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  1. Oh, ok. I don't know my latest antibody numbers. I'll have to get them done again. I was just told that my villi have grown back. Does that not mean remission? Thanks
  2. Hello everyone, The good news is that my celiac is now in remission judging by my latest endoscopy/biopsy. The bad news is a colonoscopy shows colitis. Now, I'm assuming it's no ulcerative as my GI doc said my colon looks great. So, I'm assuming it's microscopic. I don't really know much...
  3. Hahahah! Thanks so much for helping 'Lady on the Internet' My doctor didn't book me for an emergency follow up or anything (didn't even call me) so it must be minor (if anything at all). With COVID, the GI docs in my area are very busy and I probably won't see one until next year.
  4. So my biopsy results show that my villi have now returned to normal. Does that mean that my celiac is healed??? It sure doesn't feel healed. Biopsy also said there's "near normal duodenal mucosa with focal active inflammation, non specific." In the comments it says it's neutrophilic inflammation...
  5. Hello Everyone, This may be an odd question, but is it possible that as we heal from celiac, we start absorbing more caffeine as well? Thus becoming more sensitive to its effects. I've been a coffee drinker for much of my adulthood and switched to tea years ago in order to consume less...
  6. Yes I'm still awaiting the results of the biopsy. The doctor told me told me he saw nothing wrong in my stomach just from the endoscopy alone. So I'm awaiting biopsy results.
  7. Endoscopy results might take another 2 weeks. Hopefully not. But it's summer and vacation time in the labs. No I am not getting fibre. All I can eat is potato, eggs, chicken and bananas. It's a nightmare. Thanks for the concern! I did this and got an emergency appointment and just waiting...
  8. Should I be concerned that at 20 months gluten free and 12 months grain free that my stool has still not returned to normal?? Since going gluten-free it's only been solid and non-sticky for a short period. I'm at a total loss as to why....
  9. Yeah I thought that was a weird comment too. I didn't think he could see much without analyzing my biopsies. I'll just wait for the biopsy results.
  10. Yup. I was in and out. No active signs of celiac he could see from the endoscopy, but the Dr. did quite a few biopsies to check my villi and other things. Time will tell!
  11. Wow... This is so good to know. Thank you so much for this information. I'm sorry you had to go through that. I'll DEFINITELY bring it up again and say I'm very concerned about my gallbladder and a HIDA scan is necessary. Can I ask what your symptoms were CyclingLady? Did they involve pain...
  12. No I never got the HIDA scan. I got an ultrasound and they did a CT Scan (with dye) on my whole abdomen and said my gallbladder was Ok. I'll definitely bring up the HIDA scan again though. I'm desperate.
  13. Thanks so much CycleLady. I get my antibodies tested again on Thursday, but I won't have the results until Monday. That's a great list. Thank you! I'm writing them all down!
  14. Hello! Yes I had an endoscopy about a year and a half ago and found out I have celiac. I get very tired and nauseous. Nausea can turn to pain and cramps with certain foods. I seem to have sensitivities to everything... but the worst ones are glutamate, histamine, and grains. Thanks...