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  1. Sweet Baby Ray's, regular is good straight from the bottle Colleen
  2. After my last surgery I had staples on top.  My skin reacted with the metal.  Unfortunately they could not remove them (7 inches of them) so I just used a topical.  I've had incisions finished with the glue also but no problem for me.  On an interesting note.  A different...
  3. This is what Sleep Paralysis (Old Hag Syndrome) is: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sleep_paralysis Colleen
  4. Hi Bane and Welcome to the Forum. Ditto....Get tested now. Make sure the full panel is ordered. Then the next step is endoscopic biopsies. Good luck. Colleen
  5. Hi Scorpio. I do agree that it may just take more time. I had some issues that took two years to resolve. It also sounds allergy or immune related. Have you searched for this issue connected to Autoimmune Diseases? AI Diseases like to have friends. Have you considered Histamines? I second...
  6. Hi JD. Two thoughts for you. Stress can definitely make you sick. Stress can lower the immune system all by itself. https://www.yahoo.com/health/from-the-brain-to-the-immune-system-how-stress-118300620327.html Mindfulness is the perfect place to start. The link has the basics of what...
  7. Hi Supermaltese and Welcome to the Forum. First, Celiac Disease is an Auto Immune Disease. This is completely different from an Allergy. Second, Celiac Disease can present in two ways. Classic Celiac symptoms vary from person to person, there are over 300 symptoms, and a blood test...
  8. Have you considered that this has nothing to do with food or medications? You don't go 5 years fine and then hit a wall. We age and other things will continue to go wrong and we'll get sick. If you take food and Meds out of the equation and just look at your symptoms that suddenly started...
  9. These are the inactive ingredients in Fluoxetine (Generic Prozac). Looks OK to me. CROSPOVIDONE HYPROMELLOSES MAGNESIUM STEARATE STARCH, CORN CELLULOSE, MICROCRYSTALLINE POLYETHYLENE GLYCOLS SILICON DIOXIDE TITANIUM DIOXIDE http://www.drugs.com/pro/fluoxetine.html Colleen
  10. I always talk directly to the Kitchen Manager or Chef and then fill in the Wait Staff. Some tips: If getting grilled food, ask if they use seasonings and/or sauces on the grill. Check if gluten free. Some Chefs have offered to clean a portion of the grill while others may offer to grill on tin...
  11. Hey Squirmy, Glad you got that cookbook. Seriously awesome food !!!!!! Wait till you make the coffee cake . And the Breads . And, and, and,....lol Colleen
  12. There are many possible reasons you have this including Candida Yeast Infections, excessive saliva etc. Look for other things and not just vitamin b as the cause. Good Luck, Colleen
  13. I'm glad you don't have to take the Pred.  Hopefully you can get to remission.  Feel better!   Colleen
  14. How did the appointment go.  How are you feeling?
  15. You just need to read the labels. You will need to learn to read labels everytime you purchase something. Good Luck, Colleen