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  1. I am the one that cleans the microwave - I don’t care if the food is gluten-free or not - it gets covered with a paper towel or a small plate - that way , when the chili beans explode - we don’t get stalactites.
  2. I’m thinking a flame thrower? Think I could get one of those? 😀
  3. Gluten doesn’t come up on steam. No I think the problem would be people who cook stuff that “ explodes” and no one cleans it off. It could fall in your food. and you can destroy gluten with fire - but it’s got to be very hot for an extended time period.
  4. Isn’t that kind of normal for that age? I had boys, so it’s a bit different, but my niece was like that. I think you could just say that you need to talk to her for a minute. Explain your worries in 4 sentences or less. And don’t mention teen hormones..... so phrase it as health like ...
  5. This has gotten so ridiculously off topic. An-pep isn’t going to help days or weeks later. There is a thread to discuss this on already. sorry LAgurl.
  6. We just use 2 different colored sponges - the blue color Is for the few gluten things my husband uses and other colors are gluten-free ( most of the kitchen)
  7. If people that post here and on my local Celiac FB page are any indication- there are still a lot of MD doctors that don’t have a clue about Celiac. And some “ alternative” practitioners that don’t either.
  8. http://www.cureceliacdisease.org/faq/do-persons-with-celiac-diseases-struggle-with-receiving-a-hepatitis-b-vaccine-that-sticks/ “It’s well known that persons with celiac disease have a higher rate of non-response to the Hepatitis B vaccine. Most of them, however, typically respond to ...
  9. Seems unlikely. I am sure the place that did it could show you the ingredients. And you actually need to eat the gluten - the reaction happens in the small intestines. Technically injecting gluten under your skin would not do that.
  10. Have you checked “ find me gluten free”? You can choose “ dedicated “ in the filters.
  11. Vinegar is an ingredient in mustards so maybe you can’t eat them?
  12. That’s nice.... she, a long time moderator here, showed you a reliable source for info on distilled vinegar. And I, a long time moderator here, on a Celiac forum, tried to tell you that it almost always made of corn in the US. I find vinegar to be a bit harsh on my stomach some d...
  13. In the US - Sure. The regular ones are. Watch for ones with beer or malt vinegar. But that plain old yellow stuff is gluten-free. And a lot of them even say gluten-free on the bottle
  14. It’s on the Fasano gluten elimination diet.