time the last year of home life. Before that she would eat out 2 or 3 times a week.
  9. I admit to feeling as if someone is trying to kill me when gluten is treated without regard (by those that know my issues) in my presence. A mistake can be so costly for me that I fail to understand careless behavior. I hope that you will use utmost caution and apologize for any blunders as well as family member will not take it so personally. My reactions are much better when I am feeling really well. Things I have worked with that helped are thyroid, allergies, diet (low fat, low sulfur, high accessible protein foods, no sugar.) All of those ideas would need to be analyzed not necessarily all will be needed.
  10. 1desperateladysaved

    Secondary Autoimmune Narcolepsy From Celiac

    I had narcolepsy in my gluteny past. Gluteny past meaning the time when I freely ate gluten since I didn't know I had celiac at the time. I have since solved this with major diet changes both removing gluten and others.
  11. 1desperateladysaved

    Glutened By Vapors

    I reacted to airborne gluten in the past. I found myself sick after holding a glass vial with gluten in it for 20 minutes. I was ill for 2 months. All I can say is that the brain knows that the gluten is there and goes into action. However; so far as I can tell, this is an allergic reaction beyond celiac and most of you will never have to worry about this. It is super-sensitive allergy which I guess may have happened to me since I was undiagnosed for so long. I heard once people with the DQ8 genes are more prone to have reactions to airborne minute particles. My situation I hope is not your experience. High sympathies to you if it is. I wish you well. Kareng, I am sorry to hear that you had to cut gluten from your home. However, I know there are many substitutes that one can bake with. I hope that your family is pleased with them.
  12. 1desperateladysaved

    Rice not gluten free in restaurants?

    Many rice companies often process wheat in their fields or factories, for super-sensitive folks, rice can be tainted.
  13. I have had another test that it is similar. I am positive that it helped me. I suggest you try to avoid any foods you have any antibodies too. IF you don't know what to eat, I would go to the grocery store and look for foods you have never eaten. I would point you to Teri Cochrane's book, The Wildetarian Diet. She has an online symptom survey to help you decide which of her four levels of diets that you need. From there you may see that some vegetables, beef or chicken must be replaced with other nutrient-dense meats. Don't despair for there are many foods in this world. Possibly some foods that you have cut out were not the culprits. The trouble is with elimination diets; as I have found is that IF you don't get everything out that causes troubles, you may not improve your symptoms. That makes it confusing to know what is at the root of the issue. My roots were complicated in that when I have difficulty breaking down fats, pesticides, my own hormones, and sulfur foods. The healthier I tried to eat, the more sulfur foods I would take in. Life is intensly complicated and it is difficult to tell just what is going on. I did a 23andme and had it interpreted by Teri Cochrane and have begun a dramatic recovery. I wish you the best for your recovery and am trying to follow your post to be of further support IF I can. DEE
  14. 1desperateladysaved


    Greetings old friends and new folks. At one time I had lost all of my swelling (after avoiding all foods I had antibodies to). After that I added many foods back in. Shortly thereafter I began to swell back up and for some reason, I missed the problem. Finally I had gone from 155 lbs to 203 lbs (No sweets) and I turned to my health providers to solve it. We couldn't figure it out. I decided to consult with an expert in the nutrition field. I watched, "Thy Thyroid Secret" by Isabella Wentz to help find the person who might help me next. Teri Cochrane's (nutritionist) patient seemed to talk about similar problems as mine namely extreme swelling and bloating besides super-sensitive allergies. Because of her testimony I decided to visit with Teri Cochrane; she is the author of the new book "The Wildetarian Diet". She had me do a 23andme genetic test and found I had (besides celiac genes) a gene that gave me problems breaking down sulfur, one that makes it difficult to break down fats, one that made it difficult to break down pesticides and even my own hormones. Those she calls "the big 3", so she put me on the most stringent diet that she recommends in order to try to re-balance my body and give it a break. She also determined that I had chronic Epstein-Barr. I began late last summer and have had my weight go down to 165 lbs. I feel so much better and my energy level is coming back although sporadic. Basically, I went back to the diet that I used when I had the allergy problems and I find the food very satisfying. I also am using supplements and herbs to help fight the Epstein-Barr virus and help to heal my system. I am profoundly impressed with the diet. IF anyone has tried for a year or more and still is having difficulties, I highly recommend looking into the Wild Diet.
  15. 1desperateladysaved

    thyroid (Blundered and paid for it)

    I am a little lot late here. I would check into the work OF Suzy Cohenn and Isabella Wentz who themselves had thyroid issues and have healed. They have many good ideas how to heal.