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  1. Of course that is ridiculous! That is like saying you had a mammogram 2 years ago that was negative - so you couldn't have cancer now. Of course she then talked to the doctor and got her tested? The standard of care for children with type 1 is to Celiac test every 2 years with no symptoms. And to test all siblings every 2 years, also.
  2. kareng

    Eating gluten with celiac?

    Untreated Celiac is often the cause of , or worsens illnesses like diabetes, thyroid disease, etc. it can also cause them to progress and get worse. Of course you know untreated Celiac causes your anemia. I guess that could kill you after a few miserable years. living with those illnesses wouldn't be a " normal" life to me. And you certainly listed a few common signs / symptoms of Celiac .
  3. I don't feel like I cook like Ma Ingalls. I cook about as much as mom did when we were growing up- simple dinners most every night with left overs for lunches or repurposed for dinner. The good thing is, I have a bit more diverse tastes in food and lots more good quality convience stuff. I don't have to freeze or can veggies. I can get a wide variety of frozen if I don't want the extra step of fresh. I use things like my crockpot and microwave for shortcuts. We have some older threads about cooking and many of us could help someone simplify cooking . The pill that is on the market for accidental cc, appears to work well if taken correctly. However, it's a stomach enzyme and those seem to bother me.
  4. kareng

    New to this

    Are you saying you are diagnosed with Celiac disease?
  5. Maltodextrin is gluten-free. But it should be listed as an ingredient. http://www.darigold.com/products/cottage-cheese/4percent-large-curd-cottage-cheese
  6. Dentists know nothing about Celiac disease. I have a dentist that has a daughter with Celiac and he still knows nothing about it! look on the Celiac center of Chicago site. Search tooth or teeth. That is a reputable site if you want to show the doctor or dentist
  7. kareng

    Looking for a diet...

    Another thing is a food and symptom diary. you write down everything you eat and the time . Then , you write symptoms and the time. See if any patterns emerge. To make this easier, you will want to eat simple foods without a lot of ingredients. If you eat a sandwich and some cookies - that’s 15-25 different ingredients. You have no way of knowing what might be the issue. Instead you eat some plain chicken and green beans with just salt and pepper. Then a few hours later you have some peanuts. That sort of thing. You could just start with foods less likely to cause issues - eliminate all dairy, eggs, soy, corn, grains.
  8. kareng

    Looking for a diet...

    Why not try the most common ( in all humans , not just Celiacs) and give up dairy for a few weeks? If that is an issue, you can usually tell in a week or two. If that isn’t it , do a basic elimination diet where you pick about 10 safe foods - usually rice, chicken, olive oil, salt, pepper, cooked veg like carrots. Then you do that for a couple of weeks, if those foods seem to be working, then you add something else that might be problematic - like egg for a week and see how it works. If it’s OK, you keep it and add another food or food group . If it’s not Ok, you have found a problem food . Go back to the foods that worked until you feel better and try another food.
  9. https://celiac.org/celiac-disease/understanding-celiac-disease-2/diagnosing-celiac-disease/diagnosis/
  10. Just a thought- because these gluten-free foods - like a fresh avocado bother you, maybe it’s not gluten? Or gluten is only part of the problem? Hate for you to get stuck in the “ gluten is causing my problems” rut and miss a real problem. I know some people that used to post in this section found they had something besides Celiac/ gluten causing their issues.
  11. Now back to your question 😀 Shredding your own parm is wonderful. But I am lazy so i like the parm that is shredded and comes in the little plastic Tupperware type containers. Several different brands I have seen.
  12. I never stopped eating cheese. A lot of cheeses have very little or no lactose. I think we suffer enough, if we can and want to eat dairy cheese we should not be shamed for it. For those who can’t or choose not to, that’s fine. Unless you have actually been to dairy farms, don’t believe everything these people with an agenda make/ write. I am sure there are some horrible conditions, but I have seen a lot of very nice dairy farms. The cows are there livelihood and it makes no sense to ill treat them - they won’t produce milk. I wonder how good the conditions are for the kids and adults harvesting cashews to make the non dairy stuff?
  13. I eat any brand of cheese. There are a few that say gluten-free in the US but that is silly because they are all gluten-free. I don’t see where cc could happen. They can’t make bread in a dairy or cheese factory. I have had no issues with any cheese - I read labels as there are a few specialty cheeses with beer in them. Cheese is one of those things that you don’t worry about. 😃 I use a lot of Kraft and Sargento. We have a couple of brands of feta but I don’t remember the brand. Tillamook makes some yummy cheddar. I got some already shredded Mexican mix from Costco that we liked. I get Hautley or a local Kansas cheese for mozzarella when I want a better cheese than the Kraft.
  14. kareng

    Looking for remote counselling/support

    Maybe just look for a counselor or psychiatrist who specializes in chronic illness? Maybe check with your local hospitals? Have you looked on line? There are service where you can Skype with doctors , like “Doctors on Demand”. I doubt they can prescribe you medication in your country but it is a US based group. There are probably some in Europe- I know my son had a school project to work with an Italian group of oncology doctors to provide remote consults.
  15. The Celiac Center in Chicago says to wait a few month and take your vitamins . Then you should be good to go! 😏