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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/24/2018

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  1. Do the same today and everyday until your appointment. Meditation, Music, and get some Chamomille Tea,. Limit your caffeine and sugar. Take walks, get exercise. Eat good gluten food but try to stay away from fast food because it's greasy and just not good for you. Make sure you get the equivalent of 2 slices of bread a day. Don't be surprised if it ends up being stress and anxiety. You may still have an underlying condition but stress can make things a whole lot worse. Congratulations on the sleep! I'll end this the same way I began a few days ago....'Settle Your Ass Down' and I mean that in the best way! Colleen
  2. Lindt Chocolate

    The "Made in the same facility" I think is just fine. "Made on the same line" is worth more consideration. Colleen
  3. Victor, Did the Doc test you for Celiac? What were the results? Why are you worried about an endoscope and colonoscopy already. A colonoscopy does not test for Celiac. Your bloodwork so far has been negative. You really have to settle down and go thru the steps with your Doctor. No one here knows what might or might not be wrong with you. I do know one thing, the self-imposed stress and anxiety is going to make you feel sick. Are you still eating gluten? What has your Doctor said to you? Do you have a followup appointment? Probiotics are a good idea. There are plenty of threads here on that topic so read them. Don't worry about your spleen, your Doctor will tell you if and when to take action. You are not dying Victor....you are going through testing. One more thing. STRESS and ANXIETY can cause all of the symptoms you have written here. I will tell you again to read up on what I suggested. It will reduce your stress. Victor, this guessing game of yours has got to stop. Go through the testing regimen like everyone else. You will get answers and take action if needed. Calm down... Colleen
  4. Are you seeing a Rheumatologist? If not, you should make an appointment to talk about your results. Good luck Colleen
  5. Some glutening symptoms can last up to a month or more. It can take some time for everything to settle down again. Also, there is no minor glutening. Any amount will start the autoimmune cascade. I'm sure you'll be feeling better soon Colleen
  6. Hi Victor I gonna be straight with you.....'settle your ass down'. Seriously, you're gonna be fine. If there was a serious problem with your spleen the blood work would show it. I put my money on the motorcycle fall. A lot of veterans here were close to being, or were, physically disabled and had little or no quality of life before diagnosis. It took many of us 15 to 20 years of being sick until we were finally diagnosed correctly. We certainly were not out riding motorcycles. Throughout your life you will experience injury, disease, stress and anxiety and so much more. It's just how life is. I am grateful for each day I wake up in the morning. Then I'm thankful that I can get out of bed and take care of myself. You know, you can live with disease, disabilities and many more issues that change your life. I live with Cancer, Vitiligo, Celiac, Sjogrens, Reynaulds, Connective Tissue Disorder, Hypothyroidism, Bi-Polar Disease, ....Oh, and lesions showing up in my brain and more stuff you just don't want to know about. To top it all off, I just started Menopause (that seriously sucks). Now, I live a great life. I paint, draw, work with gem stones, meditate with bineural beats, read, play with my dogs, enjoy my parakeets, adore and spend every moment I can with my Husband and I'm about to become a Grandma :). Life is great. As we age we adapt to new normals. Age and disease bring restrictions which we have to accept. There is a saying, "Don't borrow worry". Look into a couple things while you wait for your Doc appt. 1. Mindfulness, 2. Meditation, including bineural beats. Alpha Waves, Theta Waves and Delta Waves for meditation. Did you know that stress alone can effect the immune system? Control the things you can, let the rest go. Hang in there Victor Colleen
  7. You're all over the place huh....understand that perfectly. I was quite sick when diagnosed and was afraid to eat... Anything. Every time I ate before gluten-free hurt. I would have pain before I even finished the meal. Food = pain so I ate very little. I started gluten-free with juicing for a month or two. That got nourishment in me and no more pain. The old pros on the forum got me thru starting to eat real food again. Next problem, couldn't cook. Never liked too. They introduced me to simple things. The crock pot became my friend. I still eat simple meals. I eat very little processed food. If I want a sweet, I make it myself. Same with waffles, etc. Soon gluten will be a nuisance and not an enemy, trust me. It is exhausting worrying about your food so much. Don't worry about arsenic, soy, GMOs, just worry about clean eating. The rest takes care of itself. Life will continue, you'll get sick, maybe add a disease as you age but that is life. I've survived cancer and have 5 AI diseases. I don't sweat the small stuff :). One day at a time is something we have all had to learn. Eat foods in moderation. Most of us couldn't handle dairy in the beginning. Some symptoms go quickly, some take a year or two and some never leave. That's just how it is. Live your life, don't live your food. Colleen
  8. No reason not to mix it up and eat both . For white I prefer Jasmine rice. For brown, any long grain will do. If your a salt hound like me I make a bunch of Jasmine and pour in a large can of 100% tomato sauce and some pink hymalayan salt. Kind of soupy but kinda not...lol. It freezes well in serving sizes. Adding chicken to it is good too. I like to keep things simple I throw a whole chicken in the crock pot and it basically debones itself. Again, freezes well. Colleen
  9. Wheat Allergy Alert: General Mills 10/5/2015 General Mills is voluntarily recalling several days of production of Cheerios and Honey Nut Cheerios cereal produced at its Lodi, California facility on certain dates in July of this year because of an undeclared allergen – wheat – with potential adverse health effects. Because this recall relates to an undeclared allergen, this is a Class I product recall. http://www.foodallergy.org/alerts/alerts-feed
  10. I've never had problems with caramels. I usually have a candy dish of Werther's full all the time. No troubles. I like the coffee ones too.
  11. Maddi, stick to simple foods while you heal. Anything can make you sick. Don't start eliminating foods until there is a reason. I think you need to settle into the new diet, don't eat out and heal. Keep anxiety and stress low as this can also effect your immune system Colleen
  12. Pure coconut oil is gluten free. Unless a company certifies a product gluten free you will always get the same answer. They will give no guarantees. This is standard practice and should not discourage you from using a product. As far as makeup is concerned, I only worry about what touches my lips. Lip balm, lipstick and moisturizer for me. For instance, Mascara will never touch your lips so don't worry about it. Colleen
  13. Top Bar Not Working Correctly

    With the upgrade there are some things to iron out. Please be patient :). Put any particular problems in this thread so we know if it's something we don't know about yet. Thanks.
  14. Lymph Nodes

    If the other tests show nothing and your still concerned ask for a CBC and Comprehensive Metabolic Panel. Those two blood panels are a good start to see if something is off. Colleen
  15. I'll jump in here. Constipation has been a life long companion for me. All the miralax and fiber were useless to me. My internal and external 'roids' all had to be removed. At that point I took a lot of dulcolax to go to the bathroom. I had to stay close to diarrhea because of the hemorrhoids. I was also taking plaquinil for a time along with other immunosuppressants. I do believe all the years on immunosuppressive medication allowed my cancer to develop, just saying. Now, I'm as close as I will ever get to normal which is workable. Very little cheese, milk and ice cream. Lots of raisins, seeds and a stool softener every day and I do drink coffee in the morning.. The biggest thing that helped me was using a step. My muscles to push out stool are shot too. The step allows a straight chute for gravity to help. I kid you not. This has been the biggest help. I'm not saying I never get constipation any more but it is much better. I also had to learn to give myself time in the bathroom and not try to rush things. Fiber stuff never helped me and I think for me, made it worse. I also drink water through out the day which makes me pee constantly because I think my bladder is the size of a walnut!!! Keep trying things, something will get you to a point where you can manage it. I never expect my body to function normally anymore, too many things are whacked. I go for as manageable as possible. Colleen