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  1. Jherm21

    Ore ida

    Thanks so much for the response. This applies to the tater tots and the French fries? My biggest fear is always cross contamination. Sometimes I deprive myself because I’m scared. I don’t always have symptoms from being glutened so I a...
  2. Does anyone use this brand? It’s not certified. I want to try their tater tots and French fries but I went on another forum to ask about them and I got some negative reviews.
  3. Aww that totally sucks! No I don’t have any additional contact allergies I just didn’t know if getting my nails done would cause a gluten exposure. Do nail salons use CND? I’m so unfamiliar with nail stuff I just wanted to get them done ...
  4. I don’t know how far I’m reaching but does anyone get their nails done in a salon? Fake or just shellac paint? How is this process. Is it safe to just go in and get my nails done. I do have a habit of touching my mouth with my fingers.
  5. Cyclinglady which brand coffee do you use?
  6. Hello I emailed this company about gluten to see if there were cross contamination issues and received this message back.... should I eat these after reading the email? Thank you so much for reaching out. Yes, our products...
  7. Thanks cyclinglady! I feel better now I know you know your stuff I just really want to try the blue moon one. I love vanilla but the blue kind reminds me of when I was a kid. It does have a gluten-free symbol on it. I have yet to try...
  8. I was wondering the same thing because I wanted the blue moon ice cream and this is what they sent me...... We have many gluten free flavors! There is a gluten-free icon on the sides of our containers for all gluten free flavors. You...
  9. This is great!!! Thanks so much for the info cyclinglady Do you know if the lactose feee vanilla is gluten free?
  10. I’m in Michigan too!! How awesome. I’m not sure about the edys but someone on one of these forums or another celiac forum said they eat edys with no problem. I emailed Unilever breyers Ice Cream and got a confusing response and was scared to ...
  11. Thanks Ennis. I’ll give it a whirl. If all else fails I’ll attempt something else. Are you referring to the liquid do you know ?
  12. Does anyone use peptobismal liquid or tablets? Is it celiac safe? I know it contains salycilates (don’t know how to spell it) I just need to know if it’s gluten free and safe for celiacs thanks.
  13. Ennis thanks for the ester c recommendation so that brand is celiac safe? Great. Cyclinglady am otange sounds like a good plan as well I will use that in the morning. I do reintroduce a lot more iron rich foods I have always been a...
  14. Hello my doctor just put me on liquid iron because my ferritin level has dropped pretty low. She told me to use a vitamin c supplement with it for better absorption. Which are the best vitamin C supplements gluten free celiac safe? Has anyone...
  15. Jherm21


    How long would you say to stay on such a strict diet? I would assume one would become deficient in something on this strict of a diet? Thank you for your advice. I’ll actually try that it seems like all the foods you mentioned I s...