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  1. Do the same today and everyday until your appointment. Meditation, Music, and get some Chamomille Tea,. Limit your...
  2. GF Lover

    Lindt Chocolate

    The "Made in the same facility" I think is just fine. "Made on the same line" is worth more consideration. Colleen
  3. Victor, Did the Doc test you for Celiac? What were the results? Why are you worried about an endoscope and colonoscopy...
  4. Are you seeing a Rheumatologist? If not, you should make an appointment to talk about your results. Good luck Colleen
  5. Some glutening symptoms can last up to a month or more. It can take some time for everything to settle down again. ...
  6. Hi Victor I gonna be straight with you.....'settle your ass down'. Seriously, you're gonna be fine. If there was a...
  7. You're all over the place huh....understand that perfectly. I was quite sick when diagnosed and was afraid to eat.....
  8. GF Lover

    Brown or white rice?

    No reason not to mix it up and eat both . For white I prefer Jasmine rice. For brown, any long grain will do. If your...
  9. Wheat Allergy Alert: General Mills 10/5/2015 General Mills is voluntarily recalling several days of production...
  10. GF Lover

    Werther's original caramels

    I've never had problems with caramels. I usually have a candy dish of Werther's full all the time. No troubles. I...
  11. GF Lover

    What's wrong with me?):

    Maddi, stick to simple foods while you heal. Anything can make you sick. Don't start eliminating foods until there...
  12. Pure coconut oil is gluten free. Unless a company certifies a product gluten free you will always get the same answer...
  13. GF Lover

    Top Bar Not Working Correctly

    With the upgrade there are some things to iron out. Please be patient :). Put any particular problems in this thread...
  14. GF Lover

    Lymph Nodes

    If the other tests show nothing and your still concerned ask for a CBC and Comprehensive Metabolic Panel. Those two...
  15. GF Lover

    Intestinal Muscle Damage

    I'll jump in here. Constipation has been a life long companion for me. All the miralax and fiber were useless to me...