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  1. Overwhelmed and unable to accept

    Dear egs1707, You will not like what I have to say. But, like Squirmingitch (whose entire post I agree with), I am only trying to help you. 1. You have already been given all the best advice possible by the nicest people. 2. You seem unable to accept this advice; so I won't focus on being nice. 3. I believe you are clinically depressed. No, I'm not a doctor; but I have friends who have been seriously depressed. 4 You would be best served if you could try some antidepressants--if only temporarily! This is no crime, no sin. It is merely human. Give yourself a break. Plenty of people take them. I'm a pharmacist and used to dispense PLENTY of them. Nothing wrong with them.--especially temporarily--or permanently, if needed. 5. Until you can improve your attitude, it's unlikely you will recover. 6. Once your mental state feels better, you might give a look at Mast Cell Disorders. Good info on this site by neonatologist who has Celiac Disease and Mast Cell Disease. This could be your answer. It has helped other Celiacs who could not get well only by eliminating gluten. Please know I only wish you the very best of health! p.s. Please go easy on me. I wasn't diagnosed till 60 years old. Gluten free 7 years and still working day-to-day to be healthy. For me, continually trying to make each day the best, trying new things, and checking out mast cell info continues to help me. I get better each day. You can too.
  2. Eye symptoms

    Cristiana, I had symptoms almost exactly how you described in our original post, when I was 12 years old. I was terrified. Nobody else seemed concerned. Luckily, this only lasted a year. I developed classic migraine symptoms when I was 26 years old. These lasted for decades. Way back then, migraines were dismissed as merely "headaches" that were likely my fault because I was "tense". Ignorance is bliss??????? Eventually, the migraines stopped. Not sure why. Maybe old age. (I am now 67 years old. Hooray I made it!!) Maybe acupuncture. No idea. At this point in time, I still have plenty of eye-related symptoms (redness, swelling, watery discharge, etc.). However, I have recently been diagnosed with a Mast Cell Disorder and believe this is the current cause of my eye problems (and many other problems as well). Going gluten free did very little to remedy my symptoms. Not sure if this is any help for you. I can say I had similar issues that didn't kill me or blind me. I guess all you can do is seek medical advice, research on your own, and keep trying everything. Sorry I could not be more help. Oh, my best advice is to LISTEN MOSTLY TO YOURSELF! YOU KNOW YOUR BODY BETTER THAN ANYBODY! Yes, get good medical advice; but, in the end, YOU be the judge. Sending you hugs because that is all I have to give you.
  3. My Celiac symptoms always flare after vaccinations. I've been gluten free for 6 1/2 years. I find the vaccine benefit to outweigh the temporary rise in symptoms--even though it is quite annoying. Since you've been gluten free for about a year, it's very likely you need more time to heal. Just stick with it as best you can . Keep getting flu shots! I think it's best to think of Celiac as a lifelong "trait" (like having red hair, for example) rather than something you can "fix". You will be OK. Keep eating simple, healthful foods to help your body heal. Good luck!
  4. Hi Carle, I didn't really get much better until I eliminated all grains. I'm diagnosed Celiac for 6 1/2 years and still do much better without any grains. I don't do dairy either because it causes me pain. (Never was lactose intolerant. Dairy "just" causes me pain.) I still stick to mostly whole foods. I still would not call myself "well"; just doing the best I can. I was diagnosed after 6 decades of ingesting gluten and am pretty sure I've had Celiac since infancy. You definitely are not alone. I just try to do my best, remain optimistic, and count my lucky stars that I don't have it worse. Just keep trying different foods until you find what works the best for YOU--as long as you remain gluten free, of course. Life is still good. Hugs to you!
  5. I also love Spicely Organic Spices! CERTIFIED GLUTEN FREE and very, very good. You can get them on amazon.com. For me, it's simply not worth taking the chance with un-certified spices. I've seen videos of how spices are gathered, transported, etc. in foreign countries. Not worth chancing the possible cross-contamination IMHO.
  6. Relief! And it isn't Dapsone!

    I am so sorry for your suffering. Your story drives home the point that having Celiac Disease drives us all to do our own research and try to find a doc to help--if we are lucky. I wish you a speedy recovery and my most earnest wish that you are NEVER cross-contaminated again! You are a real trooper (little comfort, I know). Wish I could do more.
  7. Breast cancer

    Boysmom, my heart is breaking for you! I want to wrap my arms around you and beat the DEVIL BC into the ground so nobody needs to endure the fear or pain associated with it. I was diagnosed with BC 3 years before being diagnosed with Celiac. I had surgery and radiation. I thought I dealt with both very well--until other AI diseases started showing up. In hindsight, for me, the radiation was the worst. You are ahead of the game as you have gotten your gut into good condition. This will serve you well. I second the suggestion for getting in touch with a nutritionist familiar with these 2 diseases. Again, you are ahead of the game as you are already educated in good nutrition. Yea! I didn't need chemo so I can't help you specifically with that aspect. For me, the biggest help was realizing that any trauma (including BC) comes with pros and cons. The cons are pretty easy to identify. I was surprised to learn of many pros as a result of dealing with BC. Things I learned: 1) I am more than my breasts, or BC, or Celiac for that matter. None of these things define me. 2) I still have the same intellect, sense of humor, friends, loved ones, education, etc. 3) I am the same person, with the same good (and bad) traits. 4) I have the same value that I did before. 5) I am just as sexy (and beautiful) as I always was. (Maybe more so because of my new relaxed attitude!) 6) I can relax because I no longer have to try to be perfect. I can now simply be a "regular" human being like everyone else. (Maybe you're lucky enough to never have been bitten by the perfectionistic bug!) 7) I will never again have to sweat the small stuff because now I really know EXACTLY what is important. I don't have to waste any time fretting over small decisions. Phew! Major relief! 8) Life is so much easier now because choices are so much clearer! 9) I always thought I knew how to make myself happy--no matter what. But now, it is even easier to see clearly just how many things I have to be grateful for. I can now find the positive in ANYTHING! Boysmom, I wish you well on your journey. Make no mistake, it is a journey. You will come out stronger on the other end. I am sending you so many hugs that you will become sick of them!! One last thing. It is very important for you and for your loved ones. LET PEOPLE HELP YOU! They want to help you. Even if you could manage without help, let them help! Everyone will feel better--and heal faster!
  8. Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea can happen with any oral medication. I wouldn't worry unless the diarrhea becomes very severe. If that happens, you should call your doc immediately. I had 2 courses of rifaximin last winter (6 years gluten free). I did not suffer any of the above-mentioned symptoms. People are different. I thought the rifaximin helped....and then didn't. I've still got beachball belly. Hopefully, the rifaximin will be your cure! It must work for somebody. Hopefully, you will be one of the somebody's.
  9. Hi Amna! Sorry, I don't know about Solgar. Country Life brand offers several different calcium supplements that are all Certified Gluten Free. Don't feel too bad about your docs not knowing much about Celiac. In the USA, it's not much better. Ha! Good luck!
  10. Thank you so much for letting us know. Bartfull's calming optimistic peace will be missed.
  11. Superb article especially for those with osteoporosis!
  12. I am so impressed with you! I thought you might just curse me out and not return to the site. You are stronger than you know. You have more options than you might realize. Please keep in mind that my only goal here is to try to help you save your life--not to get you to like me. I cannot imagine that you are happy or comfortable or relaxed living this way. You are living beyond your means. It's not your fault. Society, media, everything seems to convince us we need more than we actually do need. I assure you that, with planning and some adjustments, you can quit your job. You can sell your house and your car. You can rent and get a cheaper car. It can be done. I had the benefit of being born into a very poor family. As a kid, we lived in a chicken coop in Michigan. On a dirt floor. With an oil stove. The chickens were in a matching coop next door. I knew how to live cheaply. When I could no longer work, I sold my house and moved to a tiny apartment. I gave up a very well-paying job that I worked many, many years to obtain. My current car is a 1997 Honda. It can be done. You simply need to make choices about what exactly is more important to you. You can take a job that pays much less. You don't really need all the stuff society tells you that you do. Nothing is more important than your health. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. YOU are what is most important. YOU are worth it.
  13. The New Normal

    I have no desire to argue with anyone. I'm very sorry if you took it that way. I'm simply seeking information. I have not had the benefit of the valuable experiences you describe. I agree the OP had a legitimate rant. I am frustrated sometimes too. I think my concern is that I don't want to forget those Celiacs who are gluten free and still have symptoms that were originally caused by Celiac--even if indirectly--by other issues (osteoporosis, other autoimmune diseases, etc). Even though they are gluten free, eat whole foods they make from scratch, live as normally as they can, discuss many things other than their health concerns, they still find support here. Not every Celiac who does everything they can to be well gets to the point where they find it useless to post here. EVEN THOUGH THEY DO NOT HAVE REFRACTORY CELIAC. Some of these people may still "need" to post here. It is not their fault. i don't want to lose patience with them. That's all. Actually, I really don't think we disagree. I'm sorry if it appeared anything less than friendly. I only wish you the best and am grateful for both your good health and your good guidance on this site.
  14. The New Normal

    Very, very well said!
  15. The New Normal

    It is a small world! I used to work in a large neonatal intensive care unit in a children's hospital. Most of our babies lived. Still, I can identify with your example. I agree with almost everything you posted. However, I really do not know if "most people live successfully with Celiac". That may actually be the case. i just don't know it for a fact. If that is the case, I think it should be posted in huge letters on every page of this website for us to continually read. And memorize. And re-read. Respectfully, and only for the purpose of seeking information, how do you know it? It seems to me that more and more researchers are recognizing higher numbers of us not doing well even though gluten free. (I ask this only out of good intentions.) I wish doctors would be required to survey Celiacs after 5 years gluten free to document their "success". Again, I don't mean to criticize. I'm simply seeking information. (After all the help you've given on this website, a person would have to be crazy to criticize you!) ;-)