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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/07/2018

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  1. vitiligo NOW?

    I just stopped in to say that as of last May, I think I am 6 years gluten free. I have both celiac and super-sensitive allergies to gluten. I can get really sick just by holding a vial of gluten in an enclosed jar. Home has been gluten free and I am feeling quite well and am working with my diet carefully omitting everything possibly cross contaminated and currently I am just having meat and veggies along with a little fruit. This seems to be making headway on healing my gut which I have had extreme trouble with ever since accidentally ingesting soy a year or so back. I have a new diagnosis of vitiligo. I think that it may be not so new as I think I noticed a year and a half ago. IT is usually covered by my hair and neckline so that even though I noticed it that long ago, I forgot along the way until I noticed it again recently. As soon as I noticed it, I made an appointment with a dermatologist to find out that it was vitiligo. I hoped that since I have already been strictly gluten free for so long it isn't spreading but today I had it checked and it had increased in size quite a bit. I am wanting to hear anyone's experience with vitiligo in particularly healing with natural means. The dermatologist offered me cream but I have trouble with detox and also it is only effective 50% of the time, so I sat back to see if it was growing or not. Unfortunately, it does seem to be enlarging.
  2. My household has been gluten free for about 5 years now (or was it 6?) Since I had super-sensitive allergies to gluten all shared kitchen meals have been gluten free. Most of the children ate here every meal before they grew up and moved on. My youngest biological daughter began to eat outside often the last year and after that got married and moved out. She has been therefore on a gluten diet full time since December. I have noticed recently that she had many pimples even though, she had previously been mostly clear faced. Last weekend she got diagnosed with Type l diabetes! OF course, I would like to ask if it were a coincidence that she got diabetes after adding gluten to her diet, but of course, you would have to say that she needs to be tested and you don't know. Have the tests been changed recently? So, far all of the tests we have done have been negative, so I worry that somehow are tests are not being accurate for us. Tomorrow we go to the endocrinologist. I sure hope the testing will be done thoroughly and properly. Also, they will find it if it is there. I have heard the doctors will check thyroid and celiac because of diabetes. Current lists of tests please as well as any other input you care to put out.
  3. Musickep, I did a Spectra Cell test which checks blood cell levels of nutrients. Genova Lab is another nutrient test I have used. First fix your gut. Many natural providers have information about that on the web. Dr. Peter Osborne has information that may help those that are not healing in a timely manner. Dee
  4. Sibo Treatment - What Worked For You?

    I have SIBO, but am still working on it. I think I am making progress. I have been following grain free low fruit/no sugar diet for a very long time. I recently read that one can help symptoms of SIBO with lowfodmap/ grain free, or paleo, but that the bacteria still has food, so it remains. For me, I believe this is the case. i have been grain free many years. For a while I kept it at bay eating meat and greens. However, as soon as I added foods to that; I bloated. I should have been checked long ago for SIBO, but since I refused to drink the sugary solution for diagnosis; I didn't. Finally recently I took a class by Izabella Wentz about thyroid. IN that class she having us analyze possible reasons for our thyroid issues and we looked at infections. When I got to SIBO I felt strongly I might have it. My vitamin B level has been low and supplements were not raising it significantly! Other things, I noted are low ferritin, bloating with fod-maps, dental trouble which wouldn't even resolve with a long term 20 minute 8 step program for brushing/flossing/waterpiking. There fore, I am now (with the okay of my functional medicine physician and naturopathic doctor.) Doing an herbal protocol for SIBO. I believe the combo of my diet and the herbs are improving my health. Since beginning I see that my bloating is going down and my energy picking up. The protocol for this is" Candibactin BR (Metagenics) 2 capsules three times daily. Oil of Oregano 2 gel caps 3 times a day, Allicillin (though with my celiac; I can't have this) 2 three times daily. Since I am not able to take the allicillin, I am using herbs that previously helped me. l capsule of fennel 3 times daily. l capsule of cranberry 3 times daily, and l capsule of ginger three times daily. I will also being using a special pro-biotic for this situation: saccharomyces boulardii. The wrong probiotic (like I have been doing) will make SIBO worse rather than better; I have read. I decided not to take the probiotic yet as I am so frequently having cranberry juice, homemade ginger drink, or my capsules. In perhaps 2 months; I will stop the other herbs and take the Saccharomyces Boulardii. I have been trying to follow this now for about a month. I hope others will check for SIBO shortly after diagnosis. Although, I had some adrenal issues which I guess I needed to address first. It took 4 years to resolve those! Best wishes as you navigate to better health. Dee
  5. thyroid (Blundered and paid for it)

    Yes, I recommend only buying professional product supplements when you need them and carefully checking their gluten certification (and soy if you need to). Buy products that are tested independently. My diet is adequate, but my absorption takes quite a while to heal. Can't wait to get back off the supplements. I was healed, but this can happen to anyone that makes a mistake like this. I am feeling very well now, but am on quite a few supplements. Also, I am going through a very emotional time with my mother dying and my children being grown and leaving the house. OF coarse my nurse practitioner has been watching this carefully. Checked everything that goes along with celiac-many troubles, but all improving. Decades of problems take time in the best of circumstances. Currently checking for that MThfr gene.
  6. Thyroid lab result question

    Thanks we did run the antibody test. Upon retesting the thyroid had made improvement it came out okay. I did make a mistake and had soy, which evidently triggers my celiac. I took it about 200 days!
  7. Vitamin B12 injections seemed to help with my ferritin levels. The finally popped up to 58! I worked with a physician to get the shots. I believe I had been suffering from mal-absorbption and the shots helped me over the HUMP!
  8. thyroid (Blundered and paid for it)

    Thank you both. With the help of my nurse, I recently I tried Vitamin B injections which seemed to help me. Finally my ferritin level doubled + and I got this prickly sensation in my legs and arms. I think that was cells taking in nutrients. I used herbs recommended by my physician and supplemented with selenium and vitamin E. Upon retesting (after about a month of treatment) my thyroid appeared to be "Okay". I looked back where I had order the supplements and they had accidently marked them soy free; while the list of ingredients clearly had soy. I did point this out to them, so hopefully others won't fall into the same trap. My experience was a painful reminder to read every label for yourself every time.
  9. Thyroid lab result question

    I have been reading books about thyroid and have discovered that many people have "normal" lab results that have thyroid trouble. I highly recommend Suzy Cohen's book Thyroid Healthy. A full thyroid panel includes: TSH, T3, T4, Reverse T3, Reverse T4. The TPO antibody test, and one other antibody test that I don't know the name of. I had slipped through the diagnosis cracks until I made a diet mistake. I am glad they finally caught it. Please read Suzy Cohen's book or look up her articles. Suzy Cohen is a pharmacist who experienced thyroid battle herself. She was told that she was depressed and prescribed anti-depressants. She believed that her doctor was wrong and kept looking for someone that could help her. Her before and after pictures were amazing with pictures taken 10 years apart, in which she looked older in the earliest taken picture. Isabelle Wentz is another pharmacist who went through this and wrote a book. I don't remember the name of her book, but I enjoy her facebook posts. One last book is called, Why Do I still Have Thyroid Symptoms? When My Lab tests Are Normal?. This book is by Datis Karrazian DHSc, DC, MS. I found Suzy Cohen's book to be in my language, she seemed like my best friend. She had been in a similar spot and got better! I felt that Datis Karrazian gave a more detailed account of the thyroid, problems and remedies. Both were helpful and I am being treated with herbs as a first attempt to solve my thyroid issues.
  10. Oops well I blew it big time. I failed to carefully read a supplement label. I saw that the company selling it said that it was gluten/soy free, but the ingredient list clearly showed that it wasn't. I took it for 200 days. I and my health care triangle couldn't figure out why I was swelling/ and gaining weight big time. The problems didn't stop there, we noted increased liver enzymes, and 3 months later sluggish kidney function. With treatment, the liver enzymes had gone down to normal levels. I kept taking the wrong supplement over last fall and winter. I felt more and more over-whelmed and unable to carry out my usual work. Finally recently, I went to order another several bottles of the supplement and discovered the ingredient list. I ran for my bottle in the freezer, oh sure, there it was. I quit taking the supplement right away. Then, it seemed like my real trouble began. My lymph system went wild, my thighs got enormous with ripples. I was cold and achy. This couldn't be from just one little bitty supplement? It was. A few months later, we tested my thyroid and found that it was working very hard. I wonder if anyone that has dealt with thyroid could answer this: Do we know the mechanism that brings a thyroid down. Is it always antibodies? We tested TPO which was negative, but didn't check the other kind of antibodies that I know of now. I am recovering so I am not sure if I should check the thyroid again and check the both antibodies or not. I can try a round of thyroid medicine to see if it helps, but would rather avoid it...well, unless I absolutely need it.
  11. My dentist removed mine as he discovered problems with them. He used a rubber dam to be sure no mercury would be lost down my throat. When I had just a couple Amalgams left, he decided to remove them . He felt they likely had problems he couldn't see yet, as the other old fillings all had decay. As he worked, those two were also having decay. The deal was that insurance would cover the replacements IF the fillings were bad, but if there was no noted problem, they would not cover it. I would consider having these removed by a dentist trained in using the rubber dam IF I were having health trouble that might be related to them.
  12. Menstrual Pads for those with DH

    I use to react possibly because of the plastic, I don't really know why. I use naturo-care which is made from bamboo fiber. I don't know what the price per pad is.
  13. From: My Thoughts On Supplements

    Update: No more need for adrenal support! When I first saw the functional medicine nurse a few years back, I had just begun to take adrenal support supplements. People warned me these were habit forming and my tolerance and dependence on them would increase. Still, my providers all 3 concurred that I needed them. I had been on up to 6 per day two summers ago. Last summer, (after allergy treatments) we decreased to 2 per day The adrenals could be assessed by orthostatic blood pressure tests. Anyway, several months back my naturopathic doctor determined that these were no long necessary for me. I placed my bottle in the freezer and went on without. . Today, I decided to try to get some more objective proof that these were not needed. I had my chiropractor check my orthostatic blood pressure. The LORD has had mercy on me! My scores were good!
  14. Endoscopy - R/o Esophagitis, Check Up On celiac disease

    How long have you been on the trek now Mossemalibu?