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  1. Also... what would the safest type of painkiller for my stomach be? I know I can't take NSAIDs. Maybe like a Tylenol liquid so the pill doesn't upset my stomach? Thanks
  2. Hello everyone I didn't NOT expect the switch to a gluten free diet to be this hellish. I felt better before my diagnosis eating gluten all the time. I'm 3 months into the diet/healing, but I'm getting more and more sensitive to foods, not less... I'm losing a lot of weight and am largely bed bound. I'm trying to get back into the GI doc, but I'm in a small city and the waiting list is massive even though I'm a patient. Cross contamination has me anxious 24/7 because getting glutened after 3 months on a gluten-free diet is ten times worse than it was when I was eating gluten every day. I get that I'm healing, but my gut's level of sensitivity is unbearable. How careful do I have to be to avoid cross contamination? Can my girlfriend bring gluten in the apartment? She was eating pre-packaged granola bars last week and somehow I got glutened. She's largely gluten free since my celiac diagnosis, but we figured it was ok for her to bring in the occasional snack. What are the odds of getting a crumb from a damn granola bar?! If she eats out with friends, what do I do? Avoid her? What do I do in a relationship where the other person isn't celiac? It feels hopeless. We have friends over all the time too. What if they have gluten crumbs on them? Like, how paranoid do I have to be? Do I have to clean the door handles and anything they've touched after they leave? Sorry for the despair but I'm at my wits end with this disease. Thanks for listening.
  3. So sorry to hear that being glutened is much worse than before diagnosis of celiac. It's the same for me as well. I'm currently in day 4 of a "glutening" and I am shocked how much worse it is compared to a month ago. My symptoms are mostly neurological and to say that I've been in a panic attack for days is no joke, along with cold, jittery nerves, nausea, pain and exhaustion to the point where I'm sleeping 15 hours a day. I always got the pain, nausea and exhaustion, but the panic and anxiety is new and it's HORRID. I'll take the pain any day. I'm early into healing my celiac (3 month) but the severity of being glutened has me worried about the future like working and having a full life. I hope it's just because I'm still healing and I'm so sensitive at the moment that it's so bad. Like you I had full villi atrophy and my small intestine was in rough shape. Hope you're feeling better soon.
  4. Hello All, I'm about 1.5 months into my gluten free diet and struggling to make sense out of Canadian food labels. Also, I'm just so exhausted all the time it feels like I can't make sense of any of it. I thought I was doing well after about a month but then felt worse again and couldn't figure it out until I found out the black beans I was eating had a "May Contain" warning on them. Now, I'm paranoid and looking at all my labels over again and am just flat out confused, tired, angry and fed up. Take Green Giant frozen veg mix, for instance... Its ingredients are corn, peas, carrots and green beans. There's no "May Contain" warning on the label, but also there's no Gluten Free mention anywhere on the bag. So, there's a chance this contains gluten right? But then why wouldn't they add the "May Contain" warning? Unless something comes with a certified Gluten Free seal on it, does that mean it could contain gluten? What about supermarket meats? They are cut and packaged by the supermarket so there's no ingredients list or label. What do I do in this situation? Also, what about something like rice in a bag. The ingredients list is just "milled rice" but there's no mention of gluten free on the bag anywhere. Basically, almost every meal I eat revives the fatigue, pain and nausea and about the only thing that relieve these symptoms is laying down or going to sleep. Please offer some advice. Thank you
  5. This is excellent Thanks so much for this. Great links. I'd rather not put anything else in my body either. At this point, the ole body just needs some rest
  6. Very interesting Cycling Lady. Everywhere I look and read mentions probiotics, so I just thought it was something I needed to help heal celiac. Is taking probiotics for celiac not recommended by doctors? Is there no evidence they help? Yes, I'll ditch the Tylenol and just deal with the pain by laying down and resting.
  7. Hello all, I bought Renew Life's Critical Care 50 Billion probiotic but read that not all probiotics are gluten free (despite claiming so) and I was told this one is not gluten-free or gluten-free certified. So, what brands that claim to make gluten-free probiotics are actually gluten free? Also, I'm in the very early stages of healing (about 1.5 months) and I'm wondering if Tylenol could be setting me back? I have a lot of nerve pain from celiac and so taking Tylenol is an easy solution, but after a few days my guts are on fire and I'm left wondering if it's the food or the Tylenol. I know ibuprofen is hard on the guts so I'm wondering if Tylenol is too. Thanks
  8. Thank you for the replies Elliott and Tessa. Sorry for late reply. Holidays have been busy. One more question: Seeing as I'm just beginning my healing process, is it best to avoid the gluten-free processed foods like cookies, granola bars, pretzels, etc? You know the ones that are all over the grocery stores, like Glutino. Although, I do enjoy their bread once a day. I have a feeling the cookies, bars etc are making me feel awful too. I'm a good two weeks removed from eating gluten so the worst of the withdrawal is over, but seeing as it was the Holidays, I was eating a lot of the processed gluten-free snacks mentioned above and feel awful. Thanks!
  9. Hello All, I posted here earlier this year in the Pre-Celiac forum as I was being tested for celiacs. I got the results back from my biopsy this week and I'm celiac. My villa are pretty much non-existant, as I've been a big gluten/wheat eater my whole life (I'm 35). I've been gluten free for about a week and I'm exhausted, cranky, irritable and my mood is quite low. I'm wondering what foods could help combat some of these symptoms. Should I be eating more food overall to help balance my mood. More sugar and starch? Any advice would be great. Thank you.
  10. I'm going to call and see if I can get on the cancelation list. It is pure misery. Thanks for saying that! The health care in my province is absurdly bad. Thank you all for the support. It really means a lot for me. I'll see if I can get on a cancelation list and then I'll decide what to do about the gluten and how to proceed.
  11. I'll do just that Cyclinglady. Yes my schedule is flexible so I'll get on the cancelation list and stay on a minimal amount of gluten for now.
  12. Yes I've been reading up on and it seems that some people have to taper off gluten. I'll have to be one of them, I guess. My biopsy is 8 months away, so do I continue eating gluten any time I want or just have a little each day? I feel like that's a long way to keep eating gluten if it is such a problem for me.
  13. Thank you Raven! I will read the intro posts and see if I’m missing anything. The weird thing is I just feel better when I eat gluten... It’s hard to wrap my head around. I sleep better, my mood is better and I’m in less pain. That’s why I was shocked to learn that my blood test came back so high. Honestly though my body has been so messed up from the benzodiazepine disaster that not much makes sense anymore
  14. Oh really??? I was not told that! Thank you very much Kareng! I'm not sure the name of the test but I'll try to find out from my doctor. I just know it was an antibody test and I scored off the charts (not in a good way). Do people have a hard time coming off gluten? Is it something that needs to be weaned or just stopped? I'll keep eating some gluten for now, but in the future should I wean off it? Is there such thing as a gluten protocol?
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