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    Diagnosed in 2011/2012 with Hashimoto's and Grave's.
    Have had GI issues for years. Mostly gone after eliminating gluten. All gone when grain-free.
    Wheat makes my skin swell and itch.
    I was declared dead at birth. But I am was not. I was declared brain-damaged, too. But I am a scholar.

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  1. Thank you so much for posting this, and the reference too!   I was put on a very similar diet by my doctor because I got muchbetter but not fully well on a GF diet even if I seem to only have NCGS. My blood panel negative, nurse here told me gluten would make no difference to me; so I went...
  2. Hey, if anyone sees flying robots, can they shoot me a message? That would be of interest for me. I made arugula salad with tandoori squid, sliced fennel, and lime vinaigrette. Dessert was hot chocolate and whipped cream.
  3. I have baby romaine with lime vinaigrette and buffalo sirloin. Probably with some kefir for dessert, and a small piece of very dark chocolate.
  4. Was he looking for a date or for an accountant??? I like the missed connections section. Sounds like a very rude British comedy (not that there's anything wrong with that from time to time).
  5. Thank you Loey, that's amazing! Vydor - that story is fantastic, and now I finally have a morally upright justification for my caffeine addiction. YAY! I would also add "coffee" to the survival grocery list So... one of my hobbies is upsetting social expectations on dating websites (it...
  6. Thank you Loey - and I am sorry you got CC'd. My body is in alert-mode: I think what triggered the puffy eyes was a Neutrogena wash, because soon after gaining sight again I realized that my face was burnt red and sand-paper rough. It b****y hurts. To even have facial expressions. I also have a bright...
  7. That's really sweet, Loey Second day in a row I wake up with eyes semi-closed by an allergic reaction. WHAT on earth is causing this? The only new thing I ate these nights was coconut butter, but I am usually ok with coconut in any form? I am so, so tired of this. As soon as I think I mastered...
  8. Any of the "best men" of this forum still single? Speaking of which - one of my smartest freshmen proposed, was accepted, and is now getting married: darn them kids, they always make me feel warm and fuzzy! Feeling old in the age of Facebook.
  9. Only if there's someone to read it, I suppose. And provided it's not a hanging quotation. The younger colleagues that came observing my class today were blown away. I'm pretty proud of myself.
  10. Oh, I have been all over the place yesterday, left early in the morning for a ballet class, went studying in the park, then to a lecture, then on the other side of the city for a meeting, and then on the other side again for dinner, and then 40 minutes back home. I think I was out for something like...
  11. Thank heaven, I though I was the only one on these boards! I can't drop TV references, but I can drop music references, and my students started using the phrase "walking in [someone's] shoes" in our seminar when we talk about empathy. *swoon* You saw Waters in The Wall?!?!? That is like 50...
  12. I am sorry you feel so miserable; but glad the pain left your powers of description unscathed. I think it was not the exercise, but the temperature. Cold, even if you were well-wrapped, is never good for cramps. I am one of the lucky folks for whom the "exercise prescription" worked: I'd do...
  13. Totally was: that's how you raise kids if you want them in grad school LOL! I am very excited about this.
  14. <------------ THIS. Meaning my avatar. I was brought up listening to Depeche Mode: pretty somber for a toddler, but hey, my brothers also read Poe and Lovecraft to me, so I guess that fits the picture. Synthesizers were my favourite toys when I was four or five (we had some around the house).
  15. 'shroom, I LOL'd... I always visit home (Italy) in the Summer, so it's really just a question of driving across the country. I got fed up of waiting for the announcement of the American leg of the tour, and worried there wouldn't be a NYC date in the Fall - which would have meant no date for me,...