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    Running, Dancing, & Living!!! Love music(CHRISTMAS!!!,Classical, Jazz, Big Band/Swing, Rock, Old Country) but I, Anna, can't hold a tune. I think it's the asthma... :)
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    Louisville, Ky
  1. Anna and Marie

    Fatigue, Hunger And Blurry Vision

    I also experience blurred vision and speech too long w/ out calorie intake. The speech thing- this is kinda different...
  2. Anna and Marie

    Any Feelings Left?

    5 years now, not glutened in over 8 months, so maybe its because of something else? lupus is one suspect, but that is...
  3. Anna and Marie

    Any Feelings Left?

    Hey everyone I'm wondering if there is anyone else whose emotions are undefined. Sometimes I feel a range of emotions...
  4. Where did silversail go??! I think we frightened her/him! FMcGee, THANK YOU! Here I was, ready to vent, telling...
  5. Anna and Marie

    Everything Came Back Normal

    hi CGally81! My blood tests came back negative too and so did the ANA test. I've been tested three times for it but...
  6. Anna and Marie

    Glutened By Meds...upsetting..:(

    hello DIVa, I am right there with you. It is terrible to be glutened by your medication, been there and done that -several...
  7. Anna and Marie

    Someone To Talk To

    hey Sarah, I'm a little late to your post, sorry!, but I'm a college freshmen in KY. Not that you'll know where that...
  8. Hello Shess0816! This is an true OMG moment! So, for four years, all of high school, I lost all artistic ability too...
  9. Hey Beloved! I don't know if anyone has mentioned it, and I know all of these autoimmune things mimic each other just...
  10. Anna and Marie

    How Much Sleep Do We Really Need?!

    I need so much more! For some of us who have very low immunity, it takes a lot. Like ten hours on a good day. Anna
  11. Anna and Marie

    I Never Feel Rested

    I am so with you!!! I never knew this section even exhisted! I didn't know that so many of us had this problem... ~Anna
  12. Anna and Marie

    The New Chex

    we went to 2 stores today, one had gluten-free cinnamon, the other store had gluten-free chocolate, hope they get to...
  13. Anna and Marie

    The New Chex

    interesting, my sister and i have experienced gluten symptoms with too many grains as well, we thought maybe because...
  14. Anna and Marie

    Low Endurance?

    I have a terrible time breathing too! It feels as if I'm running against a brick wall! The air never seems to reach my...
  15. Anna and Marie

    What Does You Glutening Knee Pain Feel Like?

    Hey! The pain that I have with celiac reactions is kind of like I'm loose-jointed, watery almost. The pain shoots...