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  1. See you in the morning, dear Barty! I may have missed this message for a long time, but to depart and be with Christ is eternal, you are still there and I am coming one day thanks to Jesus! Dee
  2. Greetings, how is it going?

  3. 1desperateladysaved

    When all Else Fails: These Solved My Health Problems!

    Thanks so much, Posterboy. Magnesium Bi-Glycinate, I take it at bedtime. Yes, it is very good. I also bath in Magnesium salts when I can. Magnesium (when I first began to take it) eased some shakes I thought were normal! I had them...
  4. 1desperateladysaved

    Sick after decorating

    My family built our house. That happened before I knew about my celiac. The mudding made me exceedingly tired. I also developed blood in my stool. (this looks tarry and sticks to the bowl) I didn't know it at the time. The building...
  5. It looks to me very exciting. Ferritin moved very slowly for me and yours jumped much! I feel that it is a great sign. I don't have experience with the other numbers. Keep up the good work!
  6. Sometimes the celiac diagnosis isn't the whole answer. I don't want to confuse new people; it does take some months to recover, but if recovery takes more than a year, although you sense movement; I would most certainly start looking for...
  7. 1desperateladysaved


    Oh, I have lived a very long time without either of these. I use seaweed noodles, I make wraps using psyllium husks or cassava flour. I am doing a Wildetarian diet which is created my Teri Cochrane nutritionist and I highly recommend it...
  8. 1desperateladysaved

    Undigested foods?

    Hopefully, your whole body will work on healing. My nutritionist has shared with me that yellow stool has to do with the body not breaking down fat well. One can give their body a break by eating wild. See Teri Cochrane (nutritionist...
  9. 1desperateladysaved

    Angry, Frustrated, And Depressed About My Food Allergies

    Accidentally, pulled up this hotbutton topic, so I wanted to tell what has helped me. The book "The Wildetarian Diet" by Teri Cochrane (nutritionist) has put some food on my table that nourishes and satisfies. Also, I lose my edema while...
  10. Flattened villi is Celiac, IS IT NOT?
  11. I have gone through allergy trouble. I went through 30+ years of foggy fatigue which began after a bout of mono when I was 19. I know that an alternative provider would be likely to tell you that you have leaky gut and that means foods...
  12. I took a very long time one of the reasons is that my body has trouble detoxing. (MTHFR gene). Going gluten free did help. I can't say how long because I had so many things going besides celiac.
  13. 1desperateladysaved

    Flushed Face, Too?

    I get the red face flushing with allergies. Also, I found out recently that I can't break down sulfur well. My kids use to notice the face flushing before I did. It use to be all mysterious, but now it so rarely happens that I notice...
  14. I took a very long time one of the reasons is that my body has trouble detoxing. (MTHFR gene). Going gluten free did help.