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  1. So on Tuesday I had a tooth extraction and proceeded afterward to the store to fill my prescriptions for an antibiotic and painkiller. All I could think about was how it was starting to hurt and how much I wanted to be at home with my lortab, it didn't dawn on me to check on the gluten free status of my antibiotic. (I already knew this pharmacy is safe for lortab.) So I get home and take my medication and don't really think about it again. Well that night I start getting super dizzy suddenly and just feel weird. I figured it was the lortab and went to bed. The next morning I felt much better, and since I was working didn't take any painkillers, just the amoxicillin. Again, within a few hours I was feeling weird again and by early afternoon the spouts of vertigo were so bad I didn't feel like I could drive. Suddenly it dawned on me around 4ish that it felt like the fog I'd spent years in. I quickly jumped online and couldn't verify that it was gluten free and couldn't call the company because the only phone number I could find was international. I quit taking it, got a new prescription I filled where I knew it was safe and have felt fine since. I've examined everything I've eaten since then and the only thing I can narrow this down to is the medication so I just thought I'd give a heads up on it. The manufacturer is Aurobindo and it's the 500 mg capsules. I'm certain this contains gluten as there is absolutely nothing else that I've eaten or taken that would coincide with when my symptoms started and cleared up.
  2. If you're into making rolls the day of, the ATK recipe for dinner rolls is absolutely amazing. They're still good the second day, but they're so much better still warm. I just made Rudi's stuffing last year. If you look on their website they have different recipes for doctoring it up and I used one of those, but it's also good just following the package directions.
  3. This is hilarious. Maybe instead of buying a bunch of food I don't need I should just make a Thanksgiving pizza and get all the appropriate toys for table decorations. At least I'd still have a turkey and potatoes on the table!
  4. Because we're 1% of the population and it would cost a ridiculous amount of money to test them. With us only being 1% we probably only make up a small fraction of a percent for any single drug manufactured. It would be a complete waste of money. We all have to eat, but relatively few of us need to take meds on a regular basis. Frankly, we're just not that special.
  5. I know this isn't corn safe, but they are soy free. For people who aren't into cooking (lookin at you Barty) and who are only feeding one or two people these are great. They come in white, or mixed. Gravy built in too!
  6. Adalaide

    Glucose From Wheat

    There is a company that samples chocolate at Costco with "maltitol (wheat)" on the label but it is also still labeled as gluten free. I've looked up lots on it (it's the only wheat based sweetener I've ever encountered) and was happy with what I read and have quite happily enjoyed a piece of chocolate every time I see them there. Never had a problem with it. I think if I encountered a similar product with "glucose (wheat)" on the label I'd also happily enjoy it since it shouldn't cause any problems. I also sometimes buy vodka made from wheat if I just need a bargain bottle for something. I don't let the word scare me off of products if the science is behind it being gluten free.
  7. This looks like the basic CYA statement that many of us have heard time and time again when discussing non-food items with manufacturers. They don't use any X-containing ingredients, don't' add X but don't test for X in the final product so won't make a statement specifically declaring it X free because that could create legal liability. These items are generally considered safe by most of us here. As always though, if a product bothers you for any reason, don't use/eat it.
  8. You can find a local dentist that does candy buyback. They'll get cash for their candy that they can spend on whatever you let them, and the candy gets sent to our troops overseas. It's a perfect win/win. You could also donate it to a local shelter or food bank. Treats like that may be few and far between for kids in situations where a parent has to take advantage of those services and will be greatly appreciated.
  9. Adalaide

    Gluten Free Plain Bread

    I found the most common issue I ran into making bread was always the recipe. I also use the How Can It Be Gluten Free cookbook. It is by far the best cookbook I have ever owned. I haven't been disappointed by any of the recipes I've tried so far. I've only made one bread, which I did enjoy. I also made the dinner rolls which were good, and the English muffins are divine. If you weren't a baker before being diagnosed, it may just take time to get a handle on it. There is always the risk of flops and failures, don't let them get you down and stop baking. Once you get the hang of it, you'll be glad you stuck with it. I know it took me some time to get the hang of it, and I grew up baking. Patience and persistence will eventually pay off. Also, if you are newly diagnosed, remember not to expect bread to be like it used to be. Instead of looking for that perfect replacement, accept it for what it is and enjoy it that way too. Once I stopped expecting every loaf to be fluffy, airy and soft like the perfect loaf I grew up baking I was far better able to enjoy my bread.
  10. My daughter is lactose intolerant. Instead of changing birth control after being diagnosed with lactose intolerance, she is simply careful to remember to take her lactaid pills every morning before any food or prescription pills. It prevents her symptoms. This may be an option for you if your concerns are lactose and not casein.
  11. My favorite chocolate is from a local company that sells single sourced chocolate. My favorites are all South American. I have no fear of a chocolate shortage, mine will keep coming. If the prices of mass produced crap chocolate go up much, consider single sourced South American chocolates. It probably won't cost much more and it's sooooo good.
  12. If it helps with reheating in the microwave, I put just a teaspoon of water in with it and put a lid over it. If you're 100% anti plastic, you can put a small glass plate partway over it. Just so it isn't reheating dry. I noticed too that it gets icky if you reheat dry but just a hint of water helps a lot. I tried this because I always used to reheat my mac & cheese with a teaspoon of milk to keep it tasting fresh and it always worked.
  13. I've seen these extracts at my local Smith's store. There isn't anything they sell imitation that isn't available as an actual extract. If you have a cooking or baking store locally, check there or order it online. Craft stores sometimes carry these too. There are dozens of flavors of extracts available and the flavor is always better. Additionally, Kroger is really good at answering questions with a quick phone call. Just go during business hours during the day into the store and call from your phone or write all relevant information down if you can't and call on a lunch break. When making extracts, the alcohols used are generally distilled so the origins of it aren't important.
  14. If you have to drive that far for it, call after the holidays. I stopped in after Christmas last year at my local health food store. They had it marked down to (I think) $3 a bag. I bought something like 6 of them. Stuffing year round, wooo! The only from scratch recipe I've done is a cornbread stuffing from the holiday issue of Living Without from 2 years ago. It was really good and I liked it. It just means making cornbread, then making stuffing. On top of the holiday prep I'm far too lazy for that which is why I've gone the Rudi's route since it's so good. If I ever can't find it though, I'll definitely go back to the cornbread recipe without even thinking of trying anything else.
  15. I just buy Rudi's. There are a lot of recipes online for doctoring it up. Every one I've tried has been good, it's also good just the way it is. My favorite recipe is on this page, the one called gluten-free Laura's blah blah something a little more than halfway down. (It's the one with apple.)
  16. I thought it was hilarious. There were lots of times I just couldn't stop laughing.
  17. But Kraft's direct competitors aren't. You think they are because you look at what is tested, what is marked gluten free and what is certified. The companies Kraft is in direct competition with are largely the ones Peter identified, which also aren't testing, Unilever, General Mills, Nestle, ConAgra, etc. I eat products from many of these companies often and none of them are making me sick. As Karen pointed out, just because something says gluten free on it, doesn't mean it was tested. It doesn't have to be. I refuse to live my life in a constant state of paranoia. I was there early on after diagnosis and it isn't a good place to be. A very wise woman told me that we live in a shared world. That really helped me realize that I can still keep myself safe by being educated without being worried about things there is no point in worrying about. Like Kraft, Unilever, etc products. ETA: I just want to add, that if you want to choose not to eat them. Don't. But for the sake of people who come to this site for good information this needs to be repeated, these products are perfectly safe. Read the label, if there is gluten it will say so.
  18. I'm not a fan of South Park. I've seen a few episodes here and there, and some things are funny but overall I just don't find it amusing. My guess is that based on their type of humor that they're probably going to piss off a whole bunch of people who don't understand the South Park way, watched just because of this clip and then can't keep their panties from getting in a bunch over it. Of course, if that happens they'll just eat up the free advertising and basically tell people to go get a sense of humor and get over it too if they respond at all. I'm tempted to watch it just to see what it is.
  19. I saw someone else say this recently so I'm not the only one but I call those nights "chopped" nights. Check the fridge and throw whatever is in there in supper. It was actually watching lots of that show that made me more adventurous in the kitchen. I'm never afraid to try new things now and I'm not afraid to fail anymore. What's the worst case scenario? Ordering a pizza if it truly sucks? Oh the horror!
  20. Buzzfeed has done a BUNCH of articles, most of them actually pretty hilarious. I suspect though that if you aren't a diagnosed celiac that you're upset about the one that starts off as "blah blah celiac is serious but...." and goes on to talk about the study that was done on gluten intolerance and fodmaps. FYI, this isn't a buzzfeed thing, this is an actual thing that was all over the internet and this site this past spring. Some people are pretty upset about it, and some people, instead of having a knee jerk reaction are considering the possibility that there is some science there since very little is understood at all about NCGS. So, while I won't tell you not to do your thing, please don't just get all over one website being the bad guy for having an article that tried to be informative about what was at the time a really big deal. For me? I have no interest in spending a week, or even a day in using social media to talk about how awful and hard my life is because I'm gluten free. It's not. It's awesome, every day, and I focus on that.
  21. I could never figure out more than 4, but then that's not a "guitar" anymore. Hats off to anyone who can master those things.
  22. That's epic! After 10 or 15 seconds I realized that something was funky with his guitar and I paused it and counted. I've never seen one with 7 strings before. Maybe I need to get out more. That was always one of my favorite songs to play on the piano, but I imagine it's much easier to play on the piano. It has so much energy, it's hard not to enjoy!
  23. If you make it with Italian sausage and a pizza cheese blend it's really good too. You can even add a little diced pepperoni or cut some up to add to it when you do that. I recommend adding a bit of Italian seasoning when you do this too. Don't ask how much, I just eyeball things around here.