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  1. Is Orajel toothache relief gluten free? I called and emailed but haven’t heard back and I’m still having a toothache. Dentist wants me to take ibeprofen but I want something to help soothe it.
  2. They emailed back with this response...... No barley present in their yeast extract. That was it.
  3. Yes our Gluten Free Products are made in a Facility that follow FDA guidelines- The production line is in a gluten free environment. As for the Yeast Extracts-we would have to contact the supplier. Seems legit. No worries right? Is there a need to follow up as far as the autolyzed...
  4. I hate grey areas lol. Ennis would this be enough to believe it’s safe? https://pioneerbrand.com/our-products/gluten-free/
  5. Yikes! Oh no. Yea it definitely says autolyzed yeast extract. I wonder how come they can get it certified by the GIG if they put this in the ingredients. That’s totally unfair. Guess I will just have to eat something else for dinner. Thanks for the response
  6. I bought pioneer gravy packet from my local Kroger. It’s Sunday today so I cannot call the manufacturer of this company. I seen the packet had the certified gluten free symbol on it and I poured it into my crockpot. I went to throw the packet out and said I should look at the ingredients. I saw “...
  7. Need something quick for my super bowl party. Does anyone use hidden valley ranch. Or can anyone suggest a gluten-free ranch dressing?
  8. You just made me drool. What mozerella brand do you use I’m all about the brand that taste the best.
  9. I have been craving these for some time now and want to know if anyone has had any luck making mozerella sticks. What is the best cheese stick brand (that actually has taste) and what’s the best breeding for this? I use to eat the fright cheese sticks I found they had the most taste but someone a...
  10. Does anyone know if Kraft Velveeta is safe for celiac? I’m excited to make my moms homemade cheese dip this year she’s passing me the torch. Or is there a recommended gluten free velveeta cheese out there? Thanks in advance.
  11. Thanks so much for the response. This applies to the tater tots and the French fries? My biggest fear is always cross contamination. Sometimes I deprive myself because I’m scared. I don’t always have symptoms from being glutened so I always want to make sure the food is safe because I don’t wan...
  12. Does anyone use this brand? It’s not certified. I want to try their tater tots and French fries but I went on another forum to ask about them and I got some negative reviews.
  13. Aww that totally sucks! No I don’t have any additional contact allergies I just didn’t know if getting my nails done would cause a gluten exposure. Do nail salons use CND? I’m so unfamiliar with nail stuff I just wanted to get them done for my bday
  14. I don’t know how far I’m reaching but does anyone get their nails done in a salon? Fake or just shellac paint? How is this process. Is it safe to just go in and get my nails done. I do have a habit of touching my mouth with my fingers.