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  1. Elliottohonedhome

    Sick after decorating

    I can't thank everyone enough for their great advice. This forum is ace. so the vacuum will be going. I personally wet cleaned the floors before the new carpet went down, and the windows and frames. We have also bought brand...
  2. Elliottohonedhome

    Sick after decorating

    The decorating is finished. We ripped out all the old carpets that's got covered in dust/paste and got new ones after cleaning. Actually we still have the vacuum used for cleanup, but it has been emptied. Could it still have...
  3. Hey folks, I'm new here, and hoping to get some fresh ideas or insight into my situation. Gluten free going on 13 months, now. I have DH (severe on my hands) and I've come to realise I'm extremely sensitive, some "gluten free...