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  1. I too have experienced low ferritin for the last 5 years. When I was diagnosed with celiac disease my ferritin level was 17 but a few years earlier it hit a low of 10. Doctors shrugged it off even after retesting 2 times with the same results...
  2. Hi healthysquirrel, I did not take any supplements. I assume because like you said my villi is healing allowing for absorption. I was a little perplexed why my ferritin improved but my anti tissue did not improve as much as I thought. I...
  3. Thank you RMJ. Glad you are doing well also. This Celiac journey is a real challenge. There are days when it seems too much to handle. I appreciate the support - I am a rookie at this..lol
  4. lol thank you so much cyclinglady (love that name) - I really miss my coffee. Thank you so much.
  5. I try to avoid as much processed foods as I can. But I have to admit I do eat some Gluten Free processed foods like: Gluten Free Rice Cereal (ingredients look okay - rice, can sugar), cranberry juice, Costco Gluten Free Cashew Clusters,...
  6. Well I got my results today and I really thought I would see better numbers. My ferritin improved from 17 to 46 and Gliadin IgG Antibody dropped from 113 to 48 and my Gliaddin IgA dropped from 102 to 38. However, my Tissue Transglutaminase...
  7. Has anyone had any issues with gluten-free Hudsonville ice cream? I bought some this weekend and it was great. However, I experienced bloating, cramping and belching. I do not know if it was the white rice I ate earlier or the ice cream...
  8. I wonder if someone can clarify something for me. I have several gluten-free Phone apps that I use to scan food for Gluten. I scanned PayDay and Heath Bar and (bits) and they both come up with "May contain Gluten". However they are labeled...
  9. Well last week I went in for blood work to see how my ferritin and iGa levels were progressing. I have been on a GFD going on 2 months now. I was happy to see that there was a slight increase in my ferritin. It was 17 in June and today it...
  10. Thank you all. I do not eat out and I prepare my own food (with the help from my wife...lol). I still feel I am doing something wrong but don't have any GI issues and I feel good. I guess my confidence is not so high because I don't feel...
  11. I use Sanders Milk Chocolate Hot Fudge or Classic Caramel - All Gluten Free! Love it. https://www.sanderscandy.com/dessert-toppings.html. " It is outstanding. "Sanders 7 Gourmet Dessert Toppings have recently been certified Gluten Free...
  12. Is it possibly to have improved iGa numbers after being on GFD for 6 weeks but still have blunted villi? I am asking because I had an endoscopy for my esophagus two weeks ago and the Doc said he could see issues with my small intestines...
  13. Has anyone ordered from anuts.com? I emailed them and they said their almonds, pecans, walnuts and other nuts are gluten free - especially if they are raw or shelled. "All nuts are gluten free. Especially when there is no coating of any...
  14. Thank you again cyclinglady. I am in Michigan. I will take your advice. Breyers it is (with Sanders gluten-free hot fudge..yum). Thank you for taking time to respond. I appreciate it.