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  1. So, I got a box of glutino corn bread stuffing. Could I substitute the butter it asks for with olive oil?
  2. I have a small gluten free apple pie in the freezer for me
  3. So... I've found some miso... what can I do with it? Does anyone have any recipes?
  4. Cold water melon when its really hot is good too. That is too warm for me.
  5. It is snowing... in May... No idea what i'm doing for dinner.
  6. So I tried the shells and cheese (white cheddar flavor). I omitted the butter because butter and I do not get along well. It reminded me of the cheese flavored ramen noodle cups. The noodles were surprisingly good, even though I had to cook them for another minute or so. I also added a bit too much...
  7. Has anyone had Annie's gluten free white chedder mac and cheese? Any tips on making it?