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  1. Jherm21


    How long would you say to stay on such a strict diet? I would assume one would become deficient in something on this strict of a diet? Thank you for your advice. I’ll actually try that it seems like all the foods you mentioned I should stay away from are the ones that bother me lol.
  2. So I’ve been extremely tired and dizzy for a while now (diagnosed a year ago) I’ve been recieving b12 injections for a year because of chronic low levels. Even with the injections I can’t even get up to 400. I just had my annual check up and she checked my ferritin and it was at an 8 which is considered below range. Also my Mchc levels were below range. My hemoglobin was fine sort of High infact not outside of range at all. There was a note from the doctor to take a multi with iron but I’m not sure how to do this. I know iron is tricky and is weirdly absorbed. I got some liquid iron from another physician do I take this in addition with a vitamin c vitamin? I could use the other vitamins in a multi but don’t want to complicate my gut and destroy it with supplements. I’ve been eating pretty healthy fruit veggies and meat so I don’t know where these low levels are coming from but 6 moths ago my ferritin was 11 so it is decreasing. Any words on how to handle low ferritin. I’m hoping to gain some energy. I was diagnosed with SIBO-methane dominant a year ago and haven’t had treatment for that. Could that be contributing. My doctor finally got xifaxin in samples for me so I don’t know how to take that with the iron. I guess this is a question I should ask my doctor office. Any one experience lower ferritin months after diagnosis? And what is the cause?
  3. July fourth is in a few days and I want to celebrate with some s’mores. What marshmallow brands are safe (kraft? wondering if the mini ones are safe here too) chocolate? And the big one graham crackers. Thanks guys!
  4. Thank you for anyone who has made suggestions. Ennis for some reason when I posted last weeks question about cheese it showed that it was not posted. I typed it all on phone it didn’t show up on my thread. Was probably my phone acting silly. So my mistake for asking about cheese again and thanks for any of your suggestions. But no thanks on the attitude. I love cheese and have always tolerated it. Milk (any milk, cashew milk coconut milk almond milk cows milk goat milk) all upset my tummy a little. But cheese is my life. So I’d like to enjoy some from time to time. And like the others have posted it’s very little to no lactose my doctors words as well.
  5. I no longer have issues with dairy unless I were to drink a cup of cows milk but cheese I can tolerate. Wondering what brand is safe for Parmesan? Feta cheese? And block cheese I can grate. Can I get some brands some of you guys use for these cheeses? I get scared at the grocery store because none of them say gluten free although the ingredients don’t ha e the word wheat in them. I always worry about cross contamination. Thank you.
  6. Hello! I’m able to take in some dairy now and realized cheese doesn’t bother me at all. I know everyone says most cheeses are safe. So just wondering which brands kraft? Sargento? Aldi brand? Also my favorite cheese is feta cheese. Which feta cheese brand is safe? Thanks all.
  7. May I ask how they diagnose MCAS? I have celiac and POTS as well and worry that I have mcas
  8. Ennis do you get all your spices mainly from spicley organics? I seen they were certified. Had any problems with them before? Thanks pdm1981 I’m going to order the taco seasoning. Now I’m excited!
  9. The title is kind of weird but I’m on the hunt to fill up my pantry with some dried spices and seasonings and wanted to see what everyone else used. I’m looking for a good taco seasoning ASAP in particular. Are either of these go to’s for people? I also read somewhere vanilla extract from McCormick was gluten free is this valid? I need that too. Thanks online celiac family!
  10. So I have had these little broccoli bites in my freezer for a few month and forgot about them. They have the gluten free certification stamp right on in but it also says made in a facility that processes wheat. Should I give these away or are they ok because of the certification? Thanks guys
  11. Jherm21


    May I ask what the maple syrup brand is called. I’m in the US so hopefully it’s a brand I can find.
  12. Hello all! I use to use tums before diagnosis not on a regular basis just when I had extreme nausea from acid reflux and indigestion anyway it’s really bad today than it’s been since diagnosed a year ago. I was wondering if tums are gluten free? Just the original kind or whatever kind doesn’t matter just need a quick fix. They use to always help me in time of need.
  13. Jherm21


    Thank Ennis I’ve been gluten free for a year now and have only been using salt on my foods. I’m allergic to black pepper so I wanted to venture on some new spices for my meats sauces etc. I’ve heard of spicley organics are all of their products certified. I thought I saw a member on here saying they had trouble with a spice from there and they tested it and it came back positive. I’ll definetly order from there I usually always trust certified products so thanks for the recommendations !!!! I’ll look into the other ones too
  14. Hi all. I have so many questions as I’m trying to expand my diet and was wondering which spices everyone uses. Do they have to be certified? I’m not talking about fresh spices in the fruit and vegetable section. I’m talking about in the containers? I still have so many questions about buying products. For instance kraft mini marshmallows I bought some thinking all marshmallows were ok and got home and read the ingredients and was iffy about some ingredients in there so I haven’t opened the bag. In instances like that where it doesn’t say gluten free on packaging is it not worth the risk? Like Gatorade. Or maple syrup where maple syrup is the only ingredient but there is no gluten-free label. I know I can call companies just figured I’d see here first since you guys are experienced through trial and error. Ugh ignorance is bliss. Please don’t judge me and tell me to use common sense when reading packages I’ve come to this web page for help only 😀