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  1. What was in the water besides - water? Was there bleach? These sensors are not the most accurate and are not really supposed to be used with certain chemicals
  2. Less than 20 ppm doesn't mean it has 19 ppm or 5 ppm or any gluten at all.
  3. kareng

    Vertigo spells lately

    Never seen a marshmallow with gluten
  4. kareng

    Vertigo spells lately

    This is a blog section. Usually this section doesn't get many comments. You might want to post in the forum. But to answer your question - S'mores are made with graham crackers. Regular graham crackers contain gluten. It isn't hidden - it is listed in the ingredients.
  5. It could be that it had gluten . But what you described is actually a rather common reaction for non- Celiac people, too. My mom didn’t have Celiac but that was her reaction to the contrast. That stuff is pretty nasty.
  6. Potatoes, rice and sweet potatoes are all gluten free and fine for a Celiac. Just don’t cook them with gluten added in some way.
  7. Perhaps that is a question for an actual medical professional/ doctor?
  8. kareng

    Loved one works with malt

    If you decide to brew gluten-free beer, you will need to take a “ business trip” to Ghostfish in Seattle, Holidaily in Colorado and Ground Breaker in Oregon. Learn about the different grains they use. They malt other grains like rice and millet. Not sure how common millet and sorghum are in your country . So they might be hard to get. A big thing here are hard ciders - usually apple based with other fruits thrown in.
  9. kareng

    Loved one works with malt

    The fact is, you will get all kinds of responses . You will get some people that say they were glutened by a door handle or being next to someone who ate gluten earlier in the day. I try to use some common sense and a little bit of elementary school science. Is this malted barley in grain or powder form? Powder obviously will “ poof” up and get a person covered. Grain is a bit heavier and you could see it and avoid it or comb it out outside the brewery. If it’s powdered - could he change his clothes at the brewery and put them in a bag to bring home? Maybe comb out his hair and beard in the bathroom or outside before coming home?
  10. kareng

    Loved one works with malt

    They don’t make people working around food/ beer wear hairnets? Couldn’t he just take a shower as soon as he gets home? Take off his clothes and put straight into a garbage bag/ laundry bag? I don’t see that you would be in any great danger from gluten stuck to him, as long as he didn’t shake it off (like a dog ) in the kitchen.
  11. kareng

    Aldi Spiral ham

    They should have the ingredients for bothe the ham and the glaze packet on the outside packaging of the ham. BUT... first rule of Celiac Disease- NEVER NEVER eat something where you do not know the ingredients in it. So make your own if you want a glaze. You can google lots of different ones - from the basic brown sugar honey ones to cherry preserves
  12. kareng

    Day 9 of gluten-free

    Pepper doesn’t have gluten. But this is a “blog” , usually, the poster doesn’t want a lot of “advice” or comments. If they wanted that, they would post in the forum. So don’t be upset that she doesn’t respond.
  13. This article is 10 years old. Links don’t always work after all that time. I bet you could google and find that info .
  14. kareng

    Celiac Caused By Mold?

    Are you strictly gluten-free? You said your “Celiac levels” are high.