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  1. CeliacAlli

    Camp Celiac?

    Hey! Has anyone been to camp celiac in RI? I'm thinking about going there and I'd like some info on it other than it's website. Thanks !
  2. CeliacAlli


    Hi -- If you have any questions, or you don't know where to start, or just need to vent, go for it!! We're all here to listen and help.
  3. CeliacAlli

    Someone To Talk To

    Hey ! First off welcome to the forum! I don't live in california and I'm only 15 but I'd love to talk with you!! If you have any questions, ask away!! You can message me on here anytime or just add to this discussion Look forward to talking with you !! Allison
  4. CeliacAlli

    My Vent....

    That is tough. I've never been there as the teacher but Ive been there as the student and it stinks. I really really do not understand how they can just ignore it when we have a 504 plan in place. My mom is a teacher and always reads it if a child has one. It becomes very frusterating and is continuing to happen first with art projects then when I tried getting school lunch and now when teachers bring in snacks for homeroom. Its unbelievable. Sorry to hear this is happening to you too...
  5. CeliacAlli

    Is Anyone Able To Explain This?

    Not everyone that has celiac disease has the classic symptoms...they may also have the symptoms with only certain foods too..so you really should be tested.
  6. CeliacAlli

    Teen Wanting Celiac Online Friends!

    Thanks for the link!! I made them today and they are so so so delicious!!! I've tried making them before and failed so thanks
  7. CeliacAlli

    Teen Wanting Celiac Online Friends!

    Hey Hannah! Would you mind giving me the recipe you used for cinnamon rollls? I've tried making them a couple times and it just didnt work..haha and if you get the poptarts..I would LOVE to have the recipe!! Thanks!
  8. CeliacAlli

    Staples To Have In Your Kitchen

    For flour we use Betty Hagmans Four Bean Flour: 1 Garfava bean flour (2/3 part)... 2cups ... 2 2/3c 1 Sorghum flour (1/3 part) ... 1cup ... 1 1/3cups 1 Tapioca flour (1 parts) ... 3cups ... 4cups 1 Cornstarch (1 part) ... 3cups ... 4cups I would also get some bread, or glutino bagels, food for life brown rice wraps(whole foods), plenty of fruits and veggies, quinoa, and some things to munch on.
  9. Elizabeth Hasselback's book really does have some great information on celiac disease. It explains basically everything you need to know and should help you a lot! If you have any questions feel free to ask!
  10. CeliacAlli

    Teen Wanting Celiac Online Friends!

    Hey, I'll talk too!! haha So how has it been for you?? What are your favorite dishes and snacks??
  11. CeliacAlli

    Teen Wanting Celiac Online Friends!

    Hey, Anytime if you wanna chat talk to me on aim...if you have one... allisonnn04 or just on here!
  12. CeliacAlli

    Teen Wanting Celiac Online Friends!

    Hey Hannah, My name is Allison Just know anytime you want to talk or vent about anything let me know!! Were about the same age so we should be able to relate! Keep in touch Allison
  13. CeliacAlli

    Teen Wanting Celiac Online Friends!

    Alex. I looked you up on facebook..haha. are you the pic with like a bonfire ish type of thing??. If so I'll friend you when you reply.
  14. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!