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  1. I also have orthostatic hypotension and I was sedated for my endoscopies (have had 2) and colonoscopy. Certain sedatives/anesthetic drugs decrease blood pressure more than others and some have very transient changes. Discuss the anesthetic protocol concerns with your doctor. They may find a cocktail that is right for you. You're probably not too unique with this issue and they have probably dealt with many patients with this confounding issue.
  2. Sorry to hear of your woes! Ask your doctor regarding tests for your gall bladder and perhaps discuss possibility of colitis? If they ran the correct Celiac panel and your biopsies look good it may not be Celiac. But 2 biopsies is not a lot but for some reason most doctors don't do a large portion.
  3. I just got a zojirushi bread maker as a wedding gift. I made my first loaf today. The flours I used were sorghum, rice bran, brown rice flour, along with corn starch, xanthan gum, yeast, molasses, honey, salt, eggs and water, vegetable oil. I used a recipe from a gluten free bread machine recipe book. I had to play around with the custom settings on the bread maker since gluten free bread doesn't need 3 rises but it came out great! I'll let you know more as I go.. I have a feeling I will be baking a lot of bread now!
  4. moosemalibu

    Endoscopy - R/o Esophagitis, Check Up On celiac disease

    OMG - I don't know why I don't get notifications on comments. To answer your question - I am extremely dietery compliant and my celiac panel ran in April was totally great, all low low low. I make all my own food and I don't eat out in restaurants. Too risky for me. I have been having chronic isues that I have considered an ongoing microscopic colitits flare. I know some of my trigger foods and avoid them like gluten (legumes, anything spicy) but in all honesty my GI has never been right. Not even when I was on entocort for my colitis. This chronic diarrhea and cramps even eating a colitis diet and gluten free diet still won't go away. That's why my doctor wanted to do the endoscopy, as well as check into my dyspagia and recheck my SI since its been a couple years? has it? seems like forever... Anyway... if I have SIBO... I'll manage. Maybe its the answer I have been waiting for... Sucks you didn't even know you got glutened or even enjoyed it. That is the worst!!     Thanks Hon! I am beyond happy to be moving forward with a great man by my side. I hope we will push past this health crap together and I'll feel good soon ((Hugs))) 
  5. I am thinking that the inflammation in the gut alone could probably cause pain that could be interpreted as back pain. I have had back pain for a lot of my life - the only thing that helps is working out my back specifically with weights. My weight lifting and celiac diagnosis kinda coincided around the same time so its possible there was some overlap. Hopefully with your gluten free diet now things will improve for you (and yes - some experience weight loss after diagnosis and going on a gluten free diet... some however do gain weight. I was one that lost weight)
  6. Well... yesterday I had my second endoscopy performed. My GI doctor wanted to check up on my small intestine to see how its healing, as well as check my esophagus to rule out eosinophilic esophagitis. He took multiple biopsies and said my SI looked atrophied but otherwise I looked good. The combination of versed and demerol is powerful and I did not remember much of the discharge except for the fact that I Don't think I was ready to be discharged I was so out of it. But I slept it off and now I'm fine. The lidocaine prep that i had to gargle was absolutely disgusting! I do not remember having to do that the first go around... blegh! Today I got a phone call from the scheduling nurse saying my doctor ordered a hydrogen breath test. I do not recall that being discussed at discharge (no surprise I was so out of it) but neither does my husband. So anyways, based on our discussion I guess he is looking for SIBO. Everything I have read thus far says antiobiotics, probiotics, low FODMAP or SCD diet to manage this. I am guarded about this whole thing. On one hand maybe this will finally solve my ongoing symptoms but on the other hand seriously?! another thing!!? Really really really really tired of being sick and tired. Did I mention I turn 30 next month? I feel like I should be in retirement.
  7. Thanks!! I love the idea of chili. We have carnivores and herbivores in our family so I like the idea of having two types. That sounds pretty easy. I will definitely save that idea! Yeah... hard to justify a wedding with costs but we both are family oriented and want our families with us to celebrate. But again, nothing set in stone just yet.
  8. So I had a wonderful gift for Christmas: an engagement ring! My beau and I have been going together for a little over 2 years. He has been with me through my diagnoses and has been the absolute wonderful partner and champion through it all. He absolutely insists that we have a gluten free wedding menu so I can eat anything I want. We have been going back and forh whether we want to elope or not due to wedding costs and our desire to own our own home soon (we have been saving for that). We plan to ask his dad to have the wedding at his cabin in the mountains by Tahoe. We want to have a good menu but likely will be having family prepare it (and not all are trained on gluten free yet). Our plan is to do the menu and shopping list and provide the pots/pans/utensils etc so nothing gets cross contaminated. Any recommendations on what is easy for a group of about 50 people?! The wedding is overwhelming already! haha FYI - no date and may end up eloping anyway! FYI - wasn't sure where to put this thread... Mods - please move if necessary!
  9. moosemalibu

    Christmas Dinner Got Me

    I understand how that can go! So sorry to read you got hit. Hope you feel better soon!!
  10. The results are not able to be interpreted without a reference range from the lab. Hopefully you can get that information.
  11. I always heat them up either in the microwave or on a skillet. The best tortilla that has come close to roll well is La Tortilla Factory. But even then I had tearing once it cooled down while eating.
  12. moosemalibu

    1 Week Into Mc Therapy

    I am a week into my Entocort steroid therapy for microscopic colitis. I can say that I have no discernible side effects from this drug. It has slowed down my bowel significantly. I am no longer running to the bathroom 8-10x/day. I probably go about half that amount now. The quality of the bowel movements has improved but it varies throughout the day. I have not had significant cramping/pain since starting therapy. That was the most debilitating for me was the cramps. I would be late to work consistently due to waiting for cramps to subside/fade. I think I may have increased thirst but I don't have the steroid side effect of wanting to eat everything in sight that many people get from drugs like prednisone (very thankful for that). Hoping for continued progress....
  13. Christmas time is when my grandma makes Mexican food.. homemade flour tortillas... I miss those. Nothing compares to fresh flour tortillas made with gluten. I have found no good substitute that works like a tortilla should. Thankfully I am a tear and scoop tortilla eater so I don't wrap burritos very often.. but the ones I have tried all tear when you try to roll them! Boo!! I miss dairy, I miss eggs. I haven't found any good breakfast that is quick and nutritious that compares to eggs or Greek yogurt. I miss protein powder. The vegan ones all give me tummy aches too.. not sure what the issue is there but I had to give it up for the time being ( I have colitis too - so these other intolerances are from that). I have made a good Thai red curry at home that I really like... but I have been in a rut when it comes to food lately. Everything triggers my colitis.
  14. Do you have lactose intolerance or an allergy type reaction (anaphylaxis, etc)? Either way I would recommend avoiding it if you body doesn't tolerate it well.
  15. I second the colitis thought.. I just got diagnosed and my poops were like that frequently (and worse)