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  1. Personally, I'd take her off gluten right away with a number so high. But you are her mum and it's your choice. Some tips for going gluten free: Get a new seperate toaster. Get her her own cutlery and utensils. Try to get stainless steel if you can. Do not use scratched bowls...
  2. Hey Charles, sorry about your diagnoses and damaged villi. I'd suggest going back to basics and going easy on the starch and sugars, especially processed. I went back to rice and lots of veges, carrots, broccoli and cauliflower to name a few (cook until really soft.) And chicken roasted...
  3. Thanks guys. If it's not gluten I find it strange that my reactions only start again when back in the newly decorated house, not when I stay elsewhere. I'll go for an antibody check up.
  4. Well I had the house wet cleaned... Started staying there again... And got reactions... Again. I also bought a new duvet, pillows and covers for the bed... So thought everything would be good. But no. Could I be reacting to the paint used? Something in it? Or is this sneaky...
  5. I can't thank everyone enough for their great advice. This forum is ace. so the vacuum will be going. I personally wet cleaned the floors before the new carpet went down, and the windows and frames. We have also bought brand new blinds. we have not wet cleaned the walls....
  6. The decorating is finished. We ripped out all the old carpets that's got covered in dust/paste and got new ones after cleaning. Actually we still have the vacuum used for cleanup, but it has been emptied. Could it still have dust inside and be distributing it around the house? Food for...
  7. Hey folks, I'm new here, and hoping to get some fresh ideas or insight into my situation. Gluten free going on 13 months, now. I have DH (severe on my hands) and I've come to realise I'm extremely sensitive, some "gluten free" processed foods and even rice trigger a reaction, so I've...