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  1. I also have orthostatic hypotension and I was sedated for my endoscopies (have had 2) and colonoscopy. Certain sedatives/anesthetic drugs decrease blood pressure more than others and some have very transient changes. Discuss the anesthetic...
  2. Sorry to hear of your woes! Ask your doctor regarding tests for your gall bladder and perhaps discuss possibility of colitis? If they ran the correct Celiac panel and your biopsies look good it may not be Celiac. But 2 biopsies is not a...
  3. I just got a zojirushi bread maker as a wedding gift. I made my first loaf today. The flours I used were sorghum, rice bran, brown rice flour, along with corn starch, xanthan gum, yeast, molasses, honey, salt, eggs and water, vegetable oil...
  4. moosemalibu

    Endoscopy - R/o Esophagitis, Check Up On celiac disease

    OMG - I don't know why I don't get notifications on comments. To answer your question - I am extremely dietery compliant and my celiac panel ran in April was totally great, all low low low. I make all my own food and I don't eat out in restaurants...
  5. I am thinking that the inflammation in the gut alone could probably cause pain that could be interpreted as back pain. I have had back pain for a lot of my life - the only thing that helps is working out my back specifically with weights...
  6. Well... yesterday I had my second endoscopy performed. My GI doctor wanted to check up on my small intestine to see how its healing, as well as check my esophagus to rule out eosinophilic esophagitis. He took multiple biopsies and said my...
  7. Thanks!! I love the idea of chili. We have carnivores and herbivores in our family so I like the idea of having two types. That sounds pretty easy. I will definitely save that idea! Yeah... hard to justify a wedding with costs but we...
  8. So I had a wonderful gift for Christmas: an engagement ring! My beau and I have been going together for a little over 2 years. He has been with me through my diagnoses and has been the absolute wonderful partner and champion through it all...
  9. moosemalibu

    Christmas Dinner Got Me

    I understand how that can go! So sorry to read you got hit. Hope you feel better soon!!
  10. The results are not able to be interpreted without a reference range from the lab. Hopefully you can get that information.
  11. I always heat them up either in the microwave or on a skillet. The best tortilla that has come close to roll well is La Tortilla Factory. But even then I had tearing once it cooled down while eating.
  12. moosemalibu

    1 Week Into Mc Therapy

    I am a week into my Entocort steroid therapy for microscopic colitis. I can say that I have no discernible side effects from this drug. It has slowed down my bowel significantly. I am no longer running to the bathroom 8-10x/day. I probably...
  13. Christmas time is when my grandma makes Mexican food.. homemade flour tortillas... I miss those. Nothing compares to fresh flour tortillas made with gluten. I have found no good substitute that works like a tortilla should. Thankfully I...
  14. Do you have lactose intolerance or an allergy type reaction (anaphylaxis, etc)? Either way I would recommend avoiding it if you body doesn't tolerate it well.
  15. I second the colitis thought.. I just got diagnosed and my poops were like that frequently (and worse)