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  1. Luvs2read

    Newly Diagnosed

    Good luck to you! It gets easier quickly. I just got diagnosed in July and feel very comfortable with it all. Hang...
  2. thanks. Thank you. I will check and see if same test. It was by two different doctors.
  3. It seems that way at first: that gluten is in everything! I am fifty days into this and treat myself to all good things...
  4. I was diagnosed by biopsy first, then in July had bloodwork that confirmed celiac. My level for the iGa was 85. Forty...
  5. Thank you for the thyroid info. I am going to request to get that tested. I am just not improving, still in pain, chronically...
  6. Help! Diagnosed by biopsy in July and bloodwork. Thought I had ulcers and constipation. Anyway I have been gluten free...