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About Me

Was born with a Broken heart had Tetralogy of Fallot several valve patches and overgrowth removal in 1994.

Was told I had asthma apparently I outgrew that

Was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome to young to even remember when

Was severely bullied from elementary - high school; Several times i fought the bullies back and got suspended. :) Yet they didn't...

Obese for as long as i can remember I can always lose weight but i always am fat can't seem to lose the fat itself ever. (Is it Celiacs?)

Sense September 2017 been feeling really bad

Unexplained rash on my upper arms non itchy red bumps and little bumps that rise a bit

Also have a screwed up hip somehow and i mean really screwed up hip causing tingling or is that the Celiac disease? 

Been to like 20 doctors sense september all say nothing is wrong even 2 ER visits. and many chiropractor visits to come and been to gastro

Always feel tingly especially in leg oh and my hip is screwed up and no one knows how i mean i used to leg press 500 lbs but no bone fractures or signs of bone cancer etc asked the chirpractor

Been having restroom problems GI doctor said nothing felt wrong and simply prescribed me probiotics which i have yet to buy as i went 2 days ago work full time and am busy.

My stomach makes growling noises like all the time.

My mom dad and sister have GERD and grandma have ibs my mom and sister have tonsil stones not sure if i have either of those though i feel like something is stuck in my throat 24 7. near the tonsil area. though recently i gargled salt water and it lessened.

Ive had like 6 + blood tests several CBC tests and and one Lymes disease test and all negative. Couple of times i had low blood pressure i do get anxious and worried though but thats understandable when going to doctors etc.

Also went to another GP recently been having ear pressure problems in my right ear and when i hold nose and breath i hear heatbeat also hear droning sound all day in that ear not tinnitus. ETD maybe? allergy related dont know. i know i used to get bad seasonal allergies.

I have to take a lot of poops sometimes i cant tell if its a poop or a fart sometimes i think its going to a poop and its just a fart or reversed dont worry i always make it on time.

i also get like neck throat or some type of convulsions where my ear fills up when pressure every now in than on right side GP said to take flucasatine to see if that helps but worried about its side effects which can cause hyper sensitvity which i already have and read it causes people to loose sense of taste and smell

all this started sense september though and i was on a vacation that did not go well with me even blacked out twice only for like 2 seconds though on a house boat trip in utah lake powell and was a monsoon in the dessert + 110 degrees like every day maybe bumps caused from that did feel like skin was boiling

Could all this be stress and anxiety related from this and caused PTSD i always keep saying ive felt bad sense this vacation i dont think i think about it though i did have a couple of nightmares about it google Monsoon in utah lakepowell several peoples houseboats flipped and lady lost her arm. 

Its either mostly stressed and anxiety related or Celiacs disease 


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  1. Hey thanks for responding sorry for late response work full time and been suffering i do feel like my skin is n fire and tingling all over i do have little red bumps do you have instant messengers like kik snapchat telegram would like to chat. especially as a fellow aspie.
  2. Some of my history First off I will go through a bit about me. When I was born I had Tetralogy of Fallot with four operations done some valve patches and some overgrowth removal. in 1994. I was also diagnosed with Aspergers sense like 3 years old or less. I also was once diagnosed with asthma...