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  1. Adalaide

    Best Dinner Roll & Stuffing Recipe?

    If you're into making rolls the day of, the ATK recipe for dinner rolls is absolutely amazing. They're still good the...
  2. Adalaide

    For All My Corn Intolerant Friends

    This is hilarious. Maybe instead of buying a bunch of food I don't need I should just make a Thanksgiving pizza and get...
  3. Adalaide

    Well Colgate Cannot Guarantee Its Soy Free

    Because we're 1% of the population and it would cost a ridiculous amount of money to test them. With us only being 1...
  4. Adalaide

    For All My Corn Intolerant Friends

    I know this isn't corn safe, but they are soy free. For people who aren't into cooking (lookin at you Barty) and who...
  5. Adalaide

    Glucose From Wheat

    There is a company that samples chocolate at Costco with "maltitol (wheat)" on the label but it is also still labeled...
  6. Adalaide

    Well Colgate Cannot Guarantee Its Soy Free

    This looks like the basic CYA statement that many of us have heard time and time again when discussing non-food items...
  7. Adalaide

    Halloween Candy Tips?

    You can find a local dentist that does candy buyback. They'll get cash for their candy that they can spend on whatever...
  8. Adalaide

    Gluten Free Plain Bread

    I found the most common issue I ran into making bread was always the recipe. I also use the How Can It Be Gluten Free...
  9. My daughter is lactose intolerant. Instead of changing birth control after being diagnosed with lactose intolerance,...
  10. Adalaide

    Gluten Free Ebola - South Park Episode

    My favorite chocolate is from a local company that sells single sourced chocolate. My favorites are all South American...
  11. Adalaide

    Interesting Article!

    If it helps with reheating in the microwave, I put just a teaspoon of water in with it and put a lid over it. If you...
  12. I've seen these extracts at my local Smith's store. There isn't anything they sell imitation that isn't available as...
  13. If you have to drive that far for it, call after the holidays. I stopped in after Christmas last year at my local health...
  14. I just buy Rudi's. There are a lot of recipes online for doctoring it up. Every one I've tried has been good, it's also...
  15. Adalaide

    Gluten Free Ebola - South Park Episode

    I thought it was hilarious. There were lots of times I just couldn't stop laughing.