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Diagnosed July 2013 with celiac sprue by biopsy and bloodwork .

  1. A doctor can biopsy the small intestine and get a sample that does not have damaged villi. That doesn’t mean that there are no damaged villi. It’s a big area. I would trust the diagnosis and see if your son’s symptoms are resolved. If they are, there’s your confirmation. (Also, have you had a c...
  2. I had such pain before diagnosis 6 years ago. Now I’ve recently had many bouts in last 3 months. Trying to figure it out myself but haven’t given everything up over holidays to do a true elimination diet. Rice could bother you. Grains can be tricky even so-called gluten free grain I can’t eat oats ...
  3. I have broken several bones since being diagnosed with celiac. My bone density has gotten worse and I also have a parathyroid issue. (Elevated levels). However my blood calcium is normal. I read a study from a renowned medical journal about eating 4-5 prunes a day helping regain bone. I’ve b...