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  1. kareng

    Getting a DX

    So your “ total IGA” is low for the original use of the test. For Celiac disease it is high enough. The way it is used for Celiac is, simply put, to see if you can make an IGA response or not. There are a very few people who do not and...
  2. I have since found these chocolates & I eat them with no issues.
  3. kareng

    Getting a DX

    So, let’s figure out why it says “IGA deficiency”. Can you list all the blood test ( for Celiac) with the results and ranges?. If they only did IGA tests and you are actually IGA deficient - the tests aren’t accurate.
  4. That test meant nothing. It wasn't done properly. You must be eating gluten to be tested for Celiac. When you have Celiac and are on a gluten-free diet, you want the tests to be negative. I You could go back to eating gluten for...
  5. The good news is they don’t give gluten interveneously. Gluten is a rather large molecule that would cause clots in the smaller veins.
  6. kareng

    Balsamic Vinegar

    That's an odd way to say it but , yes, wine does not contain gluten and neither does balsamic vinegar .
  7. Yeast is gluten free... it’s used in gluten-free bread
  8. Celiac doesn't go away. But, there are a couple of things to consider. How were you diagnosed? Perhaps it was wrong? Some people notice that if they are gluten-free for a long time , that a small exposure might not bother them...
  9. I am going to guess this has nothing to do with gluten
  10. Labeling laws and practices can vary by country. You might want to see if there is a Celiac Association in your country. You might check Facebook - in the US, a lot of cities have a Facebook Celiac group that talks about locally available...
  11. For the patient , it is a simple blood test usually. If you want to know more about how they process the blood and "count" the chromosomes, I would suggest you ask the testing company.
  12. What was in the water besides - water? Was there bleach? These sensors are not the most accurate and are not really supposed to be used with certain chemicals
  13. Less than 20 ppm doesn't mean it has 19 ppm or 5 ppm or any gluten at all.
  14. kareng

    Vertigo spells lately

    Never seen a marshmallow with gluten
  15. kareng

    Vertigo spells lately

    This is a blog section. Usually this section doesn't get many comments. You might want to post in the forum. But to answer your question - S'mores are made with graham crackers. Regular graham crackers contain gluten. It isn't hidden...