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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/07/2018

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  1. I know it's an odd question but any personal experiences or insight would be great. Right so I found these beautiful vintage plates & a stand (which I'm sure have probably been used to hold cakes at some time) I was just wondering if I could get cross contaminated from these? Or would they be safe to use? After a wash of course Or do I need to stick with new dinner sets?
  2. Hi Guys. I know this will probably sound like such a stupid question but I really need advice. My family have gone (Almost) entirely gluten free but there are some things containing gluten that they still eat. I've bought my own Plates, cutlery, bowls, frying pan, Spatula etc. But often I'll find bits of food on my things & I get so worried that they could be gluten & spend ages washing them up before dinner just so I know they're safe to use & it gets so tiring. I never want to cook myself anything anymore. Am I being too careful here? Any advice?
  3. Are Panadol mini caps gluten free? Anyone had any experiences with them?
  4. Trouble With My Family

    Thanks for the replies! & Sorry for my delayed response. I also suffer from OCD/anxiety so they figure it's just me being overly-paranoid I doubt she's being affected by it. My mum comes from a large family (She's one of 7 siblings) & not one other person seems to suffer from it. I'm guessing I got it from my dad's side. My parents are divorced so I don't keep in touch with him & his side of the family so I wouldn't know if any of them are having any issues with gluten. If only my mum/ brother would go & get tested like my doctor suggested a year ago to them I'd have a much better idea of whose side of the family it came from. How do you all cope in a gluten/gluten free house?
  5. I just read your topic. It sounds rough. I hope you get things to work out. I needed a gluten free household to be symptom free, but I am sensitive to very low levels.

  6. I need advice Last year I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. I still live at home, mum does the cooking. I was fine with this for a while until recently. We've bought a separate set of cutlery because my family isn't willing to go gluten free. But I still share the same pots, pans & colander & up until recently we were sharing tongs & spatulas, I just recently bought my own. However, I'm still very stressed. They sometimes forget to wipe the kitchen counters & leave breadcrumbs all over the benchtop. My mum used to leave tongs sitting there right by them & we did share the same tub of butter until I insisted I should have a separate tub & block of cheese (they use theirs for sandwiches & pasta meals.) So, I've been telling her not to do these things & she just loses her temper with me, says I'm bossing her around, & calls me paranoid/insane/crazy She says she hates me & flat-out refuses to talk to me about it. If I try to, she ends up yelling at me. She thinks because my antibodies have gone down she's doing everything right & it's perfectly ok to this We've been constantly fighting about this, it always goes the same way & there's never a solution Am I being paranoid? Am I being too careful? And how much gluten does it take to cause damage? I've heard it's only a crumb. Thanks for the input
  7. Hi there, I saw that you visited me. Hope you are doing well.