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  1. Hi how did you find out you have a rice intolerance? My gosh almost everything I eat daily has rice flour in it....hmmm how would I go about an elimination diet? Could you imagine if it was rice flour....that would be awesome ...I fear meal times as I hate ruining my day with bloat and pain and fatigue...
  2. Thank you both.....Calgary You might be on to something about the sugar..I don't eat sugar substitutes or diet foods but do crave a lot of sugar.....Marilyn also correct what made me aware of all this was a week away on vacation where I was not exposed to any gluten-free processed foods or junk foods...
  3. Why do gluten-free processed foods cause so much bloating? Breads, rice pasta, baked goods etc....I thought a gluten-free diet/ foods where supposed to make us feel better? What's going on...I feel more bloated and sick than before going gluten-free.....