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  1. Has anyone had any issues with gluten-free Hudsonville ice cream? I bought some this weekend and it was great. However, I experienced bloating, cramping and belching. I do not know if it was the white rice I ate earlier or the ice cream. Just wondering if anyone else had issues with the ice cream. It has a lot of ingredients which makes me a little nervous (not crazy about xanthan gum which included. I hope it was not the ice cream - it was awesome!
  2. I wonder if someone can clarify something for me. I have several gluten-free Phone apps that I use to scan food for Gluten. I scanned PayDay and Heath Bar and (bits) and they both come up with "May contain Gluten". However they are labeled "Gluten Free" and are listed on many sites as Gluten Free. Any suggestions here?
  3. Well last week I went in for blood work to see how my ferritin and iGa levels were progressing. I have been on a GFD going on 2 months now. I was happy to see that there was a slight increase in my ferritin. It was 17 in June and today it is now 26! It is still low but at least it appears my diet is working a little and my ferritin levels improving. I assume that my iGa numbers should be better since it appears that I absorbing iron. I hope so.
  4. Thank you all. I do not eat out and I prepare my own food (with the help from my wife...lol). I still feel I am doing something wrong but don't have any GI issues and I feel good. I guess my confidence is not so high because I don't feel cheated on what I eat. I do not eat processed foods and make most foods from scratch. I guess my concern is CC, spices or sauces. I guess we shall see next week after my blood work. I guess my dilemma is to figure out what I am dong wrong if my antibodies are still elevated. I would hope they would decrease even a little- just to give me some hope. Thank you again.
  5. I use Sanders Milk Chocolate Hot Fudge or Classic Caramel - All Gluten Free! Love it. https://www.sanderscandy.com/dessert-toppings.html. " It is outstanding. "Sanders 7 Gourmet Dessert Toppings have recently been certified Gluten Free. All seven topping flavors were independently tested by Neo Gen Laboratories for Gluten"
  6. Is it possibly to have improved iGa numbers after being on GFD for 6 weeks but still have blunted villi? I am asking because I had an endoscopy for my esophagus two weeks ago and the Doc said he could see issues with my small intestines and active celiac disease. I was disappointed since I was on a GFD for a month. Next week I am going in for blood work to see if my numbers improved. I was just wondering if my villi are still blunted will the antibodies still be active without Gluten present?
  7. Has anyone ordered from anuts.com? I emailed them and they said their almonds, pecans, walnuts and other nuts are gluten free - especially if they are raw or shelled. "All nuts are gluten free. Especially when there is no coating of any type on them. Simply roasted or salted are gluten free as well." Their prices are very reasonable. Just wondering how they compare to nuts.com who advertise as Gluten Free.
  8. Thank you again cyclinglady. I am in Michigan. I will take your advice. Breyers it is (with Sanders gluten-free hot fudge..yum). Thank you for taking time to respond. I appreciate it.
  9. Thank you that is very helpful. I too have Kirkland cashews but it says that it is "processed on equipment that also packages products that may contain tree nuts, milk, soy and wheat". I suppose that is no-no. Also, you brought up ice cream - Edy's Vanilla ice cream considered gluten free?
  10. Thank you all. I wish I would have researched this better. I just spent money and time to make a new batch. I guess I need to order from nuts.com and get some gluten-free walnuts and almonds. Very dissappointing. I had a few ingredients correct like organic Maple syrup and organic coconut and flax seed. Man I spent 4 weeks on this diet and made no progress. I am going in for an iGa test in two weeks. I suspect not much progress. I have lots of learning...lol
  11. I have been on a GFD for 6 weeks now and I have been making granola cereal with walnuts, pecans, almonds and other nuts from Costco. I never thought to read the label but it indicates that they share equipment in processing that may contain items like wheat. I am asymptomatic and cannot tell if I am getting contaminated. Should I be worried? I did test with the GlutenDetective and it came up negative. Anyone have any other experience with Costco nuts like walnuts, pecans and almonds?
  12. Does anyone know if Emeril's Baby Bam rub is gluten free? The ingredients look safe but I am new at this. Has anyone with celiac disease had issues with this rub? I love this rub and use it all the time and had no problems. Just wondering. We make the rub our self. Also - has anyone had issues with the Best Ribs In The Universe Rub? Thanks
  13. Wow this is great info! I really appreciate everyone's feedback. No, this is not discouraging. I wish I would of done more research before I spent money making my granola...lol. However, it is becoming more and more clear to me that the best approach is to consume foods that are not 'manipulated' to be gluten free. There are many granola or cereal recipes out there that do not include Oats. I will have to do more research. Thank you.
  14. Great - now I am really confused. Red Mill Gluten Free Rolled Oats I thought was safe, but now I am not sure. Has anyone had issues with Red Mill Gluten Free Rolled Oats in their diet? It has become complicated. I guess I could make the granola without the oats.