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Anna and Marie

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    Running, Dancing, & Living!!! Love music(CHRISTMAS!!!,Classical, Jazz, Big Band/Swing, Rock, Old Country) but I, Anna, can't hold a tune. I think it's the asthma... :)
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    Louisville, Ky

About Me


Hi! My twin and I have Celiac and have had it for four years. possibly crohns too. Love to run, walk, and be the epitome of health. We're gluten, caesin, soy, nut, egg free. No one around has any of this and I would love to talk! Email if you want!


P.S. I'm not sure what to say here so I'll check back later and change it!

  1. Anna and Marie


    My sister and I thought we were gluten free for the past three years but we were both very sick, and I mean very sick. We found out that there was malt flavoring in our cereal and that we have other allergies along with celiac. We are both casein(lactose, milk) free, legume free, soy free, and egg...