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  1. kareng

    San Francisco gluten-free Restaurants

    Mariposa is great. They have 2 locations https://www.mariposabaking.com/
  2. What if you just make a loaf or two of gluten-free bread and that ought to clean out any remaining crumbs?
  3. I have gone to groceries and seen the grocery store label Whole wheat pasta as gluten free. Those are nice to help point stuff out but they are just put there by some random grocery clerk.
  4. Also, your intestines will continue to be destroyed so eventually you will have some interesting bathroom issues.
  5. Yes, cancer is a risk. but you will probably die from the anemia first. And it's not a fun way to go. You get sooooo tired you can hardly even enjoy a tv program. It becomes so hard to catch your breath when you walk around the house. Forget about walking from the parking lot to your grandkids soccer game. Your heart will start beating faster to try to make up for the lack of oxygen. Your body will start making larger red blood cells that can cause stroke in the smaller blood vessels. You get those annoying and ugly broken blood vessel bruises. I know that was what it was like for me. Your bones will get more brittle, too. The inflammation caused by untreated Celiac leads to things like gum disease.
  6. That might not have been enough time to get good results. It takes a while for the antibodies to build up enough to show in the blood. The biopsy can miss the parts that are bad. https://www.cureceliacdisease.org/faq/what-is-a-gluten-challenge/
  7. I am probably still going to go with the Celiac experts who interpret these blood tests over the laboratory.
  8. Were you eating gluten free when you were tested for Celiac?
  9. But , if you read the link, the numbers need to be much lower to effect Celiac testing.
  10. They wouldn’t be deficient if they are still in the normal range. But this test and it’s range was not developed for Celiac disease. So the ranges aren’t relevant to Celiac. That’s why the deficient for Celiac testing is different then the range printed on the test result.
  11. kareng

    Washing my countertops

    Another thought - what if it were cancer or diabetes? Would you not want to help with that? Really this is soooo much easier to deal with. think about out how it is for her to deal with the world now. Shouldn’t you , her family , be her safe place ? sorry if this seems harsh but I have seen too many teens and college kids who can’t live safely with parents. And I don’t think you want to be one of those families.
  12. kareng

    Washing my countertops

    Wait! What? Your kid has a serious disease and you are annoyed by washing? You don’t have to keep part of your kitchen gluten-free, but you and every other person over 15 who fixes food or snacks, must be careful. Another thing to think of is which of you have Celiac ,also? There are lots of foods that are naturally or easily made gluten-free. Please don’t make her one of the ones we see on here complaining that her parents make her sick and won’t help her! Are you helping her be gluten-free at her college apartment? Or just telling her to do it herself? If so, I would tell her not to eat at your house.... and all that that means. I have kids in this age.
  13. You just tell them. And you definitely don't eat the stuff. You can explain that there is no way for them to make you safe food. Or that you are "soooooo sensitive". Or your doctor said.... Or have your spouse, older kid, mother, etc tell them for you. If they just give you these things once a year at Christmas, then you can thank them and give it away or throw it out when they aren't around.
  14. I use molasses. It’s gluten-free. It’s just sugar.
  15. I wouldn't do that on purpose until you have the baby. Just in case you really have Celiac and could hurt the baby.