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  1. Thanks, cyclinglady. I figured that, but thought I would ask just in case. The test the doctor wants to do is a blood test, but he said I only had to eat a slice of bread a day for 2 weeks. I guess I will pass on the test and just keep eating gluten and oat free. Now that I know the pain I am...
  2. Thanks for replying I was really just wondering if I can't eat oats, if that indicated it was definitely celiac or could it also be gluten intolerance. I can live without the testing but I was just curious. And is 2 weeks long enough on gluten to get an accurate test?
  3. Hi there. I figured out a few years ago that I can't eat wheat/gluten unless I want to suffer with pain and horrible D (didn't have a normal BM for years!). I didn't do any research beforehand so I never was tested for Celiac because by the time I found out you had to keep eating gluten in order...
  4. I used to have that all the time. It got so bad at one point that I was afraid to go to sleep and would stay up all night. I attributed it going away to my research on the subject and trying to turn it into lucid dreams. I didn't fight it like I had been doing. It is an interesting phenomenon.
  5. It's funny, I am 46 and figured it out for myself after many years of being told I had IBS. So many different symptoms have disappeared or have improved I can't believe it. I don't even WANT my old favorites that have gluten. But looking back, I also wonder how long I had this. I was very...
  6. This post caught my eye. Here is my situation. I have not been diagnosed with celiac disease but after having a whole lot of bowel issues (dr said IBS) and changing my diet to lose weight I really have come to believe that I either have celiac disease or am gluten intolerant. I have been gluten...